August 7 , 2006 (Vol. 13, No. 13)

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Reunion 2006

The campus and towns were abuzz with alumni last weekend, and it was great to rub elbows with a few. Frank Shoffner '62 stopped in the Ad Building and chatted for a while. The Pasty Picnic was held between the EERC and Chem Sci buildings, and the tents had a constant murmur going. Music was piped in, and alums were moving from tent to tent and getting caught up with each other.

A highlight for me was talking to Ray Smith and Verdie Cox, who both drew a crowd. They also had a chance to chat with each other, and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves. I talked with Bruce Rossman '81, who was also a colleague of ours here at Tech.

The Chili Challenge was my next event, and our University Marketing and Communications department took People's Choice Award. Forest Resources and Environmental Science took first from the judges. I had a chance to talk with Rom LaPointe '92 there and discovered that he is going to be the new president of the Alumni Association. We know he'll do a great job because he worked with us in the Ad Building, as a student! I guess that means that we are really getting older!

Golf was also fun, in spite of a ten on one hole, and you could hear the ribbing going on between alums, sometimes across the next fairway. The weather was decent, with most golfing early before it got too hot.

I toured the new Lambda Chi Alpha house--the old Remington place on College Avenue--and they've done some amazing work there. I chatted with Steve Williams, Jamie Holden, Mike Muller (all'86) and others, and got the old feelings of being in a fraternity house with great guys again. Many memories came flooding back.

That's what reunion is all about, I guess: recalling the good times, meeting spouses and children, and trying to remember names (I did better with nicknames). It's always enlightening to see where alum's Tech degrees have taken them and how they've turned out after many years away from Houghton. It was no surprise that they've done pretty well.

We ended the weekend on Quincy Hill Saturday night, watching the fireworks and listening to them echo through the hills of Houghton and Hancock. We thought we heard the echoes of alumni laughter, too.

See you next year.

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At Tech

PRESIDENT MROZ RECEIVES NEW CONTRACT: The Board of Control has offered President Glenn Mroz a new contract that includes a salary increase. The agreement extends to June 30, 2012, through the university's upcoming fundraising campaign. "Glenn has done an outstanding job leading the development of the strategic plan, and the capital campaign is a key element in making that plan a reality," said Board of Control Chair Dr. Kathryn Clark. "Continuity of leadership is a crucial element of that effort, and our hope is that this contract will help reinforce that." Under the agreement, Mroz will receive an annual salary of $250,000 plus the university's standard benefits package provided to all employees. "The board's recent comprehensive evaluation of the president concluded that Glenn's performance has been exemplary," said Board Member Marty Richardson, who chaired the board committee charged with gauging presidential effectiveness. "His contract should reflect this level of excellence." The salary was determined after a review of compensation packages at similar institutions nationwide, including universities granting doctoral degrees and with similar budgets.


ROGGEMAN RECEIVES $9.75-MILLION GRANT FROM ARMY: Michael Roggemann, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received a $9.75-million grant from the Department of the Army. The funding supports research over the next four years exploring potential combinations of radio frequency identification tag data, geolocation data, sensor data and communications networks to improve the communications capabilities of America's soldiers. "The breadth of these research capabilities should allow Tech to leapfrog into a leadership position in these research areas," said Board of Control Member Ruth Reck, a professor at the University of California at Davis and a former member of the GM Lab Physics Department. In addition, researchers will address logistics issues. "We will investigate in-transit visibility for the Army," Roggemann said. "They are trying to better track shipping containers: where they are, what's in them and whether their environment is controlled, which is important for food and other perishables. It's also important to know if they've been tampered with." More: <>

Tech Sports

FOUR DECADES REPRESENTED AT VOLLEYBALL ALUMNI MATCH: Twenty-five former Michigan Tech volleyball players took to the court of the Student Development Complex Gymnasium tonight in an alumni reunion match. The competition was part of the University's annual reunion for all alumni. The former players, which represented Tech in four different decades, divided into four teams for the match. The teams were:

Team A
Name, Years Lettered

Cheryl Ridley (McNeil) 1983-85
Laura Custer (Popp) 1983-86
Deb Lowrie (Crane) 1986-90
Krista Holscher (Yokom) 1989-92
Stephanie Wystrach 1991-94
Margie Hungerman 1983-86
Judy Ruthko 1984-87

Team B
Name, Years Lettered

Diane Devine (Salinas) 1987-90
Linda Chesebro (Rusaw) 1977-80
Stephanie Livingston (Johnston) 1986-90
Kristan Schuster 1992-95
Kristin Klock 2000-03

Team C
Name, Years Lettered

Kristin Klock 2000-03
Emily Fossum 1998-2001
Karen Milborn 1998-2001
Jessica Kiefer (Morales) 1998-2001
Erin Kaspar 1998-2001
Sarah Ahnen 1999-2002
Cathy Waisanen 2001-2004

Team D
Name, Years Lettered

Kelly Wesemann 2001-04
Rebecca Kaukola (Subert) 2001-04
Julie Motz 2002-05
Rosalyn Robinson 2002-05
Jamie Orlowski 2002-05
Krista Valdivia (Mikesch) 1993-96
Linde Jury 1995-98

Other Volleyball Alumni Present

Jilaine Bolek (Berquist) 1996-99
Stacey Boyer (Pomeroy) 1998-01
Sarah Drake 2002-05
Lisa Fink 1983-86
Chrissy Gentili 2000-03
Amy Glas (Foerster) 1997-98
Jean Gosenheimer (Norris) 1990-93
Mary Kaminski (Coach)
Emily Montie (Kemp) 1996-97

(Married name in parentheses)

Team A squared off against Team B in two different games, with Team B coming away with 30-18 and 30-24 victories. In the C vs. D matchup, Team D won both games with scores of 30-12 and 30-23. A reception hosted by the Huskies Club followed the match and concluded the weekend's activities. Other events during the reunion weekend included a pasty picnic, a cruise aboard the Keweenaw Star, and a Volleyball Advisory Council meeting.

Notes: The last volleyball alumni match was five years ago in 2001. Men's basketball will be the featured sport at next year's (2007) alumni reunion.


Thursday, August 24: Volleyball Season Opener: vs. Abilene Christian, 1 p.m. (at Marquette)

Friday, September 1: Women's Cross Country Season Opener: UP Collegiate Opener, 3 p.m. (Tech Trails)

Friday, September 1: Men's Cross Country Season Opener: UP Collegiate Opener, 3 p.m. (Tech Trails)

Saturday, September 2: Football Season Opener: Huskies host Wayne State, 1 p.m.

Friday, September 8: Women's Tennis Season Opener: Huskies host Findlay, 3 p.m.

Around the Keweenaw

Adapted from the Daily Mining Gazette and WLUC TV6

KEWEENAW FIRE BURNS 100 ACRES: Firefighters in Copper Harbor continue to battle a 100-acre wildfire in Keystone Bay, just northeast of Copper Harbor. Tourists could see the fire's smoke from atop Brockway Mountain on Sunday. Low humidity, twenty to thirty mile-per-hour winds, and hot temperatures made it difficult for firefighters with the Department of Natural Resources to keep a line around the fire. In addition to this fire, shortly before 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening, the DNR pilot spotted another one-acre fire near Gratiot Lake and Lac La Belle.  DNR fire crews are also working on containing that blaze.


FUNDING FOR MUSEUM'S NEW LOCATION PROGRESSING: Tech officials are confident they will soon be getting some money to aid the move of the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum to Quincy Hill. Dale Tahtinen, Tech vice president for governmental affairs, said $200,000 has been earmarked in the Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill for the 2007 fiscal year to help with the relocation of the museum from the Tech campus to two buildings at the Quincy Mine Hoist site on U.S. Highway 41 north of Hancock. The appropriations bill is in a Senate committee, Tahtinen said, and when it moves out of committee, it will be discussed by a House-Senate conference committee. "In conference, they'll work out the differences," he said. Tahtinen said workers with Yalmer Mattila Contracting of Houghton have begun work stabilizing the former machine shop at the Quincy Mine Hoist. When that building is renovated, items from the current museum will be moved into it. "When that's completed, we'd like to start moving the museum up there and then continue to fund raise for the second building," Tahtinen said. "The large plan would have a connector between the two buildings." The plan is to renovate one other former mine building and build a new visitor's center between the two, but Tahtinen said when all that is completed would depend on funding. Tahtinen said $5 million has been budgeted for the renovation of the machine shop.  On Sept.29, 2005, the Michigan Tech Board of Control approved the purchase of property at the Quincy Mine Hoist on US Highway 41 for $2,000. The property contains the two buildings that will become the new location for the museum.


HANCOCK COUNCIL RESOLVES SKATEBOARDING ISSUES: The Hancock City Council took definitive action on its skateboarding issues with the adoption of a new ordinance. Ordinance 264, amending city ordinance 261 regulating skateboarding, will take effect September 2. The new ordinance allows skateboarding in the downtown business district between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., expanding the previous ordinance's time frame of 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. As revised, Section 3.C would prohibit skateboarding on any wall, handrail, roof, bench, picnic table, planter, monument, retaining wall or "upon any property that may become damaged as a result of skateboarding." The previous ordinance, which was approved in April 2005, generated much public comment from both skateboarding supporters and residents in support of the ordinance's regulations, as well as extensive discussions between council members in recent meetings.


From the E-mailbag

Dennis, my son and I visited Tech on July 27 and 28 for a campus visit. The campus and town have changed quite a bit since I graduated in 1986 (has it really been that long??) The new buildings and renovations to the SDC, Student Union, and Library are very impressive. The basement at Wads in no longer the dungeon it used to be. It was really nice to visit campus again and see the old door room--did we really live in those tiny rooms?

Jeffrey Sikes


With all the talk of the reunions coming up it brings back a lot of memories...Here's a question for you...

Back in the early 70's there was a column that ran in each edition of the Lode called (if I remember correctly) "The Third Bar Stool from the Left" I often wondered about the "authors", who they were, source of inspiration and where they are today? (I believe the column I read was a revival of an even earlier version from the 60s)...It was kind of a politically incorrect commentary on events, customs, people, news in general, and in particular about Tech. Any info on this?

Pat Parker


Editor's Note: You might be thinking of two series: "Sammy Says" and "Third Stool from the Left." "Sammy Says" was more of a comment on customs, etc. "Third Stool" was a signed column and a review of local bars, I believe, and I'll see if I can find an author or authors. Unless any alums out there have kept those old Lodes . . .


Does Mary Jane actually mean that upon graduation the newly minted Alum was given a NEW ID number to replace their SSN? When I graduated in 1991 we were using SSN's as Student ID's (always hated that). Can you please clarify this for me?

Karl Loeffler '91 EEE

For clarification:

For you alums wondering if the change from SSN to an ID number affects you, you don't have to worry, because is doesn't. Tech has only used SSN as an ID since 1994. It's our practice to change alums ID's to non-SSN ID numbers shortly after their graduation, (once the Board of Control has conferred their degrees to be exact). We made this change in order to protect your SSN about six years ago.

Mary Jane Lowney '77
Director, Administrative Information Services


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12 - East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show, West Springfield, Mass.


10 - Tech Legacy Reception, Winter Carnival

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