July 14, 2008
Vol. 14, No.31
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Summer in the Keweenaw


It probably happens too often: Tech students don't get to spend summer up here.

We are lucky. Just in the past couple of weeks, we had our family back together, played Frisbee in the IFT (tied for fifth, my son played great, and I'm still sore), and did some other Keweenaw traditions, like picking strawberries.

We found a farm out on the Tapiola Road and had ten quarts of berries picked in twenty minutes. We had some real pros with us, and there's a a great crop up here this year. We finished off last weekend with the Strawberry Festival in Chassell amidst a huge crowd under warm, sunny, windy weather.

It got me thinking about all the alums who did spend a summer up here. (There's one alum in the Email Bag who touches on it.)

What do you remember about it? Did you partake of any special traditions or make up your own? Special places you went? People you remember?

Shoot me your thoughts.

Dennis '92

P.S. Alumni Reunion, August 7–9, is a great time to get reacquainted with the Keweenaw and Tech!

At Tech

Michigan Tech Bear Bones Research Gets a Boost

The steady stream of funds supporting the commercialization of Michigan Tech bone-research technology as a treatment for osteoporosis continues. The UP Business Capital (UPBC) group, an arm of Northern Initiatives in Marquette, recently invested $50,000 to help move the venture forward. “This is equity capital, not a loan,” says James Baker, director of Michigan Tech’s Technology and Economic Development office. “They see the promise. They are willing to risk their investment because there is the potential upside, but there are no guarantees.” More

Students Travel to Ghana with New Medical Device

Four students embarked to Ghana Thursday to test and demonstrate an infant heartbeat detector they developed which could reduce newborn infant deaths in developing countries. The team will visit Kumasi, Kranka and Synyani in the west African country to show their device to physicians and midwives to determine its usefulness and get their feedback on how it could be improved. More

Biomedical Engineering: Summertime, and the Students Are Busy

How are you going to keep them down on the farm after they've seen Houghton? You're not, if you're trying to have Beatrice Burgess, who is 20, help take care of the dairy cattle on the family farm in Brown City. Her father wanted her to help him out this summer, as she has in the past. She's a good hand and has been doing farm work "pretty much since I could walk." But, to her father's disappointment, Burgess, a junior, instead chose to spend the summer doing research in the biomedical engineering department's polymeric biomaterials lab. More

The Greening of Campus Dining

Slowly and quietly, Dining Services is becoming more earth-friendly—in small ways but with big prospects. "We're headed in the right direction," says Bill Hall, associate director of residential dining and coordinator of purchasing. Since spring, Dining Services has been recycling metal food containers and cooking oil. Dining Services on average generates about 2,200 pounds of scrap metal and five barrels of oil a month. More

Alumni Around the World

A4 Holds Picnic on Belle Isle

Belle Isle
The African American Alumni Association (A4) held their annual picnic on Detroit’s beautiful Belle Isle June 28. In spite of a morning deluge, alumni, students, incoming freshmen and Summer Youth Program participants and their families turned out for a sunny afternoon to enjoy a barbecue and catch up with each other’s news. Special guests included Lenora Ashford, Michigan Tech Board of Control member and principal of Cass Technical High School, and Michigan Tech’s Provost and Vice-President Lesley Lovett-Doust. Many thanks to Michigan Tech’s Director of Outreach and Multi Ethnic Programs Betty Chavis, who organized the event, and also to Audrey Allison who so generously shared her time and musical talent with the group.

Saginaw Alumni Golf Outing

Friday was a beautiful day in Saginaw and approximately sixty alumni and friends got together at the Sawmill Golf Club for a round of golf followed by a pasty dinner. Three incoming freshmen and their families also attended and were introduced to some Tech traditions including the pasty ketchup/gravy debate and had a chance to enjoy pickled eggs "imported" from the Doghouse. Many thanks to our host Dick (RC) Crannell '65. Proceeds from the event will provide a Summer Youth Program scholarship for a Saginaw area student next summer.

Fill in the Blanks

Maybe you were at the 2003 Michigan Tech Invite for men's and women's cross-country showing off your pipes? Email me.

Fill in the Blanks: II

Blizzard on skis

Do you remember the old train depot in downtown Houghton? Email me.

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Tech Sports

Tech and Northern to Play Football on CBS College Sports Network

Basketball   The Miners Cup  

The date of the annual Michigan Tech-Northern Michigan football rivalry has been moved up to Thursday, Sept. 18, to accommodate a national television audience. The game will be played at 8 p.m. at NMU’s Superior Dome and appear on CBS College Sports Network according to the schedule released by the NCAA this week. More

GLIAC Honors 37 Student-Athletes

Michigan Tech had 37 athletes named to the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Association All-Academic Team the league announced June 24th. The men’s track and field team had 17 athletes selected, which ranked second-most behind Saginaw Valley State (19) and the women’s track and field team tied for fourth-most in the GLIAC with 13 selections. The men’s tennis team led all schools with seven selections. “This award honors these student-athletes for their hard work in the classroom,” said Michigan Tech athletic director Suzanne Sanregret. “The department focuses on excellence in both athletics and academics.” More

Metz Earns GLIAC Commissioner's Award

Michigan Tech senior Andrea Metz was one of six females honored with the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Association Commissioner’s Award. The award given for academic and athletic excellence, sponsored by Meijer Incorporated, is awarded to six female and six male athletes for the fall, winter and spring seasons. More
Sports Events View Composite Schedule
Northwood Women's & Men's Basketball, 6:00 & 8:00 p.m.
North Dakota Hockey, 8:37 p.m.
Saginaw Valley State Women's & Men's Basketball, 1:00 & 3:00 p.m.
North Dakota Hockey, 8:07 p.m.
Wayne State Women's & Men's Basketball, 1:00 & 3:00 p.m.
Hillsdale Women's & Men's Basketball, 1:00 & 3:00 p.m.
Coleraine, Minnesota Women's & Men's Nordic Skiing, Central Super Tour

Around the Keweenaw

Streetscape Work Discussed

Preparations for Houghton's upcoming streetscape project for Shelden Avenue are ramping up. Houghton City Manager Scott MacInnes said a historian from the State Historic Preservation Office in Lansing will be visiting the city to provide advice on the color of brick to be used, the style of street lights, what to do at intersections and other issues. More

Huron Creek Group Presents Recommendations

The draft of the Huron Creek Watershed Plan is complete. But that doesn't mean the work is, Alex Mayer said. "There's a history with watershed management plans ending up being just that ... and not being implemented," said Mayer, director of Michigan Tech's Center for Water and Society. Mayer and Tech graduate student Linda Kersten gave a presentation on the plan Monday night at BHK in Houghton. More

Lahti Explains State Budget Process

Recently, the State Legislature met in Lansing to vote on a $44 billion state spending plan. The budget covers departments such as public schools, universities, state prisons and health care. State Rep. Mike Lahti said it was a long day but things went smoothly. Unfortunately local public schools will not be receiving as much funding as anticipated. Lahti said the funding for K-12 will be less than expected. "Regrettably local public schools will be receiving less than a $100 increase per pupil. Most of the budgets were down from the government recommendations because of the less revenue projections," Lahti said. "Higher-ed, such as Michigan Technological University and Northern Michigan University went up a flat one percent." More

New Strip Mall Going Up


A new mini mall shopping outlet is making a home in the Copper Country, located alongside Applebee's in Houghton. The Superior National Bank branch currently located in the Copper Country Mall will be moving to the new location along with Maurice's clothing store. More

From the Email Bag

Bash at the Big House

Hi Dennis,
I played the clarinet and was librarian for the Huskies Pep Band the year we played at Bash at the Big House. I was amazed at the overwhelming number of pep band alumni who showed up to once again create chaos in striped overalls. Our halftime show was Monty Python-themed. My favorite song/formation by far was "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," for which we formed a giant beer mug. The clarinet section was given the honor of personifying the beer being "drunk" as we played the song; half of the section adorned the traditional pep band gold t-shirt while the other half donned the signature clarinet white hockey jersey, giving the illusion of the perfect frosty beverage (see photo). The sound and image of 50,000 crazed fans screaming and cheering in unison is unforgettable. It truly was one of the greatest weekends of my Tech experience and, as a Huskies Pep Band alum, that's saying something!

Jill Recla, Clarinet of Honor '03-'07


As a full time member of the Tech Pep band while at Tech is was very bummed not to be at the game.

But, my local UPS driver and his son were. While still a 7th or 8th grader the experience of the pep band cemented his desire to go to MTU after he graduates.

I was talking to them just about a month ago and the story came up again, it seems that the young man no longer sees it necessary to "March" in a well formed line. Looks like he has step 1 down.

The band is a great ambassador for Michigan Tech and people always amazed that there are not music majors at "Tech". I just smile and say "Of Course Not".


Matthew S. Blackburn
Software Engineer
Johnson Controls, Inc.


Yes, I was at Bash at the Big House! To be more exact, I played the clarinet in the Huskies Pep Band...aka the foam in the beer mug :-) It was an incredible experience being in the band and playing at a venue like that in front of that many spectators.

Jennifer Byle
BSCE '05


Hello Dennis,
Yes, I was at the bash. An organization I belong to (Michigan Environmental Health Association) was having an educational conference in Ann Arbor that week in the same hotel that some of the MTU events were being held. I had a chance to say hello to Tech president Glenn Mroz and Dean Margaret Gale. Glenn Mroz was one of my first instructors at Tech during my junior year (I transferred from MSU). He taught my first Soils class. I enjoyed that class so much that soils became my area of study for my Forestry degree. It was very nice speaking to him and Margaret Gale. I stayed over an extra night and went to the bash the next day.

Back to the bash. Having marched in drill team and drum corps all through high school and in the MSU Spartan Marching Band, I do enjoy a good marching band show. Grand Valley's band was very good that day. However, the MTU pep band is definitely unique. Their half time show was very entertaining. I especially liked the beer mug being emptied. Their musical selections were great as well.

It was a fun day. I also had a chance to stock up on Tech gear at the souvenir shops. (It was interesting being in "the big house" for the first time but give me Spartan Stadium any day.)

Keep up the good work on the newsletter. (I am looking forward to being up at Tech during this year's reunion.)

Mary Malta (83)


Hi Dennis,
We were there. My hubby Doug (1969)and I(1970) attended and performed with the Pep Band. It was one of the most exciting events in our lives.

We traveled from British Columbia, Canada to attend the Bash. Doug is a trombone in the front-left-side arch and I am in the sax line on the "M". We weren't the oldest alumni but we were second in line for the earliest grad years. All the student band members were so courteous and included us in all the fun. It was a hoot to don the ol' coveralls and march into formations. If you need/want anymore information, just ask away.

To others who attended and the students in the Pep Band, "Thanks for the time of our lives!"


Kathleen (Fisher) Davies '70 and Douglas A. Davies '69


I get the emailed Alumni letter an was looking at the photographs. I was at Bash at the Big House in 2004! great memories! Nick Enz was our director. Matt Black who is a few years older than me was there. We both played the bells in the concussion section. Also, Jon Woodhams was there playing the bass drum. Other Pep Band members who are alumni now who may have been there are Kenny Barnt, Phil DePetro, Stephanie Block, Nick"Spanky" Ware, and Nate Leatherman.


Kim Wolosiewicz May 2008 Grad


Hi Dennis,
Always enjoy reading the news from Tech and I really do like the new format.

When I lived in Chicago, my family and I made it to the Bash in Ann Arbor. While the outcome of the game wasn't great, the pep band totally outclassed GVSU's band. It was a blast getting to see them once again.

As for the seagull....we moved to the Jersey shore last year and it's pretty amazing what the seagulls will do. I'm not surprised that one of them in Marinette goes into a store to steal Doritos. I've seen them take a sandwich right out of someone's hand.

Dan Luchay, '82


Hello Dennis,

I was the announcer for the half time show at the bash at the big house. I helped Nick with some of the ideas for the marches. That picture is of the Lumberjack song.

Robert Niffenegger '08


I was there. It was extra special for me, since all five of our family played with the Pep Band. Since my wife and I are alums, we played in the Pep Band along with all three of my kids. That might be the only time we all five get to play together at any event.
Art Rathke


The Pep Band’s halftime show was the highlight of the event. At the time I had two daughters marching in High School bands and it made quite an impression on them (raising Dad a couple notches on the Cool factor). I think the contrast to GVSU’s straight laced marching band made it even better. As you know, the program revolved around Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I especially liked the tuba players trying to conceive by breaking the egg formed by the rest of the band and the beer mug being emptied. Classic Tech humor at its best.

Did anyone ever record the show?

Jeff Roof EE ‘88


When I found out that Tech would be playing Grand Valley in Ann Arbor, I thought it would be a fun way to introduce our two kids to Michigan Tech (the last time we visited Houghton was in 1994, when our daughter was 2 and out son was 2 months). We invited another family to go along (Western Michigan grads). None of us had ever visited the colossal U of M stadium.

What a GREAT day we had! We got to U of M plenty early enough to get a good parking spot where we set up for a couple of hours of awesome tailgating. The weather was perfect for throwing the football around in the lot… and for wandering around the campus (seemingly one hundred times the size of Tech!).

The game ended with the wrong team on the winning end… but Tech’s band kicked butt!!!! My son is now in 8th grade band and still talks about the “mug of beer” formation!! His band director seems unwilling to incorporate it into their halftime performances!

Thanks for the great reminder of a fantastic day!!

David Coulston Metallurgical Engineering 1975


My wife and I, both alumni, my two younger brothers (one now a recent alumni), and my father-in-law were there. The pep band portrayed the search for the holy grail and ended with a beer mug. While we lost the game, primarily due to some key injuries, it was a great event.

Kyle Potvin Class of 1997


I was there. My daughter (then 12) and I both played with the Pep Band. We skipped the halftime show (I was recovering from a sprained ankle, and we had missed Friday's rehearsal) but did play the pre and postgame shows on the field, and in the stands. I remember that the band was given field level bleachers in front of the GVSU fans, and some of them were harassing the band members in front of them. I heard later that my daughter had managed to shut a bunch of them up with a snappy comeback (I missed it, as I was on the other side of the band, explaining some Pep Band traditions).

DaWG, 1982-1986, 1987-1988, 1989-1992
Jenn (Kosacheff) Ridley
BSE MY 1986


I attended the game with my daughter who was a freshman at GVSU at the time. Before the game we went to the food tent where my daughter got some friendly ribbing for wearing a GVSU sweatshirt. We thoroughly enjoyed the band's halftime show. Although Tech came out on the short end of the score, we had a great time. I remember telling her before the game that I wasn't sure what kind of reception I'd receive on the GVSU side wearing a Tech shirt but I knew she would be accepted on the Tech side. I wasn't disappointed by any Tech fans. Everyone was friendly to her even after we lost.

-Ken Thorp, '81


Of course we were at the Bash. 2 alumni and 4others went and had a blast. Without the injuries the Huskies might have got ‘em.

Steve Erickson ‘72

TKE Photo

I was not in the 1970 TKE photo (I never joined a frat) but my good friend Rick Poznanski is. He is the third from the left in the front.

I was at the Bash at the Big House. It was great.

Ken DeBack 1973


Hi Dennis,
I was on the TKE roof in 1970 for this picture that was in the 1970 Keweenawan. The TKE chapter house was purchased in 1969 and I was one of the residence during the 1969-1970 school year. I recall the roof was considered the beach - no sand and no water, so why the beach. Could it be the snow that we shoveled off the roof and occasionally jumped into (snow is a form of water)?

Joe Eutizi BSME 1971


I'm not sure if you are the one I am supposed to e-mail but I thought you could let me know where to send if you are not.

This was our year book(remember those) picture. I am sure somewhere in the sub basement of the Library is a copy.

I can fill in the names if you need them.

Dave Hartley"71"


That is a picture of the TKE’s, I believe in the spring of 1970. I am in the front row third from the right. The person on my left is Bill McKilligan, whom I believe to still be working for Tech. I can name most of those in the picture, but I’ll let them chip in.

Tom Kay



There are so many memorable moments to choose from, and I'll try to stay away from the standard K-day and October Fest though they were good times. I have to say most of them occurred at the end of Spring Quarter or in Summer session. To foster that connection with Tech, now that most students head south before the leaves are on the trees, perhaps Tech should require all students to spend one wonderful summer at Tech.

One summer memory is walking all the way from campus to Mt. Ripley and climbing up to the top. The view was spectacular, there were old ore rail cars up there to explore, and best of all a rainbow was seen with it's end resting on main campus.

A picnic at Calumet waterworks park. I always expected a unicorn to bound out of all those white birch trees.

I don't know if they still offer fishing as a PE course. Sitting on a pier with a line in the water next to the lift bridge one warm May evening is one of those memories too, even if it wasn't strictly extra-curricular.


Rebecca Nold
GE Energy


I think my favorite extracurricular activities were K-day, Winter Carnival, and playing broomball for my house in Coed Hall. One of the best things about Winter Carnival was that friends could ride charter buses from downstate and visit for the long weekend. My senior year, my sister, a senior in high school at the time, came up and enjoyed the fun with me. Made for some good memories. I still talk about Winter Carnival and broomball with my own kids, and hope to bring them up one of these years.

Caryn Turrel ‘90

P.S. I’ve gone back to my maiden name. It was the name I was born with, and will probably be the name I die with, as well.



I know you have had quite a few e-mails in bag discussing the old days of what is now WMTU, but I thought I would throw in my $.02 about the exciting changes that occurred within this decade while I was actively involved with our beloved student-run radio station.

I started working at WMTU in 2000 within the News squad since only the Production Supervisor at the time "Mr. Nick, Radio Legend" was doing the reporting. I quickly learned the ins and outs of radio productions and editing, but it was the eclectic music selections and styles available to us from our Music Directors and the melding of all the crazy personalities and nicknames that made it worthwhile. I mean with names like "CrazyTrain", "Peehead", "Greasy K", "Bangs" and "Scookers McIhenny", how could you not enjoy it?

Late in 2002 the low power FM license was due to expire in a couple years and several of us within Senior Staff as well as the alumni frequently in contact were seriously discussing how big it would be to hear WMTU not just from Chassell to Calumet on a really good day, but throughout the Keweenaw. Planning really started to become reality in 2004 when Shane Godmere came on as our Faculty Technical Advisor and worked heavily with former General Managers Andrew Nordman and Mike Ftaclas. The summer of 2005 brought in graduation and a new transmitter at 8000 Watts. The FCC approval came for 4300 Watts and WMTU has been rocking across the Keweenaw since.

It truly is amazing how the little AM / Cable FM station has now become so much more in 50 years of student service and dedication.

Kind regards,

Chris Nesbitt "Nez"
BSChE '05


I can remember one weekend going to Oshkosh to learn to skydive with Wynn Everham and another guy from our house in Wadsworth. It was a two-day course and, of course, we had no place to stay in Oshkosh. We found a high-rise dorm at the U of W that was not longer being used. We found a way in that did not require breaking any locks or windows and "camped out" on the top floor. We were careful not to use any lights and never got caught (fortunately!)

The next day we jumped out of airplanes for the first time. That was an experience I will never forget.

Fred Sansom 1980

Hungry Seagull

Someone forwarded me MTU's newsletter and I noticed a short story in the "From the Email Bag" section. There is a story called "Wisconsin Seagull" as stated below

I'd like to correct the fact that this story is actually from Aberdeen, Scotland and not from Marinette, WI. Now maybe this was on purpose or in jest, but it is incorrect as proven by this link: http://drx.typepad.com/psychotherapyblog/2007/09/a-seagull-in-sc.html

Thanks for the correction.
Ben Campbell

Editor's Note: And me, Mr. Snopes.com, should have looked before I lept. Thanks, Ben.


La Maison
My first year at Tech was 1968.

I did my freshman year at University of Michigan, but discovered that it was too close to home! I was working summers for a civil engineer and Tech Grad - Marvin Pike, 1948 - who took me to Houghton one weekend to show me a great engineering school. I was hooked and started the transfer process immediately. That Fall, I boarded the Blue Goose in Lansing and flew to Tech to start my new collegiate career.

MTU was the perfect place for me. A whole new world of outdoor adventure. Real Winter! A hockey team that could beat any college hockey team anywhere. Dee stadium! Faculty who cared for their students and knew the importance and value of a bachelors degree in engineering. And Wadsworth Hall's La Maison de Gaite House, my new home!

Several of us housemates were into photography and we decided that a house picture was in order. We crowded everyone together at the nearest stairway and snapped this picture. I think you'll agree that it is a real classic! And that was one great bunch of guys, too. I hope they are all reading "TechAlum" and get a kick out of seeing their house in 1968!

Thank you, Dennis, for giving us a wonderful newsletter so we can stay connected to Tech and to a great time in our lives.

John Northrup, 1972

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