November 7, 2011
Vol. 18, No. 6
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Fuddy Meers

fuddy meers
Claire (Laura Larsen) hangs on for the ride of her life with Limping Man (Chip Rohrer, Tech's first graduate in theatre and electronic media performance this winter).

The Tech Theatre Company is presenting Fuddy Meers, a dark comedy with plenty of twists and turns and some hidden meanings.

And, as usual, the set is incredible. At Tech, it is where engineering meets art. The motion-packed complex features a full-size car (Dodge Neon), most of a motorcycle, disappearing bed and mirrors, reappearing workbench and basement items, and many more items slipped in and out of the darkness.

Directed by Trish Helsel, assistant professor of theatre, the story revolves around Claire (Laura Larsen, fourth-year ME), who has amnesia and must be filled on her messy past, especially her family history.

Along the way, she encounters a husband or two, a son, mother, escaped convict, and enough dysfunction to fill a psychology textbook or two.

There are lessons to be learned along the way: we all dream of better things, everyone who has some quark also has some redeeming value, nothing beats going home again, and family, although never perfect, can still be the base of our strengths (with some weaknesses).

And the Tech curricula are well represented. Besides Larsen and Rohrer, Baylie Campbell (Heidi, a “policewoman”) is a first year ME; Leslie LaLonde (Gertie, a post-stroke grandma), first-year bio med; Anthony Nordman (Kenny, a pothead teenager), first-year CS; Jeffrey Dion Parker (Millet, hand-puppet-toting ex-con), sound design; and Mack Reese (Richard, almost-normal husband to Claire), a senior in STC.

It was a good night out that made me appreciate my family.

Dennis '92, '09

At Tech

Michigan Tech Students Honored by American Chemical Society

chemistry students
The American Chemical Society has recognized the ACS Student Chapter at Michigan Tech with a Commendable Chapter Award. The chapter was cited for its involvement in multiple activities, including judging the area science fair; conducting a lab inventory for the chemistry department; participating in National Chemistry Week and in Science Night, an event sponsored by the Western U. P. Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education; and more. More

Sustainable Futures Institute Receives $750,000 NSF Grant

The Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI) at Michigan Tech will receive $749,996 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a research roadmap on biofuels and bioenergy sustainability in the Pan American region and a graduate course in biofuels/bioenergy sustainability, to be offered over the Internet to US and international partner universities. More

Hands, Minds—and Trees—Across the Sea

faculty and student
The forests of North America are different from those in Finland and Sweden, and the management of these forest resources differs historically and culturally. But environmental and forest resources issues are no respecters of national borders and global solutions are needed in today’s global economy. So Michigan Tech’s ATLANTIS program at the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (SFRES) is preparing graduate students on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to tackle the world’s forest resources challenges. More

Alumni Around the World

GVSU Tailgate

The Michigan Tech Huskies vs. GVSU Football Tailgate went very well in Grand Rapids on October 29th.

The West Michigan Alumni Chapter had about 150 people attend the event!

The white cooler being carried by Kevin Grzelak '89 and Mike Santoski '73 is not cool, they are the hot pasties from Marie Catrib's.

One of the alumni even brought pickled eggs!

1996 Grad to Appear on CNN

Hajj Flemings
Hajj Flemings, 1996 BS in Mechanical Engineering, is one of eight entrepreneurs who were followed by CNN cameras on a nine-week journey to Silicon Valley, where they went to network with tech industry leaders and learn how to turn their tech start-ups into successful companies with investors' backing.

Flemings worked for Ford Motor Company until 2009. He now runs a company called Brand Camp University, which helps people learn to brand themselves, and a start-up called, which enables people to create their own online profiles in a central location.

The CNN program is part of a series called Black in America. This one is called "The New Promised Land—Silicon Valley." Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) will host a preview screening (by invitation only) at the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources on Wednesday, November 9 in Detroit, and the program will be broadcast on CNN at 8:00 pm Sunday, November 13.

Fill in the Blanks


This one is just outside my office. Archives caption says: "Television Message: Two students look at a television message that says 'So Tell Us What Is Happening And We Will Let Others Know!! Contact Us in 106 Acad Office Bldg.'" Beginning of our Electronic Display System, which still exists? Email me.

November 2005 Wind and Waves on Lake Superior

lake superiorRemember the waves on the big lake? Email me.
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Tech Sports

Huskies Dominate Bulldogs on Senior Day

Michigan Tech's football seniors ended their home careers at Sherman Field today on a high note, toppling Ferris State 41-14. A blocked punt for a touchdown early in the second quarter started a string of 34 unanswered points for the Huskies, who improved to 6-4 overall and 5-4 in GLIAC play. Freshman quarterback Tyler Scarlett, who had 211 yards passing, reset the school record for yards in a season with a third-quarter touchdown pass. The rookie owns 2,214 yards with another game to play. The old record was Steve Short's (2006-10) at 2,194. More

Mavericks Beat Huskies with Three-Goal Third

The Michigan Tech hockey team suffered its first home loss of the season tonight, falling by a 6-3 score to Minnesota State in front of 3,618 fans at John MacInnes Student Ice Arena. The No. 16-ranked Huskies (6-3-1 overall, 4-3-1 WCHA) and Mavericks (2-6-0, 1-3-0) combined for 90 shots on goal in an end-to-end battle. The teams were skating tied 3-all in the third period before the Huskies were whistled for back-to-back penalties. More

Yovetich Runs to All-Region Honors

Marissa Yovetich earned NCAA All-Region honors after finishing 17th at the NCAA Cross Country Regional Championships Saturday (Nov. 5). She covered the six-kilometer course in 22:43. Christina Mishica also turned in a strong race finishing 61st in 23:33. More

Both Hoops Squads Tabbed No. 1

Both basketball teams at Michigan Tech were picked to finish No. 1 in Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference North Divisions Media Poll. Tech also had four players, Sam Hoyt, Emma Veach, Ali Haidar and Mike Hojnacki, earn preseason honors. The women’s team, who finished as the NCAA Div. II Runner-Up last season, earned 174 points and 23 first-place votes. Grand Valley State was picked second with 145 points and one first-place votes. More

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Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

House Mystery Solved

I believe that is the Smith House that was in front of the Delt Sig house. I would guess the photo was taken in 1969 from West Wads, where Jim Blevins and I lived in KYBO House. And if you ask Jim Blevins real nice he might tell you the fate of the concrete balls at the walkway entrance.

Steven E. Williams


That’s not the usual view or even one that I am very familiar with, but judging by the stone work of the fence in the foreground and that on the right of the photo where the walkway from the street would be, I believe that it is Smith House as seen from Wads. Almost all of our trekking around campus was to the west of the house, so it was rare to view the house from that direction, unless, of course, you were one of the “gazers.”

Assuming that’s Smith House, the top group of 3 windows would have been an area crammed with student desks and dressers for 12 of us freshmen, including mine. The second floor was rooms for mostly upper classmen. Closets were under the attic eaves. The bay on the first floor would have been the house mother’s apt. The kitchen would be to the left and to the right was library/den. Opposite the apt. and den was the foyer with open stairway and balcony and huge stained glass window on the landing, then the living room.

Gail Richter ‘61


Isn’t that Smith House which was immediately west of Wadsworth Hall? If so, Fisher Hall is in front of it to the right of the photo.

Don Ingersoll ‘67


Hi Dennis,

This is a picture of Smith House which was a sorority when I started here as a lowly freshman in physics the fall of 1961. It later became the Office of Continuing Education. It also housed my German classroom and language audio lab up in the 3rd floor attic rooms.

It was located at the west end of the then newly completed west phase of Wadsworth Hall. There was a street that connected Houghton Avenue (now Townsend Drive) and Woodland Road that runs back of Wads. That street was between the west end of Wads and the stone wall of Smith House (albeit buried in snow in the picture). There is, or was, a house in west Wads called 'Gazers House'. Wads was not coed in those days and there was Smith House Sorority right across the street; thus Grazers' House. Who knows but that this picture might have been taken from one of the rooms in that house. Between west Wads and what is now MaIinnes Drive there was Smith House and west of that Dr. Aldrich's tudor home with rumored resident pipe organ. I never saw the organ myself. Today the houses are no more and what is left is the open area between delta sigma phi house and US41 and where the delt sigs build their snow statues.

Joyce Buerge wrote this article last year about Smith House.

Time ticks on, but it is always interesting to rummage around in the past.

Take care...

Mike Chase

SAE Pic Revisited

Just figured I would respond to your request to put a name with the face. I am the second yellow shirt going from left to right (green John Deere hat). Brings back some good memories!

If you need to attach names to some of the other guys, these are the ones I remember:

Last grey shirt going left to right (behind yellow) = Rob Haack - Clean Snowmobile
First yellow shirt going left to right = Sean O'Brien - Baja
Third yellow shirt = Drew Faulkner - Baja
10th yellow shirt (back row with hat) = Pat Schneider - Baja
12th yellow shirt (front with yellow huskies shirt) = Kyle Cookingham - Baja
15th yellow shirt (back row next to black michigan tech shirt) = Carey Slater - Baja
Black shirt in back row to left of last yellow shirt = Clay Kessner - Baja
Black shirt in middle row behind seated gal = Joe Latsch - Formula

-Joseph Ault

More Fraternity Brothers Identified


The Phi Kap front and center is Jake Stine, Mechanical engineering 2007, and third person back is Phi Kap Josh Olearnick, also Mechanical Eng 2007.

David Vogelheim



I noticed a photo of some Phi Kapps and my self in a tug-o-war photo in the Alum newsletter labeled "Fraternity Brothers Identified"

Starting from front to Rear
Jacob Stine
Anthony Abbot (flexing arm)
Josh Olearnic
Not sure
Carl Bednark
Kenith Knowels
Ken Flagstadt? (not 100% but looks like him)

Jacob M. Stine

Mystery Queen Candidate Writes in

football 1971
I am mystery queen candidate behind Laura Hine! Second from left.

What a hoot.

This had to be fall 1968. My name was Cathy Taylor (class of 1971).

Cathy Aimone-Martin


Dennis --
I just read the latest Newsletter -- nice job editing my earlier submissions/replies. Actually, nice job on the whole newsletter -- once again.

I'm just guessing, but expect that others from my era will be wanting to contact me now that I have again been 'published.' It's happened a few time in the past. This message is intended to give permission to share my e-mail address with anyone who might want it, and I am copying your colleagues in Alumni Records who have have helped me in the past when I've been searching for classmates, etc. Who knows, I might hear from an old girlfriend or two -- ha! It's bruceosten(at)

Further scrutiny of the Mystery Queen Candidate photo, versus my guess that it was the 1965 Court (and their pictures in the 1966 yearbook), makes me think that I could be mistaken. The comments of a couple of others regarding the buildings in the background, and the clothes the girls are wearing, definitely puts it in the sixties time frame. But the chin on the blonde doesn't match between the two pictures. The hair and stature are much the same between the two, and it is kind of how I remember Joan Laitinen. Maybe it is her twin sister (whose first name I don't recall), or maybe Ann Weiler McMahon is right about it being Laura Hein from Houghton. If so, the resemblance is uncanny -- again probably due to something in the local water supply -- ha. And although each group has five brunettes, it is difficult to specifically match them up. None look exactly like Diane Dover, the '65 Queen. Maybe you will hear further from others with input about this mystery.

Any snow yet? I thought that I had heard on the Weather Channel last week that it was snowing in the UP. It's still early fall here in NJ, with probably another month before all the leaves come down. We are kind of at the height of the 'color season.' Please keep all the snow up there or elsewhere around the Great Lakes. I'm getting too old to shovel it or have fun with it -- ha.

Bruce Osten, '67

P.S. Please apologize to Jim Brodeur, if you see him, for my mis-spelling his name. Is he still living in the Copper Country now that he, too, is retired?

Bruce: Yes, Dr. Brodeur is still around. He was our family doctor, by the way. And no snow yet, but it's just a matter of time . . .

Answer to the Hockey Question

Question. When a player was awarded a penalty shot and missed it; was his team then given a two-minute power play? I could swear, and would almost bet, that was the rule then but can find no one else who remembers that.

Dick Kuenzer EE '63 & '67

Dick: It might have been that way back when, but it's not anymore. The penalty shot is the full penalty.

Ore Boats on the Waterway

salt boat
The last email had a shot of a freighter going through the canal. Does this happen that much any more? I know the Ranger goes out to Isle Royal and thus the lift bridge gets raised. But how many other large vessels go through the canal?

Chris Hill


Chris: The 1,000-footers have trouble negotiating the waterway, so I've been told. This was the salt boat, our annual harbinger of winter.

Cruise Ship on the Keweenaw Waterway on TV

This evening on the channel 11 Green Bay news they had a report about getting cruise ships into Green Bay. Among the clips where a couple of the lift bridge, waterway & MTU in the background.

Gail Richter ‘61

Road Trains

forwarded by Bob Fenato...

Thought you'd find this interesting:

Frank Shoffner

Juggling Joggers=Jogglers

Bob and Trish are both Tech grads if I'm correct....

Kerry Beaghan

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