October 5, 2009
Vol. 16, No. 3
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GReat Trip

Pep Band
The Pep Band arrives in Grand Rapids.

We had a chance to venture across our great Great Lake State this past weekend, all the way to Grand Rapids to watch the Huskies play Ferris State in the Battle at the Ballpark. It was the Fifth Third Ballpark, and a great time was had by all.

I enjoy the trip across the state, when I don't have to do it all the time. Having lived in Detroit, Sault Ste. Marie, and the Keweenaw, I feel like I know most of Michigan. But, it was my first trip to GR and their baseball stadium.

I wasn't disappointed.

First was the amazing tailgate party put on by the Alumni Relations gang. Gary Tunstall's background music, food from the Library Bar, and beer from Schmoz Brewery (I can vouch for the root beer) and the Library set the tone for the football game to follow. The Sig Rho's had their own get-together, too, and alums from all over the state converged.

Next, the Pep Band rocked their way in, playing for the tailgaters amid the barbeque smoke and rare non-raining sky. (It rained, off and on, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It didn't rain for the game, however, except for a little mist at the end.)

Then, the Huskies played a nearly flawless game to get their first win of the season, defeating Ferris 38-6. And, the best part was the alumni showing. Tech fans outnumber Ferris fans at least five to one, in the total of nearly 3,000. It was, in effect, a home game nine hours away from home, and the Pep Band out blasted the Ferris band, too.

Actually, the two bands played together quite a bit toward the end of the game, a nice scene to witness.

As we left the stadium after the game, the Tech buses were loading up and family and friends were congratulating the team and saying their goodbyes.

A happy and weary team was soon on its way through the farmlands and small towns of the lower peninsula, across the state and back home.

Dennis '92, '09


The Colorologist

Pulling out his slide rule, he ventured an educated guess.

At least 50 percent, he said.

That's really picking up, I said. Are you still guaranteeing peak season for Homecoming next weekend?

My guarantees are like the local weather guys, just about as accurate.

No argument here.

See you in Houghton.

At Tech

Local Alumnus Makes Good:
GS Engineering Awarded $25-Million Government Contract

A local firm with Michigan Tech roots has secured a $25-million, five-year contract with the US Special Operations Command. GS Engineering, founded by 1980 graduate Glen Simula was awarded the contract recently. Technically, it is an “indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity task order contract to supply systems test support services for US Special Operations Forces (SOF) ground mobility vehicles,” according to a US Special Operations Command news release. More

Michigan Tech Receives State Grant to Help Science Teachers

Michigan Tech has received nearly $200,000 from the Michigan Department of Education for a professional development program for physics and chemistry teachers. The initiative is funded by the Improving Teacher Quality Grant, which covers schools throughout the state, including all schools in the Upper Peninsula. More

In Search of Wildlife-friendly Biofuels:
Are Native Prairie Plants the Answer?

When society jumps on a bandwagon, even for a good cause, there may be unintended consequences. The unintended consequence of crop-based biofuels may be the loss of wildlife habitat, particularly that of the birds who call this country’s grasslands home, say researchers from Michigan Tech, The Nature Conservancy, the University of Minnesota and elsewhere. More

Career Fair Is All About Prospects

The multipurpose room at the SDC was choked with people Tuesday for the fall Career Fair, as students tackled the job of finding a job. Enlivened and expectant, they milled about and stood in line, sometimes long ones, to try to stand out in a crowd and catch the attention of the companies with the opportunities. More

Alumni Around the World

Alumni Gather and Dominate in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Tent

A great tailgate party at Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids was overflowing with more than 600 alumni, friends, and Pep Band. We were assembled for the football game with Ferris State, and the rain held off long enough for the get-together and the football game. Hats off to the Schmoz Brewery ,the Library Bar, the Alumni Association, and Alumni Relations folks for a great time.

Homecoming 2009: More Fun than a Castle of Mashed Potatoes
Michigan Tech's 2009 Homecoming features three hockey games, two football games (one NCAA, one not), a parade, the inaugural alumni-student broomball tournament, the traditional hilarity involving cardboard boats, and lots more.

Do you have photos or stories of your own alumni gatherings? Share them by emailing alumni@mtu.edu or posting them in HuskyLink.

Fill in the Blanks

Quick StopRemember a Quik Stop run? Email me.

AquaTerra Tech

aqua terra tech
AquaTerra Tech from October 2005. Remember? Email me.
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Tech Sports

Homecoming Week 2009

Wednesday, Oct. 7
Huskies Drive Time, 7:30-8 a.m. on WKMJ Mix 93.5 FM

Thursday, Oct. 8
Fall Sports Luncheon, 12 noon (Grant Hockey Ed Center)

Friday, Oct. 9
Blue Line Luncheon, 12 noon (Grant Hockey Ed Center)
Women's Tennis at Findlay, 3 p.m.
Cross Country at Wildcat Open, 3 p.m. (at Marquette, Mich.)
Homecoming Parade/Pep Rally 4:00 p.m. (Rozsa Parking Lot)
Volleyball at Northwood, 7 p.m.
Hockey hosts Northern Michigan, 7:07 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)

Saturday, Oct. 10
Women's Tennis at Wayne State, 10 a.m.
Football hosts Findlay, 1 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)
Volleyball at Wayne State, 2 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009
Hockey hosts Lake Superior State, 5:07 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)

All times Eastern. Home events in bold.


Last Week's Results
Hockey (0-0, 0-0 WCHA)
10/3 at Michigan Tech 3, Ryerson 1 (exhibition)

Football (1-4, 1-4 GLIAC)
10/3 Michigan Tech 38, Ferris State 6 (at Comstock Park, Mich.)

Volleyball (7-10, 5-4 GLIAC)
10/2 at Ashland 3, Michigan Tech 0 (26-24, 25-19, 25-17)
10/3 Michigan Tech 3, at Tiffin 0 (25-20, 25-21, 25-17)

Women's Tennis (4-2, 4-2 GLIAC)
10/2 at Michigan Tech 9, Tiffin 0
10/3 at Michigan Tech 6, Ashland 3

Top News of the Week

It's Homecoming Week on the Michigan Tech campus with a full slate of activities in addition to the athletic events. Highlights of the week include Take on a Husky Night (where students have a chance to compete against Tech student-athletes) Tuesday at the SDC and the annual parade and pep rally Friday at the Rozsa Parking Lot. For more details on
Homecoming, log on to homecoming.mtu.edu.

Michigan Tech will face arch rival Northern Michigan Friday to officially open its 2009-10 season. The Huskies will dedicate the new suites and wall of fame at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena during the contest. Faceoff is slated for 7:07 p.m.

Football Wins Big

Michigan Tech jumped into the win column in a big way last Saturday (Oct. 3) with a 38-6 victory over Ferris State in the Battle at the Ballpark played at Fifth Third Ballpark, a minor league baseball field. The Huskies got 196 yards rushing from Marvin Atkins and the defense allowed just 32 yards passing to improve to 1-4 on the year. Tech hosts Findlay (4-1) on Saturday (Oct. 10) at 1 p.m. for Homecoming. More

Hockey Scores 3-1 Win Over Ryerson

Michigan Tech scored a pair of goals less than one minute into regulation en route to a 3-1 win over Ryerson in an exhibition game Saturday (Oct. 3) at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena. Freshmen Aaron Pietila and Evan Witt each recorded one goal and one assist on the evening to pace the Huskies. “Tonight was a great way to start the season,” said head coach Jamie Russell. “The first two shifts we scored two goals and got the building rocking. I thought we let our foot off the gas and got a little sloppy and weren’t thorough in some of the things we did. With a young team we have to learn that when you get a team down on the mat you have to go for the kill.” More

Around the Keweenaw

Moyle to Buy Copper Country Mall

Moyle Real Estate & Development has entered into a contract to buy the Copper Country Mall from current owners Developers Diversified Realty, an Ohio-based corporation. “We have it under contract to buy it, we have an extended due-diligence period,” President Andy Moyle said. More

Local elected officials part of budget battle

The state of Michigan was without money for almost two hours early Thursday morning until legislators agreed on an interim budget to keep government offices open. Rep. Mike Lahti, D-Hancock, said Thursday, lawmakers have 30 days to get a permanent fiscal year 2010 budget to Gov. Jennifer Granholm for her signature. The interim funding measure is a "reality budget," Lahti said.

"The budgets passed based on the money we have," he said. Funding for schools will still have to be found when the permanent budget is completed, Lahti said. "There's not going to be a solution based on revenues," he said. More

Districts make fall head counts

Most local school districts saw slight declines in fall head counts recorded Wednesday. Houghton-Portage Township Schools had the largest increase, going up 52 students, or 4.14 percent. Following Houghton was the Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium & Keweenaw (28 students, 1.85 percent), L'Anse Area Schools (seven students, 0.95 percent) and Hancock Public Schools (seven students, 0.87 percent). The biggest decreases were in Ewen-Trout Creek (28 students, for a drop of 9.82 percent), Stanton Township (nine students, 5.96 percent) and Chassell Township Schools (12 students, 4.29 percent). More

From the Email Bag

Fill in the Blanks: Lower Woodmar It Is!

vetvilleHi Dennis,
Just now as I was taking a shower a couple of old neurons slowed long enough to remind me that upper Woodmar was above the football field, probably where Wadsworth Hall sits now. The area around the track and below was called Lower Woodmar. I don't remember it ever referred to as Cliff Drive but if that was the proper name it defaulted to Lower Woodmar. The year before I arrived some freshmen found a box of blasting caps and were chased and caught by angry Lower Woodmar residents after setting a few off. Supposedly dishes were falling off shelves, etc. I think they got a year's probation. The good old days??


The picture looks like it was taken from the old Sherman Gymnasium from somewhere above the football field. The view overlooks Portage canal in the background. The opening in the fence around the track was still there when I was a freshman, but I'm not sure the building in the foreground was still there. The vehicle parked along side looks very prewar, not uncommon in 1950. My good friend Al Boyer, Track Team captain and fellow distance runner, lived adjacent to the field with his wife. He'd been an aerographer in the service.

Bob Carnahan


Married student housing. I used to sell girl scout cookies to the families. Man, it looks like that was a long time ago, I must have been a very young Brownie................

Some of the coaches lived in the huts too. Remember Power Plant Drive? There were several there too.

Coach Coxes' Daughter

Editor's Note: I told how much we all still talk about Verdie Cox, especially when playing Number 6 at Portage Lake Golf Course, which has been named after him. There is also a nice plaque and tree near the tee in his honor. "Power Plant Drive" is a new one to me, however. Was that on the lakefront?


I believe this was also the married housing located behind the gym.

J Roley
Class of 62


It sure looks like it ("Vetville"). We spent the years 1954-1956 living in the unit at the far end of those lining the back row in this photo. Only then it was called Lower Woodmar as I recall.

Roger G. Anderson '56


This looks like vetville on the north side of the football field when I was at MCM&T, 1955 for instance. These shacks were very cold in the Hoton winters, not much of a place to live.

John from Waukesha


When I started at MTU in the fall of 56, married students housing was located in this area. As I recall it was mostly round roofed Quonset huts instead of the rectangular more conventional buildings shown in the photo. judging from the cars, this picture would be several years before the mid 50's

I was living in DHH so this was sort of the back yard.

Bruce Kelly


Prefab housing units were located behind then Sherman Gym & between Engineers Field & Portage Canal to the North. Similar units called Lower & Upper Woodmar were located Easterly of the then Sig Rho house on the Southerly side of 41 nearly opposite Engineers Field. I lived in Upper Woodmar during 1951-1953. The two bedroom, one bath units were heated by a centrally located oil burning "stove." I still recall that one could get along by burning just five gallons of fuel oil per day. Ah the memories!

George L. Schutte, Class of 1953


We lived in lower Woodmar from 12/1950 until 6/1953. Was a godsend to we poor veterans.

Pete Meyers

NMU Rivalry Memories

nmu adDennis,
It's not a great picture, but I sure have a fond memory of that 2001 Football game where Tech finally beat Northern (eNeMaU). Rick Yeo, our then Athletic Director, had a bet with Northern's AD (Don't know his name). Whoever lost had to wear a sign with the final score at the winners campus.

Of course, you know Tech won that game. Here is a picture. The quality is low. A few of us from the Huskies Pep Band made sure to make him feel welcome. I do believe this is in the middle of us "Sunshining" him. We pretty much followed him around the entire hour heckling him.

This rivalry is one for the ages, especially for smaller schools. The football teams hate each other. The hockey teams hate each other. The basketball teams hate each other. The volleyball teams hate each other. The band hate each other. Heck, even the volleyball team's parents seem to hate the band. I don't understand why though... We only yelled "choke, choke, choke" every time Northern tried to serve the ball. Or "Can't get it up!" when they served it right into the net. I won't even get into the times their VB coach pseudo flipped us off or told us to kiss her bottom.... ;o)

Ahh, you have to love a good rivalry. If any Tech player/fan can't get fired up for a Northern game, they must be dead.

Ward "Wardo Rican" Rietz Jr.
MSE 2003
Pep Band 1999-2003

Ward: I think it's a great shot!

The Old and New Bridges

two bridges

At the time the new bridge was under construction I was living in Hancock
so crossed over the old bridge at least two times a day. I used to eat dinner - frequently a pasty - at Andy's restaurant a half block from the old bridge in Houghton. Some of the bridge construction people also ate there
so we had some friendly discussions about bridge construction. Since I was crossing the bridge frequently, I got to know some of the bridge operators and would stop to talk with them. One day, while talking with an operator a ship came along. He said "stick around" and left to open the bridge. I was standing on the walkway when a ship came through the bridge. With the turn bridge, the opening on each side was much less than it is with the new bridge. I stood there and the ship was close enough that I could have shook hands with someone on the ship as it went through.

Bruce Kelly 60, 68, 69

Panorama of Houghton


Thanks for the panorama of Houghton.

Those now visiting the area won't see as much due to the tree growth.

Debby Kozol, P.E.

Editor's Note: One more look here, including the old Houghton High School.

Shoot More Deer

Dennis -
here is an interesting article on bloomberg today, about how all you michigan drivers are hitting deer - #2 in the nation! 1 in 78 hits a deer. In all seriousness you might put it in your alumni newsletter, or forward it to your student publications since it is a safety issue this time of year. Most students are clueless on the issue, unless they are locals of course.

You need a few more hunters in the state!

Hope all is well, link below.

Joe Dancy

Editor's Note: I'm with you, Joe. More venison, please.

-----Original Message-----

Michigan ranked second, with odds of one in 78 drivers hitting a deer.

Michigan is combating the problem by advising motorists not to “veer for deer.” People can put themselves at greater risk when they try to avoid hitting the animals, said Bob Felt, a spokesman for the state’s transportation department.

‘Brake Firmly’

“They end up going off the road and hitting a fixed object like a tree or a pole,” Felt said. “They get more seriously injured than they would have. To prevent fatalities and reduce injuries, we ask people to hold on to the steering wheel and brake firmly and come to a controlled stop."

West Virginia Drivers Hit Most Deer for Third Straight Year


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