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The New Techalum

As I mentioned last week, we are changing and improving Techalum. The new look will premiere in the next one on July 16, as we begin our every-other-week cycle.

Everyone who is getting Techalum will get the new version. There will be complete instructions about Techalum on the 16th, including how to join the Online Alumni Community, which now has a name: HuskyLink. (And I've repeated the sign-in instructions below.)

Until then, I'll be off for two weeks, celebrating another wedding, just like when I started writing this piece a couple of years ago: another niece marrying another great guy.

And, I'll partake of some other vacation activities, including even more parades!

Happy Independence Day!

At Tech

GRAD STUDENTS RECEIVE DEVLIEG AWARDS: Two College of Engineering students have each received a $5,000 DeVlieg Foundation Research Award in Wildlife and Environmental Studies to pursue two very different projects relating to water and the environment. Matt Van Grinsven, an MS student in geology, is studying groundwater discharge sites along the Salmon Trout River in hopes of discovering keys to the successful reintroduction of coaster brook trout throughout their traditional range. Valerie Fuchs, who is pursuing both MS and PhD degrees in environmental engineering, is studying nature-based systems of wastewater treatment, specifically, how constructed wetlands could be designed to best remove nitrogen from effluent.
More: <http://www.admin.mtu.edu/urel/news/media_relations/580/>


FORMULA SAW TEAM FINISHES IN TOP HALF: Michigan Techs Formula SAE team finished in the top half of the 2007 Formula SAE competition, held May 16-19 at the Ford Proving Grounds in Romeo. The team ranked 48th in a field of 106. It's not first place, but it's still gratifying for mechanical engineering senior Robert Mooney. In 2005, his first year on team, they finished in the basement at 101st and then edged up to 89th in 2006. What did they do to surge up 40 places in the rankings? "This year, we really pushed to keep things simple and get the vehicle done on time," he said. "As far as engineering, we changed a couple things in the suspension this year, and that's about it. We just focused on getting it done quickly so we had time to test it over and over."
More: <http://www.admin.mtu.edu/urel/news/media_relations/579/>


HUSKYLINK CONTINUES GROWTH: Responses continue to be positive from alums who are joining the new HuskyLink Online Alumni Community. Approximately 6,700 have updated their bios and profiles. Don't be left out.


If you haven't checked out the site, use your First Time Number and log in that was mailed to you previously. The information is, of course, secure. For more about HuskyLink, contact mtualum(at)mtu.edu or the Alumni Relations office at 906-487-2400.


Tech Sports

From the Daily Mining Gazette

It's the hockey equivalent of hitting the jackpot. Michigan Tech University incoming freshman Casey Pierro-Zabotel was selected in the third round by the Pittsburgh Penguins with the 80th pick in the NHL Draft on Saturday. The 6-2, 208-pound left-handed center has walked into what could be one of the best situations in the league — and likewise, Michigan Tech got a good deal as well. The Penguins are already stocked with young talent — reigning MVP Sidney Crosby and Jordan Staal (both centers) is 19, Evgini Malkin is 20, and many of their other top players are 25 or younger. Their American Hockey League affiliate, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, was one of the league's top teams last season. To top that off, in the first round Pittsburgh took center Angelo Esposito (no relation to Phil or Tony), at one point thought to be the top player in this year's draft class.
More: <http://www.mininggazette.com/stories/articles.asp?articleID=7553>


Around the Keweenaw

Adapted from the Daily Mining Gazette

CALUMET MSP POST CLOSING JULY 15: The Legislature and Gov. Jennifer Granholm have been working for months to find ways to save the financially strapped state money. One of those cost-cutting measures taken is the closing of the Michigan State Police Posts in Calumet and downstate Hart. Calumet Post Commander 1st Lt. Mike Loyd, who is also commander of the L'Anse MSP Post, said although he was told originally that the post on U.S. Highway 41 just south of Calumet would close Oct. 1, he recently received an e-mail from MSP officials telling him the removal of equipment from the building would start July 9.
More: <http://www.mininggazette.com/stories/articles.asp?articleID=7579>


BOOK LOOKS AT COPPER COUNTRY RESEARCH: Not all of Copper Country history is about mining or the long-distant past, and a new book helps to prove that. "New Perspectives on Michigan's Copper Country" grew out of research presented at the "Michigan's Copper Country: History, People and Place," symposium held as part of the Copper Country Homecoming in July of 2004. "We realized that there was so much good research that was surfacing for the first time in the symposium," said Michigan Tech University professor Kim Hoagland, one of the book's co-editors. "It was important work and we wanted to get it out." Included essays range from early milling technology experimentation to Finnish farm buildings, to a review of the coroner's inquest after the Italian Hall tragedy of 1913.
More: <http://www.mininggazette.com/stories/articles.asp?articleID=7583>


MARQUETTE STILL RECOVERING FROM HAIL STORM: It's been a week since Mother Nature pounded Marquette with a hailstorm, but residents and businesses are still trying to recover. Damages from the storm are estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Car insurance claims are reportedly averaging about $3500, while home insurance claims are around $7000. "I think we'll be dealing with this well into the summer, probably into the fall," says Thomas Foye of Foye Insurance. Some homeowners got a break on Wednesday. City trucks stopped in the Shiras Hills and Lakeview Heights neighborhoods to suck up leaves that had been dumped by the hail and windstorm. City officials say they could send the trucks to additional neighborhoods if they see the need.


From the Emailbag

I actually started my broadcasting career at "WMichigan Tech". (I put these is quotes, because as a carrier-current station, it wasn't licensed; and there is an WMichigan Tech station on the East Coast.

Anyway, from 1965-69 we had a 'blast' in that Wadsworth Hall closet! (It was originally meant to be a coatroom for the dining hall?)

After a couple of years volunteering at WMichigan Tech it was time to help Professor Kirkish convince the President and Board of Control that we really did need an educational FM station run by students .... thus WGGL-FM was born!

I'm retired now, but I've managed AM and FM radio all over Michigan, and the "spark" was my beginnings at Tech.

Stan Smart
Kalamazoo, MI
(VP, Radio, Fetzer Broadcasting, ret.)


Hearing about WMichigan Tech brought back some memories. But there was also WDHH, based on the third floor of Douglas Houghton Hall. We were a closed circuit AM station, but our music was a bit edgier than that of our friends across the street. We were more album-oriented. The station had a large library of LPs and 7" reels of audiotape. We could also use our own albums. In 1973-1975 I had a show on Monday mornings from 6 am to 9. Since I had to eat breakfast before class it would not be surprising to see me eating while Iron Butterfly's  In-A-Gaddda-Da-Vida (17:00) or Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick (at least 30:00) played over the PA system. I remember playing a cardboard disc called "This is Michigan Tech" that I received when I applied for school. It had enough propaganda on it to make the old Soviet Union jealous. I got a couple of calls while that aired.

The station really started rocking when some enterprising engineering residents decided to put together an FM transmitter in the basement to improve the station.  That was probably in 1974. What we didn't know at first is that it made us an over the air station. It wasn't long before we were getting requests from people in Houghton, Hancock, and Dollar Bay. After a couple of days identifying ourselvs as WDHH AM and FM the DJs were instructed to stop saying FM. That way we could play dumb should some FCC type come wandering through Houghton.

I don't remember how long the station lasted. It was there when I started at Tech and I'm pretty sure it was still operating when I finished up in March 1977. When I was in DHH in 2003 I went up to the third floor and the room the station occupied was being used for storage..

Ken Hafeli

Ken: I started my research by asking Joe Kirkish, and he wasn't aware of the station. So, any other alums out there have some recollections of WDHH?


Regarding the changing Tech alum:

Good luck. Hope it works for you. Personally, I always liked the letters that my dad and mom received from Tom Hruby, and at the time, I was a long way from being a Tech Alum.

Charlie Rice '68

Editor's Note: I told Charlie that Tom Hruby still lives here in Houghton.


Please relay my congratulations to George Anderson, who advised me that he will be inducted into the Frisbee HOF up there.  George and I graduated in the same class, from Redford High School in Detroit in '57.

Frank Shoffner

Editor's Note: We inducted George "Thor" Anderson of the Foul Five into the Guts Frisbee Hall of Fame Saturday night.


My first months at Michigan Tech I became friends with a couple of 'upperclassmen' - they were graduate students in Chemistry! Though I couldn't drink legally [someone would always buy a half pint or two to be kept hidden in out footlockers] it didn't stop from hearing the tales of woe from the graduate students and their nite at the bar.

To put things in perspective the one soul always felt good that he could go to Chuck's and have 6 shells and still have a dime left in his pocket!!

The good 'ole days.

Mike Marshall
BSME '68


Alumni Association Programs


13, Saginaw, Annual Golf Outing at the Sawmill

2-4, Houghton, Alumni Reunion

3, West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball

26, Second Annual Detroit Tigers Outing


Job Opportunities This Week

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