October 24, 2011
Vol. 18, No. 5
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Making a Difference

The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon working in the yard of Lee Perry '76 in Hancock.

Tech students have always given back to the campus and community, and it has gone beyond the obvious impact of Winter Carnival, Homecoming, and other special events.

I recall a former Chamber of Commerce president telling me, "When I need a hand in an event, I know I can always call those guys and they'll come through for me." He was referring to a couple of fraternities, and other student organizations had also chipped in for the Chamber.

Elsewhere, elderly neighbors have been shoveled out after a storm, had leaves raked at the end of fall (like now), and have enjoyed something as simple as shooting the breeze after class.

Today, making a difference has gone big time!

There is a national day, this past Saturday, that of course students (and alumni) have jumped into with both feet (and that's not just the piles of leaves).

According to Rachel Wussow, associate director of student activities:

  • More than 450 students were involved in thirty-eight groups. Twenty-two elderly homes, at least, were raked.
  • Two cemeteries cleaned: Houghton and Chassell
  • Parks in Laurium cleaned.
  • Three campus locations: Public Safety, University Residence, and Daniell Heights, in addition to the Memorial Grove.
  • Wood cutting and stacking from the Ford Center at Alberta to Twin Lakes to Mohawk.

So, on a chilly October morning, Tech students, alumni, and friends were out in force, doing the right thing, again.

Dennis '92, '09


The Colorologist

We've had a great fall, I said.

"It's all over but the shouting."

And the shoveling.

"We're good for awhile still."

Any plans? Hunting? Hiking?

"Just my usual trek. Might bring the gun."

Good luck.

"See you next year."

At Tech

Tretheweys Create Endowed Professorship for APMP

Jim Trethewey
James and Dolores Trethewey have established a new endowed professorship in Michigan Tech’s School of Business and Economics. With a $1.16 million gift commitment, the couple is underwriting the James and Dolores Trethewey APMP Professorship. The inaugural recipient is Associate Professor Dean Johnson, founding director of the Applied Portfolio Management Program. More

Ecosystem Management Must Consider Human Impact, Too

For a long time, ecologists have believed—and others accepted—that when it comes to whether a land mass is covered with forests or grasslands, climate controls the show. They thought that the amount of rain, temperature and frequency of wildfires determine whether the ground will be covered with trees or grasses. More

Tech Bucks National Trend in Graduate Student Enrollment

faculty and student
Across the United States, the number of new graduate students has declined somewhat, while the overall graduate school enrollment has increased only slightly (1.1 percent). However, those newest numbers, reported by the Council of Graduate Schools, are not reflected at Michigan Tech. More

Researchers to Study Atmospheric Aerosols at PICO Mountain

In 2001, Richard Honrath established an atmospheric research station on the top of Mt. Pico, a cold, lonely, extinct volcano in the Azores. Mt. Pico is the highest point in the Portuguese island chain and the only spot in the mid-Atlantic where the air is high enough to escape the effects of the ocean environment. More

Alumni Around the World

Cleaning up at the Memorial Grove, TC, NJ, and WA


A multigenerational team cleaned up the Memorial Grove of Trees on campus Saturday.

Student callers from the Annual Fund were joined by Brenda Rudiger, Alumni Relations director, and other staffers such as Bryant Weathers '10 to clean up the beautiful grove of trees near the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts.

"We thought it was important for the students to be exposed to what our alumni and friends can do," said Weathers, who is manager of annual giving for the Michigan Tech Fund.

broomballAlso on board was Heather Wiitanen '05, associate director of annual giving, whose daughter Giselle Wiitanen, age 5 (left), had a creative way to handle the litter.

Alumni and friends in Traverse City, MI (below: ReStore—Habitat for Humanity), New Jersey (Margate City—Clean Ocean Action) and Seattle, WA (Lynnwood—PAWS) also participated in Make a Difference Day.






traverse cityTraverse City

Well, we had a very successful Make a Difference Day! Only six alumni participated, but the group we helped was great and very happy to have us there. Also, since it was their half off sale day, they had a radio station there broadcasting from the store which just added to the festivities. We were very busy while we were there and we all really enjoyed helping the customers look for their treasures. The store normally sells $970 in an average day, and at 1:00 Saturday, they had already sold $3000! And this was selling things half off so you can imagine how many people we helped! It was a very gratifying day for all of us and a wonderful experience.

Linda Wittbrodt '83

Fill in the Blanks


SAE groups in 2005. Are you in there? It's clickable. Email me.

1970s House Near Campus

tugI can't place this house, another image sent in by Jim Blevins. Where was it? It's clickable. Email me.
View more sports >

Tech Sports

Huskies Fall 3-1 at Bemidji Despite 32-16 Shots Edge

Michigan Tech out-shot Bemidji State 32-16 tonight but didn't get the bounces in a 3-1 loss to the Beavers in front of 3,449 fans at the Sanford Center. BSU goaltender Andrew Walsh had a great night making 31 saves and helping his squad even its record at 3-3-0 overall and 2-2-0 in WCHA play. The Huskies fell to 4-2-0 overall and 2-2-0 in the league. More

Football Back in Win Column 24-10 at Northwood

Michigan Tech claimed a 24-10 victory at Northwood in GLIAC football today. The Huskies held the Timberwolves to zero passing yards and 191 total yards in moving to 5-3 overall and 4-3 in league play. "Our defense played well and wore them down a little in the second half," said head coach Tom Kearly. "It's huge to get back in the win column after losing coin flip games the last two weeks. More

Soccer Posts Shutout in Final Home Game

Alyssa Hynnek scored one goal and added one assist to lead the Michigan Tech soccer team to a 3-0 victory over Saginaw Valley State in its final home game of the season Friday (Oct. 23). After a scoreless first half, the Huskies were able to get on the scoreboard five minutes into the second half. Alyssa Hynnek threw the ball into McKenzie Hengesh who turned and fired a long chip shot over the head of SVSU goalie Laura Ivezaj. More

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Around the Keweenaw

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From the Email Bag

Mystery Queen Candidates

I believe the first, blond, gal is Laura Hein from Houghton.

Ann Weiler McMahon


I can't recognize any of the court, but then again I'm pretty sure this photo was after my time ('69 grad). We didn't have any of the grain elevators on campus while I was there.

George Carter


Seriously I don't recognize any of them, but it is nice to see over the years, and honestly decades now, that Tech has become a truly Coed school, and to think I roomed in the newly-completed Coed Hall; must have been more than 6 ladies on campus, must have been....

Yours, Bill, happily married to my HS sweetheart now for over 40 years. Tech will do that to you, if you find one, make sure you keep her (and she you).

Bill Chadwick


The homecoming court photo is not 1968 as the old building in the background was demolished in the summer of 1968 and the girls don't match those in my 1969 Keweenawan. I'd bet on 1967.

John Northrup, '72


Dennis --
I think that group pictured in the last Newsletter was the 1965 Homecoming Queen candidate slate. I'm not 100% sure, but the blonde hair and stature make me think that the one in front is Joan Laitinen. They are pictured individually in the 1966 Keweenawan yearbook (pages 28 & 29). Apparently Diane Dover became the Queen that year, another Hancock lass. I guess Joannie Laitinen was one of the 5 runners up. Interestingly, I dated both of them during my Tech tenure of '62 thru '67, and they each lived at home in Hancock within a block of my Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house.

. . . and more from Bruce:

Dennis --

I just recalled a further 'factoid,' related to our recent exchanges. Diane Dover and I were featured in the color picture on the cover of the 1967 Winter Carnival Pictorial (Jeez, that's 44 years ago). I know that I have a copy of it around here somewhere, and will try to find it. Neither of us knew it was going to be published that way on the the booklet's cover, until it was distributed during the Sno Ball.

Another fun experience happened recently when I was wandering through the local Home Depot or Walmart here in north central NJ, and I was wearing a Michigan Tech sweatshirt (I used to 'win' them al the time during drawings at the NY/NJ alumni dinners when I was president of the group). Some gal came running up to me and asked, "Did you go to Tech? I had a lot of good times there when I went to Northern!" Lot's more reminiscing ensued.

Being from Hancock, did you know Jim Broeder? He later became the MTU doctor, and I ran into him (and his wife) at a NCAA hockey final in Boston back in about 1974 or '75. That was fun too, as his wife was a gal from South Range or Atlantic Mine who was my Carnival date one year, and Jim met her during a post-Carnival party in his basement that year. Jim was a Delt Sig, but his Dad was a Phi Tau advisor. Things were very ecumenical back then, and we were all good friends. Jim and I, and our wives, had a good time that night at a post-game party hosted by Dean Meese, even though Tech lost the semi-final game.

These are further examples that the MTU/Copper Country/Houghton/Hancock/Keweenaw Peninsula/UP connection and afterlife is just one small world! I hope you aren't getting bored with my ramblings down memory lane, involving some of the best early years of my life.

Keep in touch,
Bruce Osten, '67

Bruce: Comparing the photos, I think you are correct!

Speaking of Making a Difference!

An MTU Alum, Dave Strenski, was recently featured in a Google TV commercial. I’ve met Dave several times through his work at Cray Computers, and he is a very interesting guy. It might be worth looking at this link and contacting him for the Tech Alum Newsletter.



Tim Palmer
MTU ME-EM 1984

Fraternity Brothers Identified

I can't make out any of the Phi Kaps faces but the three cheering them on are Sig Taus (from left to right), Greg Robinson '00 & '07, Jonathon Sloane '06 and Robert Bingham '05.

Mark Garver

More on Football in 1971

football 1971
George Wolard’s recollection of the players in the football picture from, most likely, 1971 was right on. That is a great picture of the play developing into what should have gone for a score. I think Scally could have either run it in or threw a completion to Raether! What a great memory for many of us who were privileged to attend Tech and play the game.

I had forgotten about the concession stand near the entry to the field. We had a pair of wooden shacks across the street where the teams rested and strategized before the game and during half time.

Larry J. Ras (1973)

Larry: Always great to hear from our legendary running back!

Hockey Question

There has been a hockey question lingering in my mind for the last 20 years and I can't find an answer. You're way too young to remember but maybe one of the older guys who sat with me on the bleachers of Dee Stadium in the 1960s watching Tech win WCHA and NCAA titles and who now reads your newsletter can, I hope.

Question. When a player was awarded a penalty shot and missed it; was his team then given a two-minute power play? I could swear, and would almost bet, that was the rule then but can find no one else who remembers that.

Am I nuts?
Dick Kuenzer EE '63 & '67

Mountain Biking @ Tech

Hi Dennis,
First I wanted to complement you on the Newsletter. I love glancing through to see what's up at Tech (and often getting buried in an article even when I'm supposed to be doing other things).

Something you mentioned this week caught my eye: The couple in the "Intro Letter" section were in town for among other things, mountain biking. That got me wondering, how is the mountain bike team doing this year? It's their race season right now, and I would love to see them spotlighted (OK, I'll admit to being biased, I raced for Tech back in '04 and '05 when the team was just getting started).

But I can also now say, after having ridden and raced all over the country, there is truly nothing like the combination of awesome trails and outstanding bike community that the Keweenaw boasts. I'd love to know how the student racers are doing in their travels and races!

Best Regards,
Lianna Miller
Biomed and ME, '04 and '06

Lianna: As far as we can tell, the Copper Country Cycling Club is the closest thing to a Mountain Biking Club that we have. There is also the Red Jacket Cycling Club, which is a mixed group, dedicated to mountain biking.

What a Vehicle!

1960 Keweenawan
Anyone remember or seen one of these?

Ford House-Car

One of only six said to have been made per year in the mid-30's at the Ford plant in St. Paul, Minnesota, according to an article on this car in a 1993 "Old Cars" magazine article.

Very few others--perhaps none--remain on the road, and certainly not in such amazing original condition.

fordWhen discovered in a garage (under a heavy cover) in Northern Minnesota in August 2001, she had only 19,000 miles, and the owner's manual was actually still in the glove box in like-new condition!

She had always been garaged and treated with 'Much TLC' as a collector vehicle.

The interior, all wood lined, was still the way it appeared in the '30's and '40's, complete with framed photos of the original owner on his travels (mainly to Florida) and his cabin in the North Woods, plus and other memorabilia from the era.

Built on the '37 Ford Pickup frame and cowling (powered by a 60-hp flathead V8 with aluminum heads), the rear framing is all wood, with the metal skin wrapped around it. The roof structure, too, is all wood, over which the heavy, waterproofed canvas top is still very securely fitted. The structure of the Body is solid, appearing from underneath to be all oak, and still in a remarkably unaltered, undamaged condition.

fordThe door frames are thick, solid oak, and oak is visible around the window openings (as on the four side windows in back) -- though it is painted over.

She was a big hit at this campground once we got that Great old flattie V8 hummin'! Note her expanding roof and the original dark green color, which had been repainted. All four side windows open, while the back one tilts out to three positions. The windshield also tilts open at the bottom for natural AC while driving.

A peek inside: A slice right out of 1930's, just as the original owner left it. All the windows open, with curtains on the four side ones and pull-down shades on the back window, as well as on the driver's and passenger door windows. A wide storage cabinet is located under the bed.

fordThe wood headliner, with vent and canvas expanding portion visible. Four wood pieces hold it securely in the up position, while clamps hold it down while driving.

More interior views...note the cedar branches hanging in the corners for that north woods aroma. Cabinets and Aluminum sink (with a wood cover insert). All the antiques stuck away inside, as well as those hanging on the walls, came along for the ride. Also note the table behind the driver's seat, which folds down.

Editor's Note:
Thanks to Frank Shoffner for sharing!

Tech in Mopar Magazine

A nice mention here:


Thanks to Adam Johnson '97

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