August, 23, 2010
Vol. 16, No. 26
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Futbol @ Tech

A new day dawns at Sherman Field.

Under a beautiful blue sky and a not-too chilly temp, our newest athletic team was going through their morning practice.

They were running between yard lines on Sherman Field, but this was futbol, not football.

The women's soccer team was prepping for a scrimmage with Finlandia in two days, and Head Coach Michelle Jacob was putting them through some grueling paces, with help from Chuck Coan, assistant coach.

They were running 20 meters between electronic beeps and a British accent ("level one") from the PA system, and as the levels increased, the time between beeps was shortened.

In the silence, the beeps echoed off the SDC, and the women were getting more and more tired as the levels increased. It's harder than it looks, I said.

"This is tough," Coach Coan replied.

"Breathe, relax, keep moving! Plant and turn!"

"Keep going ladies," Coach Jacob implored them, and even joggers on the track shouted encouragement.

One player made it past the tenth level before they got to recuperate and move to ball-handling drills.

Amber Hynnek (pictured here), a first-year chem engg from Seymour, Wisconsin, was pleased with the progress of the first-year squad.

"It's been really good," she says. "We are all one family. I can't believe how well we are meshing. We even live together in West Wads."

Hynnek's Tech roots run deep: grandfather Tom Gritzmaker '66 and parents Pam '88 and Marty '86 Hynnek all have ME degrees.

She caught the soccer bug at age six and hasn't stopped. The sport is "big in Wisconsin, with three teams for each age group just in my area," she says.

She got to see Manchester City play in New York at age 10, which was another thrill.

A center-midfielder, she was also anxious to scrimmage Finlandia.

Coach Jacob was pleased so far, too.

"We are focusing on fitting within our game," she said. "We are coming together as a team, and we can't wait to bump up against other players."

There's no contact in soccer is there? Wink, wink.

"Just stick around in a little while and you'll see," she laughed.

On Saturday, their focus would be on formation and defensive skills, she said. "We want to execute what we've been working on in practice."

Overall, she said, "They need do believe in what we are doing. Every day, they need to earn their jerseys."

Dennis '92, '09


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At Tech

Baja Team Wins Best Design

Michigan Tech’s team earned itself a gold at the Baja SAE Rochester competition, held June 10–13 at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in New York. The team finished first in the design portion of the Society of Automotive Engineers competition. “That’s a very prestigious award,” said team advisor Brett Hamlin, assistant chair of Engineering Fundamentals. “It’s based on the quality of construction and analysis. The students designed and fabricated the entire vehicle, with the exception of the motor, a 10-hp Briggs and Stratton that no one’s allowed to modify.” More

Two Michigan Tech Students Granted DOE Graduate Fellowships

grad student
The US Department of Energy Office of Science has awarded graduate fellowships to two Michigan Technological University students. Colin Gurganus, a PhD student in atmospheric science, and Carley Kratz, who is earning her doctorate in forest science, are among the 150 fellows nationwide selected by the DOE from among 3,300 applicants. They will each receive $50,500 per year for up to three years to support tuition, living expenses, research materials and travel to conferences or to DOE scientific facilities. More

Tech Moves Up in US News Undergraduate Rankings

Once again listed in the top tier of national universities, Michigan Technological University’s overall undergraduate standing rose in US News & World Report’s latest ranking of colleges and universities nationwide. In the 2011 “Best Colleges” report released today, Michigan Tech ranked 117th, along with the University of San Francisco and Loyola University in Chicago. Last year, Michigan Tech ranked 121st. In the latest rankings, Michigan Tech ranked 57th among national public universities. Only two Michigan universities, the University of Michigan and Michigan State, ranked higher than Michigan Tech. More

Former Social Sciences Chair Spencer Hill Dies

Word just arrived that A. Spencer Hill, former political science teacher and chair of the Department of Social Sciences, passed away July 21, 2010, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was 85. "Spence was a sweet man, very sincere," said Pat Martin, current chair of the social sciences department. "His leadership style was very egalitarian. He had a mild approach. He hired me and many other faculty members and was instrumental in building the department." More

Alumnus and Tech Reclaim Stamp Sand and Grow an Industry

Despite the economic downturn, the roofing industry in America is enjoying long-term, fruitful prospects, and Michigan Technological University will play a role in this nearly $9-billion annual market. One imminent initiative: a local plant that may employ up to 40 people to process and supply sand to the roofing industry. A long-term plan: a local plant that would employ 300 people to manufacture roofing shingles. More

Alumni Around the World

New Huskies' Parents Get-Together

parentKay Schierbeek was just one of many parents moving in their students over the weekend.

Sunday evening, the Keweenaw Chapter of the Michigan Tech Alumni Association hosted a social for more than 100 parents of our newest Huskies! Once the first-year students had been welcomed by the University leadership team and had their class photo taken on Sherman Field, they were off to their residence halls for more activities. Their parents headed downtown to the Keweenaw Brewing Company (KBC) to visit (and commiserate). Many thanks to KBC President, Dick Gray ’82 and Abby Koski who kept the beverages flowing!

Fill in the Blanks

wadsRemember moving into Wads in 2005? Email me.


Remember the Union (before it was called the MUB) in the 1960s, when this was the main entrance? Email me.
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Tech Sports

European Tour Ends With Loss

german hockey
After playing five games in six days and playing without three skaters, Michigan Tech ran out of gas as Klagenfurt posted a 7-2 win Wednesday (Aug. 18). The Huskies finished their European Tour with a 2-3 record. The Dragons jumped onto the scoreboard with an even strength goal two minutes into the game and added another midway through the opening period. More

Tennis Teams Take Academic Honors

Both Michigan Tech tennis teams have been named Intercollegiate Tennis Association All-Academic Teams and nine individual student-athletes have earned ITA Scholar-Athlete status for 2009-10. The criteria for teams to gain ITA academic recognition is a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher. Individuals must have attained a 3.5 GPA and completed at least two semesters at their current institution. More

Around the Keweenaw

Copper Country Trail Has New Signs

A set of new signs has made its way onto U.S. 41 from Hancock to Copper Harbor, but the program it represents, America's Byways, is actually a five-year old program known as the Copper Country Trail. More

Officials Make Case for New Justice Center

Representatives from Houghton County made an effort Wednesday to convince the Hancock City Council to endorse the proposed County Justice Center, and that effort was successful. Truman Obermeyer, co-chairman of the Houghton County Justice Center Study Committee, and Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean spoke for about an hour about the need for a new jail, sheriff's office and court in one building. More

Houghton Looking to Reroute US 41

After a couple meetings last December to get feedback for a potential re-routing of U.S. 41 through downtown Houghton, City Manager Scott MacInnes has now moved forward with the idea. "We actually applied for grant funding to do it," MacInnes said. "We haven't been successful to date. We're looking for stimulus money to do it, and I think that (the Michigan Department of Transportation) is on board to find funding to do it." The idea blossomed during the summer of 2009 when downtown saw a major decrease in traffic because of the streetscape construction project. Concerts and festivals were held downtown, and less traffic meant pedestrians were able to quickly, easily and safely shop throughout downtown. More

From the Email Bag

"No Sugar Tonight"

Guess Who
Tech really has managed to bring in some good acts over the years. One of the years I was there (1973-1977) the band Deodato performed at Tech, possibly for Winter Carnival. Other than a version of the theme to “2001, A Space Odyssey” I can’t think of any other recordings by them. In those days the Tech Marching Band practiced in the east section of the DHH basement. That’s where Deodato set up shop in the week before (I assume they did some skiing while they were in Houghton) their concert. We were able to go down and watch them practice. They also ate their meals in the DHH Dining Room. It was pretty neat to sit down and eat at the same table with real rock stars.

I also remember a concert by jazz great Maynard Ferguson. It was in Sherman Hall. That concert, more than anything, led me to my love of big band music.

Lastly, there was a program by an illusionist/hypnotist named Gil Eagles. I see on Wikipedia that he’s still active. His show was in Fisher Hall and he hypnotized some of the students into doing the craziest stuff.

Ken Hafeli 1977

Ken: I was at that Deodato concert! "2001" was their big hit. I also saw Ted Nugent, Frank Zappa, Arlo Guthrie, and more recently, They Might Be Giants and, of course, Alan Parsons with the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra. Great memories, all. Somehow, I missed Muddy Waters.

The Bridge and the Shafthouse, One More Time

varsity singers

Dennis -
pretty cool pic (from Chuck Pomazal). not sure why they they lit up the rockhouse, maybe marketing pictures??

i really like the one with the bridge

Joe Dancy

Joe: The idea was to light up the shafthouse in appreciation for all it has meant to the area. Kind of nice. It's clickable.

Greetings from Finland

Hello! I graduated from MTU in Spring 1992 with a BS in Forestry. My family and I are living in Tampere, Finland. My husband, Bryan Beamer, was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach at a university here, and we'll stay for the 2010-2011 school year. I think of MTU often. Many of the Finns from Houghton would feel at home here, where there are many Peltonens and Makis! Thanks for the newsletter.

Kate: Thanks for the note. If you get near Oulu, look for Valikainens!

Twin Lakes Memories, Continued

wieHi Dennis,
Thank you for the plug for Twin Lakes...... which is a great place to live as well as visit with the availability of a challenging golf course at Wyandotte Hills, fresh clean water for swimming, boating and fishing, the State campground, the more rustic Emily Lake campground, popular snowmobile trails and much more.

And, of course, the best pasties you can get are at Krupp's Mini Mart. I guess being the township supervisor I may be a bit biased about the community but it is a very special place to all of us who live there and get to enjoy its beauty year-round.

Deb Johnson Maki, '73

Deb: No argument here. That golf course is calling me . . .

Shute's Reopens

Shute's ca. 1980s.

I am surprised that the following Mining Gazette article did not make the newsletter.

It combines the fact that a historic bar has reopened and is part owned by Brad Wagner (MTU School of Business and Economics).

Dennis Toth '71

Dennis: We are correcting that vast oversight right now.

Golf Photo Mystery Solved


Rick Yeo
Paul "Racket" Coppo
Bob Hauswirth

Bob is my brother, Paul my cousin.

Kathy Goulette


From left to right: Glen Weller, Bob Hauswirth, Tim Opie, Paul Coppo, Rick Yeo. Clearly a group of bandits all.

Michael D. Wirt
Pinehurst, NC

Mike: Thanks. It takes one to know five! And great seeing you and Karen back in town.


Far left: Glen Weller, assistant hockey coach, mid 70’s, next to him: Bob Hauswirth, hockey player, graduated in 1960, Far Right: Rick Yeo, hockey player, assistant hockey coach and long time Athletic Director, sure you knew that one!!!!

Robert S. Mihos, CFM


Glen Weller is on the left with Bob Hauswirth standing next to him. Rick Yeo is on the right with Paul Coppo next to him. I don't recognize the person in the middle.

Patti Angell

Downtown Houghton Fire

Hi Dennis,
A recent issue mentioned a fire in downtown Houghton. I recall one either in '58 or '59 that destroyed all of the buildings on the north side of the highway downtown, east of the bridge except for a bar at both ends of the block. On the Sunday after that fire, the Tech Quartet was entertaining some doctor's wives at the Dog House by singing some Kingston Trio numbers. After we sang, we met that trio, who were eating there and who had performed in the Tech gym the night before. We went to one of those bars and played pool with them all afternoon. The fridge was out so all we could drink was "Rum and Coca-cola", which was one of their songs. We had a nice time with those guys who had been college hopping for a year without seeing their families in California. They chose pool playing to any of the other types of mischief they could have done while on the road.

David Grewe '59

Alum is Piloting Star Ferries to Mackinac Island

Hi Dennis,
Not sure if this is anything of interest to you or the TechAlum Newsletter or not but on Wednesday I was in Mackinaw City. I took the Star Line over to the Island with my girls and best friend from Tech
(Bruce Kavanagh) and his family. Coming back that evening as we were boarding, a voice said "hello Jim Schultz". The voice was a former Tech student, Jack McKinnon, who graduated I believe about 4 years ago. He had seen me board earlier in the day as I was boarding but did not have an opportunity to say hi then. He remembers me from my years working in Wadsworth Hall when he was a student. Now he is the captain of one of the Star Line vessels. It's cool how you can go anywhere and almost always run into a Tech grad!

Jim Schultz

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