March 23, 2009
Vol. 15, No. 15
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Marching Onward

women's basketball
There is a story unfolding in San Antonio. A team that never quits has traveled many miles south to bring some more hardware back home.

By now, you probably know about our women's basketball team winning the NCAA Division II Midwest Regional in Kentucky last weekend.

They are not done yet, not by a long shot.

They play Minnesota State Mankato, Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. eastern time (details below and under Alumni Around the World), and we are all pretty much going crazy with excitement.

It's an incredible team to watch. They have many women who can score, so they are hard to defend. They have a three-point specialist, Katie Zimmerman; a defensive specialist, Tara Ferris; a great ball-handler and scorer, Sarah Stream; a great rebounder and scorer, Katie Wysocky; and a rebounding specialist, Danae Danen.

Coming off the bench at any time is Lisa Staehlin, who is great underneath; Alicia Schneider, the only senior; Lynn Giesler, another great inside player; and Angela Guisfredi, the local woman who, when she makes a three-point shot, we are nearly guaranteed a win.

Oh, and they have the GLIAC Coach of the Year, too, John Barnes.

They remind me of another sport on campus that has had post-season success.

The hockey Huskies have been away from the playoffs for awhile, but, their academics are impressive. (They also had enough injuries to fill a wing of a hospital.) They placed nine players on the WCHA all-Academic Team this year, which means a GPA above 3.0, including four at 3.5 or higher. I believe that's a more-important statistic, and I think John MacInnes would agree.


There are also some alumni events in the works:

A Huskies Pep Rally in San Antonio (with members from the infamous Michigan Tech Pep Band) is in the works for Wednesday at 2:30 pm CT should the Huskies advance to the semifinal game. Check the Michigan Tech Athletics home page for the results of Tuesday’s game and for pep rally details!

The quarter final games will be streamed live on and the Huskies Houghton fans will be watching the games together at a venue on campus. The semi final games will be televised on ESPNU and the championship on ESPN2.

Tickets for the 2009 NCAA Elite Eight are on sale now by logging onto Information on hotel accommodations is available at

Dennis '92


Snowfall Totals
Total 246" (268.2" in Keweenaw County; 23" on the ground)
On the ground 19"

Last Week
Total 243"
On the ground 28 "

Last Year
Total 232"
On the ground 31"

Snowfall Totals over the Years

At Tech

The Wonder Women of Michigan Tech: What's Right About NCAA Basketball

Work harder than you can imagine, play harder than you ever dreamed. Draw a bead on an audacious goal. And then, come March 24, you just might find yourself competing in the NCAA Division II Elite Eight. "This team is a very special one," said John Barnes, coach of Michigan Technological University's women's basketball team. "They are very focused, not only on the court, but also in the classroom. More

Handling Heartbreak at Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2009

Fifteen feet from the end of the handling course, the Michigan Tech snowmobile just died. No noise, no hint of what was wrong, nothing but silence, then a collective groan from the large crowd."Some year we are going to finish every event," said a dejected Rob Haack, who was driving the sled through the course so well the Huskies could have finished the event in first place. More

Tech Takes Silver in Clean Snomobile Challenge


Michigan Technological University achieved its best finish in five years at the 2009 Society of Automotive Engineers Clean Snowmobile Challenge, finishing second and winning the Yellowstone National Park Award for Second Place. "I'm happy," said team captain Rob Haack. "We came to win, but overall, I'm satisfied." He attributed their success to getting their machine outside early and often. "Our goal was to get the sled on the snow early," he said. "We focused on testing." More

Michigan Tech Scientist Wins Google Earth Competition

Tyler Erickson, a research scientist at the Michigan Tech Research Institute in Ann Arbor, has been named one of five scientists worldwide who created winning entries in a Google Earth Education competition. The contest sought innovative ways to use the KML computer programming language in research. More

Help Recognize Outstanding Educators

Each year, Michigan Tech recognizes two educators for their outstanding contribution to the instructional mission of the University. The first stage in this process involves the identification of the Distinguished Teaching Award finalists in the Lecturer/Professor of Practice/Assistant Professor category and the Associate Professor/Professor category.

Over 48,000 Michigan Tech Student Rating of Instruction scores from the spring and fall 2008 semesters were used to determine the finalists. The selection committee will solicit and review comments from students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Michigan Tech in makings its final decision. Comments on the nominees should be sent to Nancy Seely,, by March 27, 2009.

The finalists are: Associate Professor/Professor Category

  • Dean Johnson (Associate Professor)—Business and Economics
  • John Lukowski (Associate Professor)—Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Michael Roggemann (Professor)—Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Jindong Tan (Associate Professor)—Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Charles Van Karsen (Associate Professor) —ME-EM
  • Christopher Webster (Associate Professor)—Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Assistant Professor/Lecturer/Professor of Practice Category

  • Sean Clancey (Senior Lecturer)—Chemical Engineering
  • Robert Froese (Assistant Professor)—Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  • Michael Meyer (Lecturer)—Physics
  • Marika Seigel (Assistant Professor)—Humanities
  • Aleksandr Sergeyev (Assistant Professor)—Technology

The process for determining the Distinguished Teaching Award recipients from this list of finalists involves the additional surveying of their classes by members of Omicron Delta Kappa. The Distinguished Teaching Award Decision Committee makes the final determination of the award recipients. The recipients of the 2009 Distinguished Teaching Award will be formally announced during the fall 2009 semester.

Visit to review previous recipients.

Michigan Tech Shares Funding for A New Biofuel Research Center

Michigan Technological University and Michigan State University (MSU) have received more than $1.4 million from the US Department of Energy through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), to establish a new forest-based biofuel research center. The center will focus on research to help make cellulosic biofuels a commercial reality. More

Alumni Around the World

Michigan Tech Goes to Florida

Pasi Lautala

Pasi Lautala (left), research assistant professor and director of Michigan Tech's Rail Transportation Program, was the featured speaker at a Tech Connect event during the annual Michigan Bridge Conference in Big Rapids, MI last week.

Lautula's talk, "Rail: Past, Present and Future," provided alumni and friends in attendance with a perspective on the current state and promising future of the rail industry and insight into Michigan Tech's leading-edge research to revitalize the academia/industry collaboration in the development of 21st century railroads.

The event was co-sponsored by the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI), Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and the Alumni Association.

Fill in the Blanks

Spring Fling 2000
Spring Fling 2000. Click to enlarge. Email me.

Fill in the Blanks II: Spanky's

Fisher Hall electrical panels

From the Daily Mining Gazette: "One of downtown Houghton's newest and brightest spots is Spanky's, which features "suds, sounds and snacks" until 2 a.m., seven days a week. Proprietors Don Kratt and Bud Weber have taken what was formerly only a bar and turned it into a "cozy, bright, living room type" of cocktail lounge and short order cafe. The decor, based on colors and an African animal collection, was designed by Phil Houle Jr. of Hancock. "Plush" furnishings, continuous stereo music and accommodations for at least 100 persons are boasted." Remember? Email me.

View more sports >

Tech Sports

Kinrade Signs with Admirals of AHL

The Norfolk Admirals have signed defenseman Geoff Kinrade to an Amateur Tryout Contract, Admirals General Manager Mike Butters announced today. Kinrade is expected to make his professional debut tonight with the Admirals and will wear number 43. More

Warriors Squeak by Huskies in Men's Tennis

Michigan Tech dropped a heartbreaking men’s tennis match to Wayne State by a 5-4 count today at Gates Tennis Center. The Huskies (4-6, 0-2 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) led 2-1 after doubles before the Warriors (2-6, 1-0 GLIAC) won four of the six singles matches to claim the victory. More

Around the Keweenaw

Tech Bomber Set for Sentencing

By Ed White, Associated Press Writer

Ian Wallace is a graduate student in anthropology in New York who has studied fossils in Kenya, combed excavations in Syria and France and written about his research in scholarly journals. But Monday afternoon, he will be sentenced to federal prison for trying to blow up two buildings at Michigan Technological University in 2001 when he was a radical eco-saboteur. More

Concerns Raised over KNHP

Whether or not the Village of Calumet is selling too much village property to the Keweenaw National Historical Park was an issue of concern by a resident who spoke at the regular meeting of the village council Tuesday. Peggy Germain, who is vice president of the Friends of the Italian Hall Park, said she was concerned the council has been in discussions about selling a piece of land next to the KNHP-owned Union Building and selling the Italian Hall Park to the KNHP. More

Quincy Smelter Benefits from Federal Earmarks

The term "earmarks" is being talked about in Washington, D.C. and around the country, and not always fondly, but Glenn Ekdahl is glad some money from the new $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations Act was set aside for use at the Quincy Smelting Works site. Senators Carl Levin, D-Detroit, and Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, were involved with getting money for several Michigan projects in the spending bill, which President Barack Obama signed Tuesday, including $285,000 for the smelter site. More

From the Email Bag

College Ave. continued

1972 Campus

The attached photo (left) was taken in May 1972 which proves that US-41 no longer passed through the heart of the campus. If a recall correctly, the work moving US-41 to its present route began in the spring of 1971, the year I graduated from 'Da Tech'.

John R. Baker, '71

Click photo for larger image.


I lived in DHH during '52-53. A feature of US 41 coming through campus was someone's St. Bernard dog that would sleep on the snow in the road in front of the dorm. There wasn't much traffic then. Everyone knew the dog might be there and watched for him/her. At the time, US 41 was the only paved road coming into Houghton. M26 toward Twin Lakes turned to gravel. Also, US141 was gravel, so most traffic took M95, which was paved, on the way to Iron Mountain.

Jim Bailey, '56


Hi Dennis,
College Avenue ran right between DHH and Wadsworth Hall. On November 23, 1963 (the day President Kennedy was assassinated) classes were adjourned and we all returned to our dorms.

My room was 154 East in Douglass Houghton Hall and my window faced College Avenue. As we listened to the tragic events unfold that day on the radio, we saw a student hit by a car while he was crossing College Avenue right in front of DHH. Several of us ran out of the dorm with blankets and pillows to try to help the pedestrian and provided first aid until the ambulance arrived. The ambulance transported him to St. Joseph's Hospital in Hancock and he was treated and released. Fortunately, the student received minor injuries and was back in class very soon afterward.

Best Regards,
Wayne Trombley


I arrived at Tech in 1977 and College Ave. did not run through campus then.

Jim Buffington
Class of '82

Fill in the Blanks: Fisher Hall

Fisher Hall

In the picture of the Fisher Hall electrical panels, I believe that is Dr. McMillin standing to the right. Since Dr. McMillin was head of the Simulation Lab, one might assume these are analog computers.

Ken Williams
Computer Science class of ‘75


Hi Dennis

I believe these are part of the old Analog computer. When I was at Tech in the mid 70's it was still installed but it didn't appear to get a lot of usage at that point. I was told that at one time it was the largest analog computer in the world. It used integrator and differentiator circuits to perform calculus calculations. The digital computer had taken over aka IBM 360/370. We also had a PDP8 on campus - a so called mini computer.

Bob Cunningham '78


I presume they were to supply different voltages/power to lab benches in the physics labs. I think these were on the first floor, but I’m not sure. Fisher housed some large auditorium classrooms (Freshman Chem /Math /Physics and Friday and Saturday movies), Physics, Math and Computer Science and Humanities. The IBM 360 and its keypunch machines and terminals were on the second floor I think.

Chris Otis ‘70


What you see are probably analog computer consoles. The Simulation Lab on the second floor of Fisher (in the late 70's at least) contained a variety of analog computers used for simulating differential equations. CS350 "Fundamentals of Linear Analog Computation" was a class held in the lab. You "programmed" the computers with knobs, switches, and patch cords, using the panels shown in the picture. The lab was run by Dr. McMillin, that should be him on the right standing up, wearing glasses. His assistant was a very interesting guy named Winsauer - he was way into Robert Heinlein. Grok that. The two of them taught classes in the lab and liked to play "good cop, bad cop" with students. Built character, I suppose. The whole thing was, as you say, vintage.

Dave Feryus '81 (barely)


I don't remember these panels, but the gentleman in the tie in the picture sure reminds me of Prof MacMillan from whom I took a computer architecture course in the early 1960's. All we worked on were analog computers - he was certain that the analog computer technology was superior to the digital computer technology and would continue to be a viable technology if not the winning technology for the future of computers. I enjoyed the course nevertheless and haven't seen an analog computer since.

Joe Wood
Math 1967

Fill in the Blanks: WHSA

This WHSA picture must have been Fall of 2004. I graduated in May of 2004, and a guy from my high school is in this picture. He attended Tech after I left. John Briggs is the one in the very last row, to the right of center, with glasses on.

~Amanda Lavoy '04

Fill in the Blanks: Oozeball


I remember this Spring Fling 2005. My friend's team was playing in this photo. Her name is Katie Kioski she is in the pink shorts serving the volleyball. I believe the girl in the red shorts is April Rhoden and the guy behind Katie is Steve R. Not sure if they won that game or not. But it looks like it was fun!

Kim Wolosiewicz
Michigan Tech '08

Click for larger image.

Tech on

Don't know if you saw .....

Scott Hartz

Help Needed for Swartz Creek (Michigan) Middle School

Hi Dennis,
I'm an engineer-turned-teacher, and am in need of a volunteer or two to come to our Career Fair at Swartz Creek Middle School. Speakers will give a 30 minute presentation to three classes (7th and 8th grade) - so bring your power points, pictures of projects and hands-on activities. The fair is May 14th in the morning.

Please contact Penny Adams ( or myself ( for questions or info.

Thanks Dennis!

Amy Culver
EEn, 1996

Jobs at Westinghouse and Los Alamos Lab

A supervisor here at the lab mentioned her son is starting at Westinghouse in Pittsburgh. She further mentioned they are looking to hire 1400 people. Checking the Westinghouse Nuclear (, there are a TON of jobs for engineers with less than 2 years experience, several specifically mentioning new graduates.

You might want to pass this along to your students and perhaps the MTU placement center.

Good luck to all...



This is the jobs link for Los Alamos National Lab, and I see we have some job postings that students or grads might be interested in.



Broomball in Wisconsin


My husband and I live in Random Lake, WI (between GB and Milwaukee). We both went to Michigan Tech and loved broomball! We began playing once a year out on the lake near our house, Random Lake, in 2006 and the event started growing. Last year we had about 15 people and this we had over 30! At least half of the people who played graduated from MTU (with *).

Brent Fogal*
Jana (Young) Fogarty *
Josh Fogarty*
Craig Hamill
Scott Houle*
Elsa Kothe
Scott Kothe
Elise (Anderson) Manders*
Jason Manders*
Chris Marr*
Brian Mooren*
Greg Mooren*
Mellisa (Le) Mooren*
Molly (Crouch) Mooren*
Melissa Pratt
Ben Rottschafer
Michelle Rottschafer
Katie Sample
Sarah Shirkey
Adam VanEssen*
Jen (O’Connell) VanEssen*
Nichole (Zimmer) Verhagen*
Nick Verhagen*
Chad Walber*
Ken Wheeler*
Kaitlin (Baumgartner) Young*
Pete Young*
Amanda Zeman
Jeff Zeman*
Joe Zielinski

Jana Fogarty (Young 2005)

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