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August 1, 2005 (Vol. 12, No. 10)

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Husqi Tales

We continue to exist between weather systems, it seems. I had to bundle up to watch a soccer game Saturday morning, then sweated profusely washing and waxing the cars Sunday afternoon. The weather forecast looks good for the alumni reunion, with a hot day on Wednesday, then temperatures in the mid-70s for later in the week and into the weekend.

They say you have to hit rock bottom before finally asking for help. So it is with my "to-do" list. Years of do-it-yourselfing have provided much fodder for this newsletter, not to mention the coining of "Woodbecking." Finally, though, the list has gotten so long that all the effort and ER visits in the world won't get it done.

Yes, I've hired someone to do some of the home projects. Actually, my wife did the hiring, since she is so much better organized (and motivated). Siding replacement, holes in the drywall, stucco repair: all have become someone else's task. While this has left my ego somewhat confused, it sure was nice to come home Friday and see new siding taking the place of cracked and broken vinyl.

And there's that hole in the wall where a recessed doorbell once resided, but the replacement surface-mounted unit did not quite cover. For years, I've walked by that wall many times each day. Now that it's on someone else's checklist, I get agitated that it isn't finished.

There is so much to do...summers are short...spend time with the family--you can anticipate the reasons for making this hire. I suspect my wife's real reasons are that professionals take less time, do a better job, and don't require a $50 access fee like the emergency room

ALUMNI BULLETIN BOARD: Remember the alumni bulletin board for you to use for discussions related to this newsletter, Tech sports, or anything else:

At Da Tech

ALUMNI REUNION THIS WEEK: The alumni reunion kicks off Thursday evening with the pasty picnic. Mike Larson of the Keweenaw Alumni Chapter, reports that all are welcome at a social at the Downtowner following the picnic. This year also marks a hockey reunion year, so the alumni hockey game is back on Saturday night. For complete reunion details, see:

TANNINS MAY BUFFER GREENHOUSE EFFECT: Tannins color tea, stain your teeth, and make some woodland rivers run a rich, deep brown in the spring. Researchers at Michigan Tech suspect that one type of these plant-based substances, known as condensed tannins, could also play a role in buffering the greenhouse effect. Scott Harding, a research assistant professor in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, has a three-year, $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to better understand how condensed tannins accumulate in black cottonwood. More:

FOOTBALL SQUAD PICKED FIFTH: Michigan Tech has been picked to finish fifth of 13 teams in the 2005 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Preseason Football Coaches Poll. Tech won a share of the GLIAC Championship in 2004 with a 9-1 league record and received 99 points in the coaches' poll. The Huskies trailed Grand Valley State (143), Northwood (129) and Saginaw Valley State (127) in the final tally. The Huskies kick off the 2005 season at Northern Michigan on August 27.

Around Town

$1 MILLION DONATION FUNDS MOUNT LOOKOUT PURCHASE: The view from the top of Mount Lookout will be available for future visitors thanks to a $1 million donation to The Nature Conservancy. Helmut and Candis Stern, of Ann Arbor, recently provided $1 million toward the site, near Eagle Harbor, which will remain open for light recreational use.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from James Bentley (jbentley(at)


I play in a community band with a woman whose son will
start his sophomore year this fall. He loves the
Copper Country and almost went to Iowa State (that was
a close call!!!) where his mother attended. I forward
this newsletter to her so she can know what's going on
during the school year. He doesn't need the
newsletter because he is on site and knows what's
going on anyway.

Regarding the Scott Hotel, I was an elevator operator
there while in high school in 1953. The manager was
Harold Sage and his daughter, Ann, was in the HCH
class of 1955 with my sister.

Regarding Ian Harvey from Ireland, Lake Superior is a
dangerous lake, but if anyone can row it, and Irishman
can. Is there a way to contact him? Our church
sponsors about 1500 children in the southern district
of Rakai in Uganda, through World Vision. I wonder
what area he is working in and what agency he is
working through. I visited our children in 2001 and
going back this November.

Your newsletter is a great way to bring Tech people
together. Thanks Dean.

Dean sez: Ian Harvey's web site (which takes a long time to
load) is

E-mail from Kurt Person (KurtW.Person(at)

Hello Dean,

Like many others, I look forward to your weekly email
with local, university, and of course the personal
perspectives of the alumni and yourself.

I would also like to inform you and the other Michigan Tech
alumni that despite what you read about the auto
industry there is still plenty of challenging work for
those with talent. The Bosch Automotive Divisions
(Chassis, Powertrain, Electrical) in Farmington Hills,
MI, are experiencing continued success and as such we
are seeking talent. We currently have over 100
openings in various positions. Interested candidates
can visit our website at

Bosch is a $40 billion dollar global company with
nearly 300,000 employees. We are privately held by
the Robert Bosch Foundation and we have a long
standing reputation for innovation and quality.
Please share this information in an upcoming

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Alumni Association Programs

CHAPTER EVENTS: For more information on alumni chapter events,
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4-6 Alumni Reunion in Houghton.

24 Norway Chapter annual meeting at Kjeller, just east of
Oslo. Contact Sverre Sandberg: sverre.sandberg(at)

GREEK REUNION INFORMATION has been moved to the web. For the link, go here:

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One special note, Pettibone in Baraga is searching for a new president. For details, contact Chris Dillman at Korn/Ferry in Chicago (chris.dillman(at)