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April 4, 2005 (Vol. 11, No. 44)

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Husqi Tales

     So there I am in Florida, sitting by a pool in one of the largest retirement communities I've ever seen. Up  walks a guy with a guitar case. I have flashbacks to youth group canoe trips, campfires, mosquitoes...

     Back in reality, the thermometer is somewhere north of 80 and I'm trying to read a book and not think of missing the waning days of ski season back home (somehow I managed). Then I think, what possesses someone to take a guitar to a public place and think that people want to share his experience? Fortunately, the wind was strong and his plucking was soft.

     My daughter and I enjoyed four days in central Florida, watching the dolphins and Shamu perform at Sea World and walking the miles of Cocoa Beach, where there were far more people that it seemed (I guess the ocean will give you that perspective, won't it?). We put our stuff down, chose some landmarks, and I thought, "OK, we'll easily find our way back."

     As my wife will tell you, that's a poor assumption. One of our first dates was a day trip to Cedar Point. We came out of the park around dinnertime searching for the car. She wondered aloud if I knew where I parked. "Sure," I said. "In the last row." Funny how that last row shifted over a six-hour visit.

     Back in Florida, since we had an early flight out, we spent the last night in an airport hotel, ordering out for pizza and watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. I mean, what is not to like about a vacation like that? Especially when you return home to groomers still grooming and some fast-as-lightning skiing every morning.

Snow Watch '04-'05

                      This week   March 21   Last year  
Snowfall to date 164.26” 164.26" 230.5"
On the ground 14" 39" 12"
See our snowfall chart, dating back to 1890, at

Day--by-day snowfall:

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At Da Tech

SANREGRET NAMED ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Michigan Tech Athletic Director Rick Yeo has accepted a new position as senior director of athletic development effective May 2. Suzanne Sanregret, Michigan Tech's assistant athletic director since 1997, has been promoted to athletic director. Kevin Luke, head men's basketball coach, will take over as associate director while retaining his coaching responsibilities.

The reorganization was prompted by the need to enhance external funding for athletics in an era of falling state appropriations. Yeo has broad experience in fund-raising. He will raise funds for all sports except football. The director of athletic development, Bill Steele, will focus his efforts exclusively on football. More:

TECH IN LINE FOR $10 MILLION: Michigan Tech would receive $7.5 million from the state to undertake a number of capital improvements under a bill passed March 23 by the appropriations committees of both the Michigan State House and Senate. The capital outlay originated in an executive order by Governor Jennifer Granholm that also cuts appropriations to the state's 15 public universities by nearly $30 million. Michigan Tech's share of that cut would be $855,600, reducing the university's state funding from $48.7 million to $47.9 million this year. More:

ASPEN FACE SITE RECIEVES $5 MILLION: The US Department of Energy has renewed its support for the world's largest, open-air climate change research facility. Michigan Tech professor Dave Karnosky is the lead researcher at the facility, which is operated by the US Forest Service near Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Aspen FACE allows scientists to study the impact of carbon dioxide and ground-level ozone on forest ecosystems. More:

FACULTY STUDY METEOROLOGICAL PUZZLE: If it rains on your parade next summer, enjoy the moment. You might be witnessing one of Nature's minor marvels. Physics faculty members Alex Kostinski and Raymond Shaw have proposed an answer to a 50-year-old meteorology puzzle: How is warm rain initiated? They have published their findings in the February 2005 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. More:

PHYSICIST GOES NANO TUBULAR: Yoke Khin Yap dreams of sensors that could detect any known toxin and fit in a soldier's shirt pocket. Of a supercomputer the size of your credit card. Of a cable that's long, strong and light enough to lasso the moon. To build them, he says, you have to start small. Atom by atom, Yap and his research team are constructing nanotubes as small as a billionth of a meter across and a few hundred micrometers long. More:

RIPLEY SEASON ENDS: Mont Ripley turned off the chair lift yesterday, ending another successful 100+ day ski season. The hill has boasted more than 100 days of skiing each year since snowmaking equipment was installed.

FOR MORE INFORMATION from Tech, see the weekly newsletter Tech Topics:

Around Town

B-BALL FANS SEE HORNER FLOOR, AGAIN: When the four best men's college basketball teams in the land got together in St. Louis, they played on a floor that was produced right here in the Copper Country. For the 20th straight year, the floor for the NCAA Final Four men's tournament is being provided by Horner Flooring of Dollar Bay (which, by the way, is owned by two Michigan Tech alumni).

MROZ COMPLETES ONE YEAR: The Gazette did a story on President Glenn Mroz's first year in office. You can see part of that story here.

MESABA ADDS ONE FLIGHT: Northwest Airlines, through its commuter partner Mesaba Airlines, will add a fourth flight to the Houghton County Memorial Airport, starting today. As with the other flights, it will be a round-tripper to Minneapolis-St. Paul. But the flight will only last until June 9. A similar scenario occurred recently when Northwest added a fourth flight in October, only to discontinue it in February. Airport manager, Dennis Hext, says the problem is Mesaba's lack of aircraft, exacerbated by a delay in production of commuter jets. 

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Bob Alexander '76 (rockers(at)

OK Dean..need some clarification as the wager almost
cost me a beer and 2 pickled eggs at the B&B last
weekend! We were up for the "Old Timers Hockey

Your Snowcast says the following;

SNOW WATCH '04-'05
As of March 19, 2004
This week Last week Last year
Snowfall to date 164.26 162.01" 227.0"
On the ground 39" 45" 28"

However the Hoton Newspaper (last weekend) says
snowfall this year is almost 250". Who is right? I
don't think there is as much as last year, so my bet
was with you. Hope you don't fail me!

Dean sez: Bob and his weather gambling buddy will have to sort this one out--because we are both right. I use the measurements from Tech's Keweenaw Research Center, which is located adjacent to the Houghton County Airport, where snow measurements have traditionally been taken. A couple of years ago, the Gazette starting using a snow measurer who lives in Painesdale. You can then add a third variable in the form of John Dee, a weather forecaster who has a rudimentary measuring device at his Lake Linden home.

E-mail from Gary Gates '68 (glgates(at)

Well, Syracuse, New York, got the "Golden Snowball"
award again this year. This is an annual competition
between Buffalo, New York, Syracuse and Rochester New
York. We ended up with about 133 inches this year.
That is slightly above normal. Syracuse gets more
snow for a city of more than 100,000 population than
any other of that size in the United States.

E-mail from John Titlow (heterodyne(at)


I pass by the Trenary sign each summer on the way to
Rock River. Actually there are two exits into Trenary.
Just past the sign "Trenary, Next Two Exits" is a dirt
road that takes you East and then North into H-01 or
downtown Trenary. And the second exit is the popular
paved exit for M-67.

My favorite town or refreshment detour on the way to
camp in the Huron Mountains is the town of Amasa. I
don't hunt but go North in late September for the
colors and fresh air.

E-mail from Jon Kreski '82 (jkreski(at)

I worry about you! I had an adventure such as this
twice. Once was when it was announced in advance that
the highway was going to be closed in an hour. So, of
course, we got on the highway in a half an hour! Soon
after, while approaching Baraga, we navigated using
the two windows method. My passenger watched out his
window for snowbanks while I navigated using the front
and driver-side window, again looking for snowbanks.
We drove at about 15 mph for quite a distance.
Snowflakes the size of silver dollars! The second
adventure involved a snowplow and a diminishing number
of tire tracks while sightseeing in the Sawtooth
Mountains in Idaho. A mini snow storm had gotten
stuck between two mountain peaks, and I was right
under it! The snowplow tracks finally turned around,
as did I. Just glad that we all lived to chuckle
about these...

E-mail from David Perry '89 (soufle(at)

Hi Dean,

I have been reading the newsletter for years. Thank
you for all your work, I really look forward to
getting the email each week.

I too have been collecting road sign gems over the
years. Here are a couple of my favorites.

~~ Near Scranton PA,
"Don't tailgate"
"Aggressive Driver High Crash Area"

~~ In Farilee VT,
"Do Not Stop On Railroad Tracks"

~~ In Heartland VT,
"Keep Right of Center Line"

E-mail from Shelley Bess (adat2pj(at)


Did you stop at one of those exits and get some world
famous Trenary Toast?

Dean sez: We are indeed fortunate to have Trenary Toast available at our local grocery store, Pat's IGA!

E-mail from Dave Geyer '92 (David.Geyer(at)

Trenary....didn't remember the name, although like
yourself I never forayed out to Escanaba during my
years at Tech.

A Yahoo search on "Trenary" yielded the link below
about The OUTHOUSE CLASSIC. It was only #2 on the
list, beat out by a local news site. The CLASSIC
occurs every year at the end of February, so you & the
family just missed out...but it doesn't overlap Winter
Carnival, so better luck next year!

Hope the sun's plentiful on your week off.

E-mail from Nancy Bach (n.oconbach(at)

Dean, I didn't know what a Trenary was, so I looked it
up on-line. One of the UP's lesser-known towns, but
famous in some circles (including Wall Street Journal
readers) for its Outhouse Classic! That must be why it
merits two exits. You and your family may want to join
the race next February as a break from skiing and
trail grooming. Given the popularity of the race, I
wonder how many Tech alumni have participated....

Here's a website full of info and photos from the race
(and it includes directions to the world's best
hamburgers at Mickey-Lu's in Marinette Wisconsin).

E-mail from Chas. Thompson '91 (chas(at)

Wondering if you could mention Schmohz Brewing Company
in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jim '87 & Laurie (Kuhn)
Schwerin '87 opened Schmohz Brewing on December 17th
2004. Grand Opening festivities were 2 April.

Stop by to taste a fresh craft beer in a non-smoking
environment. For those who would really like to
reminisce they serve pickled eggs that will take you
back to those days at the B & B.

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DELTA PHI EPSILON REUNION: Delta Phi Epsilon's 20th reunion date is Sept 2-5, 2005. Please contact Tamsen Bissell (tamsenbissell(at) or Natasha Bruggeman -- reunion chair (nkbrugge(at) for more information.

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