July 13, 2009
Vol. 15, No. 23
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Youth Programs

Youth Programs
Like math? You'll love Tech!

The Youth Programs have been bringing life to our campus recently, as students from all over check out Tech while they are checking out future degree options to explore.

Our family has great experiences with Youth Programs. My son's love of computers was nurtured here, and my daughter's love of history and writing grew here, too.

I was fortunate enough to teach a couple of sessions years ago, and it was a great way to stay current and do some learning, too, in the communications field.

And, of course, the programs are great recruiting grounds for us. There is nothing like a Keweenaw summer, when it finally arrives, to put the bugs in their ears, so to speak.

I always smile when I see the students with the lanyards around their necks scurrying around campus. And sometimes, I swear I can see a couple of familiar faces or hear someone shout "Hey, Dad!" across the mall.

Dennis '92, '09

At Tech

Student Leader Dies in Car Crash

Jacob "Jake" Parkhurst, a community coordinator and resident in Wadsworth Hall, died Saturday June 27 in a car accident on US 41 just north of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. Parkhurst, 20, of Kent City, Mich., was driving north at about 9:30 p.m. when he lost control on the winding road and crossed the center line, according to the Keweenaw County Sheriff's Department. His vehicle struck another car traveling southbound. More

Music Scholarship to Honor Milt Olsson

No one can get a degree in music at Michigan Tech. Nevertheless, hundreds of Tech students and alumni identify the University's music program as a highlight of their college experience. To support students such as these and recognize a major architect of the University's musical program, the Department of Visual and Performing Arts has created the Milton Olsson Music Scholarship. More

Tech Takes Iron Team Award in 2009 Baja SAE

Michigan Tech's Blizzard Baja Enterprise finished the three-part Baja SAE collegiate design competition at the top of the heap, with more points than any other competitor. Michigan Tech earned the Mike Schmidt Memorial Iron Team Award, given to the team with the most combined points after all three North American Baja SAE events. Michigan Tech finished eighth in Alabama, second in Oregon and, most recently, sixth in Wisconsin against a field of 99 teams, the largest of the year. The is the first time a Michigan Tech team has taken the Iron Team award since 1981, when the University first entered Baja SAE competition. More

Tech Partners with Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Lab

Houghton, Michigan, and Vicksburg, Mississippi, now have something more in common than the first letter of their last name. Michigan Technological University and the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Environmental Laboratory in Vicksburg have signed an educational and research partnership agreement that opens the door to a broad range of research projects, faculty exchanges and student internships. More

Two New Chairs Begin Their Duties

The College of Sciences and Arts welcomes two new department chairs. Mike Gibson heads the Department of Biological Sciences, and Ron Strickland heads the Department of Humanities. More

Rajurkar '78 Wins SME Gold Medal


K. P. Rajurkar '78, distinguished professor of Engineering at University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Department, has been recognized with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Gold Medal for "his prolific contributions to technical communications through published literature, technical writings or lectures." More

Alumni Around the World

Taekwondo Twentieth Reunion in Houghton


Husky Taekwondo celebrated its 20th year of existence with a reunion at the Rotary Chutes and Ladders park in Houghton June 27. More than sixty former and current members and their families attended the reunion.

Husky Taekwondo began in 1989 as the ROTC Self Defense Club under the instruction of Army Lieutenant Colonel Jon Henkel who was the professor of military science at that time. The club soon had a strong and consistent following and was renamed to Husky Taekwondo by 1991. Jon Henkel has been the club's head instructor for the entire twenty years and has promoted eighty-seven to the rank of black belt.


Chicago Area Alums Meet at Cubs Game

cubs game

More than 100 alumni and friends converged on Wrigleyville for the 2nd Annual Chicago Cubs outing hosted by the Chicago Alumni Chapter. Michigan Tech Alumni Association board member and chapter leader, Mark Garver '06 welcomed alumni to the Goose Island Brewery for a buffet of food and beverages before the game.

Alumni represented from four decades enjoyed winning Husky gear during the raffle. Despite friendly booing from the crowd and an inadequate defense of her transfer from Michigan Tech, the last raffle prize went to a Northern Michigan Wildcat (spouse of alumni). The Huskies had many fans for both teams, but the evening ended with a 9-5 victory from the hometown Chicago Cubs over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Fill in the Blanks

ultimate class
Ultimate Frisbee class from summer 2005; it's clickable. Any Ulty students out there? Email me.

Fill in the Blanks II: It's for All of Us!

mtsf and President Stein
The Michigan Tech Student Foundation 1984 pancake fundraiser featured President Dale Stein as customer number one. Where you part of the It's for All of Us campaign? Email me.
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Tech Sports

Huskies in the NHL

Former Michigan Tech forward Chris Conner has signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins while former defenseman John Scott has signed a one-year contract extension with the Minnesota Wild. Exact terms of either contract were not released. More

Also, former defenseman Clay Wilson has signed with the Florida Panthers. More

Men's and Women's Track and Field Teams Named Scholar Teams

Both the men's and women's track and field teams at Michigan Tech were named Scholar Teams by the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. The women's team posted a 3.43 cumulative grade point average to finish 10th in the nation and second best among Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference teams. The men's team finished 24th in the nation and sixth among GLIAC schools with a 3.03 cumulative grade point average. To be eligible for the award, a team must carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

Gilkerson Named All-Academic

Michigan Tech junior Ken Gilkerson was named to the 2009 United States Track and Field Cross Country Coaches Association Div. II Men's All-Academic Track and Field Team. The Brooklyn Park, Minn., native ran a school record and NCAA provisional qualifying time of 1:52.50 in the 800-meter run and holds a 4.0 GPA in mechanical engineering. Gilkerson was also named to the ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American Cross Country and Track Field Third Team by the College Sports Information Directors of America early this year. More

Around the Keweenaw

Strawberry Festival Time in Chassell


Some people's first taste of strawberry shortcake at the Copper Country Strawberry Festival this weekend were a reminder of the hand they had in making it. About 75 people came to the Chassell Centennial Park Thursday night to help prepare 1,200 quarts of strawberries for the shortcake, served up each year by the Lions Club. More

Ottawa Forest Gets Stimulus Funds

The Ottawa National Forest will receive $1.32 million for projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, such as road maintenance and associated watershed restoration.In June, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the Forest Service will receive more than $228 million for 106 projects located on Forest Service land in 31 states.The Ottawa National Forest will receive $300,000 for roadside treatments, which includes grading roads and removing trees or limbs to improve safety. More

Boat Traffic Down at Lift Bridge

In early May, Portage Lake Lift Bridge officials said the bridge would follow a strict schedule of raising only on the hour for recreational boats except for at 7 a.m., noon, 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. The restrictions were meant for recreational boats, with commercial boats allowed to pass at any time. More

Cruise Ship Docks in Houghton


The Clelia II completed a successful visit to Houghton Thursday, July2. The luxury cruise ship, carrying about 75 passengers, arrived around 11 a.m. The ship is making one-week tours of the Great Lakes between Toronto to Duluth, Minn. More

From the Email Bag

The Pits II

pits 2

Hello Dennis,
I read the issue of the newsletter discussing the pits in the dorms. I found a picture of the pits from page 257 of the Keweenawan for the Winter 1977–Spring 1978 school year.

John Pozega
class of 1980


John: Thanks for the great photo, which had this caption: Only someone who's lived in them could describe it, but to those of us who have walked by and stared in the windows at them, even our three-man closets looked pretty luxurious.


Wadsworth Hall pits were a phenomenon for 2 years that I am aware of. Yes, they were overflow inhabited usually until mid October when the 'party boys" saw the writing on the wall and flunked out leaving rooms for the dedicated freshmen to inhabit. Co-Ed Dorm opening was destined to alleviate some of the pits.

S Messinger Roling "67


John R. Baker, '71, description of "The Pits" in Wadsworth Hall is mostly right on, but he is in error on one small point. He said that The Pits was a '66 phenomena, and the overflow in '65 was handled by adding a third person to what were normally two-person rooms. I clearly remember that in the beginning of my freshman year in '65 there were both triple rooms and "The Pits" in Wadsworth Hall, as well as standard two-person rooms. I was lucky enough to to be placed in a triple room, but some of my new classmates were relegated to The Pits, which were located in the basement of Wadsworth Hall.

There mush have been a very high attrition rate during the fall semester of '65. About six weeks into the semester I was transferred to a double room, and my somewhat foggy recollection is that The Pits were emptied out by the end of the semester.

By the way, I recall that placement in either a two-person room, a three-person rooms, or The Pits depended on when you accepted your offer of admission. If you accepted early enough you were placed in a double room. If you were late you got "The Pits." Living off campus was not an option for freshman. All freshman were required to live in school-provided housing, even in face of overflow conditions.

Tom Bozack, ME '69


I was a freshman in 1980 and the Wads Pits were still needed that year. I'm not sure about fall quarters 1981-83, but the Pits might not have been used those years. I don't remember how many lived in the pits, nor how many rooms were involved. There may have been a room for women and
another for men. I think the last of the people were finally out of the pits by the end of the fall quarter, but most were out within a few weeks of classes starting. I was fortunate to spend most of my dorm days in two-person rooms, but I did start out two years as the third person in two-person rooms.

-- Kathy Dudrick, Blair, QA/PQDB Team

Sigma Tau Gamma 35th Reunion Announced

sig taus

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity

35 Year Anniversary Celebration

August 6-9, 2009 in Houghton

Several evening events, golf, and a picnic celebration is planned.

Please contact Bob Wojcik at bobwojcik(at)fvi.net or check out the Sig Tau Actives/Alumni website for additional details.

Alum and Dad Build Electric Car

A Montcalm County man and his son have found a way to enjoy a hobby and become more sustainable at the same time. Tom Faussett, 59, of Eureka Township and Thomas Walker Faussett, 24, of St. Joseph decided to build an electric car after viewing the 2006 documentary titled "Who Killed the Electric Car?" More

Where is this?


I am putting a guess in on the Fill in the Blanks 2: Where is this? photo. It looks to me like one of the 'new' stairwells in Wads Hall leading up from the ground floor to the first.

Jeremy R. Stocks
Michigan Technological University '07
Electrical Engineering, Psychology

Jeremy: Correct! It is the staircase above the WMTU studio, from the ground floor to the first floor.

Army Corps of Engineers Testing at Tech?

I remember the army back in the winter of 1956-1957 the Engineers were in the area testing quarter scale equipment to see if the tests on such models would be useful. Was Tech involved in this program?

Ron Hanson EE '57

Ron: We are tossing this one out to our alums to get an answer.

Michigan Tech's Youth Programs Alumni Special!

Youth Programs is gearing for another summer of innovative and interactive programming. We offer over seventy different Explorations in areas such as: Bridges, Dams, and Skyscrapers–Building Big; Catapults, Rockets, and Robotics–How Stuff Works; Sports Science; Stop the Hackers! Computer Network and Security; Wolf Ecology; Aquatic Ecology; Digital Photography; Mechanical Engineering; Geology; Aviation and Aerospace; Creative Writing in Nature and History; Journalism; Theater; Mountaineering and Orienteering; Michigan Tech Motor Sports; General Engineering; and Be Smart Be Rich, just to name a few. Travel to our web site at www.youthprograms.mtu.edu to continue exploring the rest of our exciting programming.

As an alumnus or alumna of Michigan Tech you have earned your son or daughter a $50 discount off our normal program fees. Our programs are filling up quickly and we work on a first come first serve basis. Book your adventure today!

Michigan Tech Youth Programs: Where college begins…………….

Alum's Faith Restored

beer store

I, too, usually don't forward things, but this one caused a restoration of my faith during a spell of agnosticism . . . .

Jamie Holden

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