March 28, 2011
Vol. 17, No. 16
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Two Rooms
Senior center Lisa Staehlin in the NCAA National Championship game: for two!

St. Joseph, Missouri, is near the geographical and demographic center of the US. The middle of middle America is a fitting setting for the magic of this incredibly special women’s basketball team.

They, too, are centered. Disciplined. Focused. Grounded. And it’s not by chance.

This team got to St. Joe because of the support that they have received in every facet of their über-busy lives.

Parents, godparents, grandparents, sisters, brothers: three generations of fans were there for the coaches and team. And yours truly got to witness all the magic, too.

Alumni and their families (multiple generations) drove in from around the Midwest and beyond to support them as loudly and proudly as they can. The Center Court Connection was there, too.

Faculty were there and telling stories of their students who are so bright in the classroom. They beamed with their words when the Elite 88 Award for the highest GPA at the Elite Eight went to a Husky (Angela Guisfredi) for the second year in a row.

And then there was the Pep Band and the Student Refs. Don’t let the antics fool you: these men and women are on their ways to more schooling or jobs and taking care of their business, as they were proud to tell us. They just happen to be crazy for this team, like us all. And the responses from fans from other teams were unanimous: they loved them.

Huskies fans of every ilk converged physically and/or spiritually and helped lift these women to the highest level of their sport. It just doesn’t get any bigger. The team overcame the number one team in the nation in the first game and the home team with their own incredibly loud fans in the second game.

And, although the final result was not what we all wanted, the women wearing black and gold enchanted our Huskies Nation, who in turn stomped and shouted and cheered and prayed and even stayed up late, tuned into radio, web, and TV, returning the love.

The magic of 2011 will live on for a long time in our collective memories. We are all made better by this team.

Dennis '92, '09

P.S. One alum walked down to the hotel lobby for breakfast on the day of the national championship game. There sat one of the Huskies, textbook and notebook open, studying. Winning.



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At Tech

Clayton State Takes Title Over Tech 69-50

Michigan Tech's run in the NCAA Tournament was stopped one step short of the ultimate prize tonight as No. 2-ranked Clayton State defeated the No. 3 Huskies 69-50 in the NCAA Division II Women's Basketball National Championship game. The 35-1 Lakers, who were one win (and one point, for that matter) away from a perfect season, used a relentless press and forced 25 Tech turnovers to claim their school's first national title. More

President Tells House, Senate: Universities are the Engine Driving Economic Recovery

Glenn Mroz
Testifying before the Michigan House and Senate subcommittees on higher education in Lansing this week, Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz painted a promising picture of the relationship between universities and a robust economy. More

Engineer, Businessman, STEM Advocate—To Speak at Commencement

Norm Augustine
Norman Augustine, who will speak at Michigan Tech’s upcoming Spring Commencement April 30, is an outspoken advocate of more and better education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics—the STEM fields. It’s what the US needs to be competitive in the global, high-tech marketplace of the 21st century, he says. And he knows what he’s talking about. More

Alumni Around the World

Huskies Nation Invades St. Joe!

Fans at Holiday Inn
Pizza for the fans!

Wall to wall Huskies took over the Holiday Inn in St. Joseph, Missouri, for three nights of pregame firing up, sponsored by the Alumni Association.

A fan bus Friday night added to the excitement and the crowd, as the fans prepped for the NCAA Division II Women's Basketball National Championship.

More than 300 alumni, friends, and faculty were in attendance over the Elite 8 week. By Friday night, the "home team" in black, gold, and white really was the home team!

The fans drove or flew in from California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, and many points in between to be part of the excitement.


Rick and Heather '90 Strobel drove over from Topeka, Kansas, to cheer for the Huskies with daughters Molly and Megan.

The Pep Band and the student "referees" made sure the crowd was fired up before each game.

And the compliments from the folks at the St. Joseph Civic Arena were felt by the alumni in attendance.

Some Northwest Missouri State fans even donated their Friday night tickets to Huskies fans, after we knocked their team out of the tournament.

Alumni present represented every decade from the 1950s through 2010, including members of last years Elite Eight women's basketball team.

pep band
The Pep Band rocks the Holiday Inn.

It was particularly enjoyable to talk to the parents of this year's team. Getting their take on the team, their daughters, and their future plans was a very nice addition to the events.

Overall, it was an unforgettable moment in Huskies history: our first national final in thirty-five-plus years, and more fun than you can possibly imagine!


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Fill in the Blanks

Coach Borseth
Remember 1992-93 and the third-place finish? Coach Kevin Borseth receives the trophy. Any special memories from this year? Email me.

The Beginnings of Women's Hoops

clean snowmobile teamWe believe this is Patty Sullivan from the 1975-76 team. Were you here when it all began? Email me.
View more sports >

Tech Sports

Guisfredi Named Elite 88 Award Winner

Michigan Tech senior Angela Guisfredi (Hubbell, Mich./Lake Linden-Hubbell) was named the recipient of the prestigious NCAA Elite 88 Award tonight at the NCAA Division II Women's Basketball Banquet of Champions on the campus of Missouri Western State. The award is presented to the student-athlete with highest grade point average of any player at the NCAA Elite Eight. More

Men's Tennis Falls Twice to Open GLIAC Slate

men's tennis
The Michigan Tech men's tennis team lost twice on its GLIAC-opening road trip this weekend. The Huskies fell at Grand Valley State 7-2 on Friday (Mar. 18) before dropping a 9-0 decision at Ferris State today. Tech's new record is 4-6 overall. More

Around the Keweenaw

Celebrating 65 Years of Helping the Elderly

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly came into existence in France after World War II, so members of the local affiliate decided it would be appropriate to celebrate that at its next fundraising event on May 14. Kathleen Harter, LBFE board member, said the French connection for the organization is strong. More

PCI Bought by Georgia Company

Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc. in Hubbell has been purchased by a Georgia company. Osmose, Inc., a Griffin, Ga.-based company that supplies wood preservative products globally, announced its acquisition of PCI Friday. "PCI will continue as a distributor of its established products under a contract manufacturing arrangement with Osmose," PCI President Kevin Codere said in a statement. More

State Police Posts to Close

The head of the Michigan State Police L'Anse Post said its closure won't mean cutting back on services. "We're looking to go to a mobile work environment, and we need to work on a plan that fits the Baraga County communities, and that's going to take some time," said Lt. Mike Loyd. More

From the Email Bag

Alums Over There

2 soldiers
Everyone's doing pretty well that I keep in touch with, given the circumstances.

I've included two pics, neither of them are of the best quality as they were taken outside at night and there's not a whole lot of ambient light around here.

One (at left) is of Aaron Nasi(left) and myself(right) along the side of a road in Babylon Province, Iraq. We're both Officers in the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment (5,000ish soldiers) based out of Fort Hood, TX. We don't stay at the same place over here, but one night we found out we were on patrol in the same area, so we conducted a quick halt to get out and have an MTU reunion and take this picture. Aaron is 09 grad with a Anthropology Degree and I have an Mech. Eng Degree. We're both Cavalry Platoon Leaders, we see each other about once a month or so.

(section removed March 17, 2017)

Take Care,
Casey Luskin

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 1:47:32 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Fill in the Blank

clean snowmobile teamI was looking through the alumni newsletter and saw the pic you had from the 2005 Clean Snowmobile Challenge(CSC). In case you're interested, the picture is of Kyle Capello, Matt Nelson, Luke Luskin(carhartt jacket) - '05, and Mike Ryba - '08; from left to right. I'm guessing they're doing some dyno testing, looks like it's in the basement shop of the M&M building where the CSC shop was located then, may still be, not sure. Anyway, Luke, who coincidentally is my brother, was the engine team leader at the time and the rest of the guys were on the engine team. The thing Luke's holding is placed on the crankshaft of the snowmobile to take performance measurements under a load........I'm pretty sure, it's been a while since I was involved with the Clean Snowmobile Team.

On a completely side note, I'm not sure exactly what you do, but if you guys would like some pictures of Alumni around the world who are actually around the world and not just in the states, let me know. I have a few pics from the Unofficial MTU Alumni Chapters in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can think of about seven alumni off the top of my head here in Iraq now and probably at least that many in A-Stan.

Take Care,
Casey Luskin
3d U.S. Cavalry, Babylon, Iraq
MTU - Dec 07 Grad

Mystery Solved!

The car on the right is easy, it is a 1961 Lincoln Continental. The car on the left is not so easy even for a geezer, but a little research shows it to be a 1960 Rambler Ambassador Custom Country Club Sedan - the top of the line Rambler Sedan for that year! A little car with a really big name!

John Northrup '72

John: I've discovered our alumni are auto experts, and I'm not surprised!


The dark car on the right is definitely a Lincoln. That design for the Continental was introduced for 1961 and ran through 1969. The car on the left is a 1960 or 61 Rambler and if it has a Michigan plate on the front it looks like it could be 1966. I can't get a big enough photo to be sure but it looks like a light background with dark numbers. The 66 plates were tan with dark blue lettering. In those days new plates were issued every year and the colors honored one of Michigan's colleges or universities.

Greg Switek


I think you will find a Nash Rambler and a Lincoln Continental. Certainly not a Ford and a Tornado.

Ray Tabar


Dating the pictures through automobiles. The "Ford" is really a 1958 Rambler. The "Toronado" is 1961 Continental.

Jim Shirey
Class of '78


Dear Dennis:
The cars in the picture are a Lincoln Continental 1961 model and a 1958-59 Rambler Ambassador. Guess that could be around 1961 -1962 years , leaving or returning from Christmas break ??

Fernando Viale – class of 72

Fernando: We've narrowed the timeline down to Winter Carnival, early to mid-1960a.


The dark colored car on the right is a 1961 Lincoln Continental. Positive. I think the car on the left is a 1960 Rambler Custom, but I'm not as positive about it. I do not think it is a Ford.

I'm thinking the construction is the Admin building which would date it to '66 or '67. Are these normal student buses to Chicago or Detroit or are they full of young women coming up for a visit at Winter Carnival?

Chris Otis '70
Newsletter Editor
Lake Shore Region
Lincoln & Continental Owners Club

Chris: I have a photo of me and my Dad at the Detroit Auto Show (mid-sixties) in Ike's old limousine.

Kennedy had a custom stretch '61 with a '62 grill in Dallas. Unfortunately, the actual Dallas car was modified heavily in '64 and '67 and used occasionally by four other presidents before retirement in '77. It now sits at The Henry Ford in Dearborn. The 1950 Eisenhower bubble top Lincoln is also at The Henry Ford. Ike also used a '56 Cadillac.

Chris Otis


Hi Dennis,
The dark car on the right in the picture (copied below) is definitely a Lincoln Continental; look at the door handles...suicide doors! The Oldsmobile Tornado was always a two door car, didn't come out until 1966, and was one of the first cars with front-wheel drive. I worked on some of these cars when I was going to Tech and worked in a service station to get money for books, gas, and etc.


Hi Dennis, When I first looked at the photo I thought that maybe it was a bus bringing downstate girls up for Winter Carnival. I can't tell from the picture, but are there more boys than girls in it? I asked my husband (who I didn't know at Tech) about it. I had remembered his talking about taking the train down to Chicago for his preinduction physical for the draft in '58. I don't know the details, but apparently there was a group of them and they "had a good time" while they were down there.

Gail Richter '61


Re: the picture of a couple cars with a Greyhound bus in the background. That is indeed a Lincoln Continental – with the suicide back doors. But who cares about the car. Could this be the “sweetie” bus leaving Tech after Winter Carnage? Looks like a couple gals with suitcases chatting before boarding. Maybe the bus returning after winter break?

Dave Plumeau


The mystery continues picture is off the girls being sent out after winter Carnival. They used to come up by bus from the lower peninsula. The trunks are open to get out the suitcases. My husband recognized the pictures. I attended Tech in 1958-59 year.

Lois Bergmann Michelin


The mystery photo is an easy one ------ the car on the left as you are looking at the picture is a 1957/58 Rambler, the other car - the black one is definitely a Lincoln Continental ---it was one that even had suicide doors, Now the main focus of the picture is what people are calling a mystery ----it was the arrival of the buses from downstate for Winter Carnival ---- and what did that mean ---- the women were now on campus!

Just some thoughts that I remember!

Les Syring


That black car is indeed a Lincoln Continental, 1961 (based on the projections on the front bumpers)

The white car looks more like a 1960 Rambler, Custom maybe? (angle of tail fins, grill, roof line/angle of the rear-most pillar).

Doing the comparisons against the photos in my "American Car Spotter's Guide 1940-1965" by Tad Burness (1973).

Best regards,
Karen Shields Finlayson '81


Sorry I can't help solve the mystery but being a "car guy" I know the front vehicle is a Rambler and dark vehicle is a Lincoln. These appear to be from the very early 60s.

The Tech hockey teams were strong in the early and mid 60s so perhaps hockey players were riding the bus and is at one of their events - just a guess on my part.

Fred Roman BSME '66


My thought is that the "Mystery Continues" bus picture is the Sweetheart Bus. Back in the day (up until the early 1980s), there used to be buses that ran up to Houghton for Carny, and the snowpack
looks about right to be Carny.

Jenn Ridley


As I observed the vehicles in front of Memorial Union I agree with the Lincoln Continental. The other one appears to be an American Motors Rambler. Obviously there is construction behind the bus. Is that the Chemistry Bldg? I don't recall that starting during my years "62 to 67".

Jim "67"

Jim: I see in the 64 Keweenawan that Fisher Hall was under construction. Would that be it?


You are correct - that is a Lincoln Continental. The front end is unique as are the suicide doors in the rear. Note the door handles for both front and rear doors are located under the B-pillar. The rear doors opened backwards. The Toronado wasn't introduced until 1966, had concealed headlamps until 1971, and was not offered in a four door. The car pictured is a 1961 Lincoln. The 1962 had a straight front bumper and different grill.

Rich Bell '78



The Mystery Photo of the bus has a 1959 Rambler Ambassor and a 1961 Lincoln Continental in the foreground. The 1959 Ramble did look similar to the 1959 Ford so I can see how a fellow alum can confuse the vehicles. So the mystery continues, however it must have been 1961 or later.

Craig Harju 73'

Another Mystery (Partially) Solved

Hi Dennis,
I was wondering who is in the first picture in the heading of the alumni news.and when it was taken. It's the picture of the girls in front of a MTU sign. I think it's from my era and some of them look familiar.

Marilyn (Wolosiewicz) Rohl, '81, '86

Marilyn: From the Archives—

I think the one in the white jacket is my sorority sister Karen Schneider (now Karen Brodine).

Cynthia Protas Hodges, Alpha Delta Alpha, MTU BSME 1987 MSME 1989

The Golden M's

In your 3/14 Monday newsletter (always interesting) the 2011 Reunion link specifically recognizes the "GOLDEN M" members of...'61 '71 '81 (86--must be 25 yrs) '91 and '01. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CLASSMATES OF '51 ? Though certainly (likely) reduced in number I hope there are a few out there who are still interested and able to attend.

As always, a big "good-on-ya" pat on the back.

Les Reid '51

Les: We'll hope that the Class of 51 is reading TechAlum and coming back up this August!

Snow Totals

Can't believe you only have 150 inches of snow so far. In Syracuse, NY,
we have 175 and are still climbing.

Pete Rankin 59 EE

Pete: And we are within .5" of last year's total, even stranger.

Alumni Reunion Accommodations, continued

Hi Dennis,
I don’t have an email address for Brenda in the alumni office, but there was something in the newsletter about accommodations for the August reunion. I can highly recommend the place we stayed for my 50th reunion in 2009. It was Vic’s Cabins which is on hiway 26 just north of Calumet. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

Rick Noyes ‘59


I'll pass on the info, Rick, and here's the accommodations listing:

If you have any additional questions, just contact us at

Registration Revolution

Hi Dennis
I don’t remember too much about registration in the old days (my brain may have fossilized by now) but I think I do remember that the CE’s had Colonel Fritz organizing registrations in the late 60’s.

Tom Partanen P.E.
BSCE ‘70

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