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March 21, 2005 (Vol. 11, No. 43)

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Husqi Tales

NOTE: No TechAlum next week--I'll be in 80-degree weather down south, dreaming about getting home to ski :-)


We took a trip to Escanaba on Saturday, making a grand tour of the central UP--Covington, Crystal Falls, Felch, Sagola, Esky, Gladstone, Rapid River, Marquette...a cornucopia of great UP place names.

We ran into some snow just south of Covington and it got worse as we went south. By the time we turned east at Crystal Falls, there were 2-3 inches on the highway.

As we crossed the border to Dickinson County one lane of M-69 had been plowed. Unfortunately, it was the westbound lane and we were traveling east. Given the hour (6:30 am central time) and the traffic (none), I decided to use it.

We were tooling along at the speed limit, until the plowed lane started to veer left. That's when my wife and I saw the sign for the Dickinson County Road Commission on top of a large building, which is where the plowed path led. We figured the driver must have just plowed the way home for breakfast.

I always like to use these trips to pick out interesting signs. This being my first trip to Escanaba (hard to believe, I know), I figured I would be in luck and I wasn't disappointed. My favorite was a highway sign on US-41, somewhere north of Gladstone. Remember that US-41 is a two-lane road (although it has nice wide shoulders): "Trenary Next Two Exits."

OK. Well. Always remember, do not pass when opposing traffic present. See you in a couple of weeks.

Snow Watch '04-'05

As of March 12, 2004 
                    This week Last week Last year 
Snowfall to date     164.26"    162.01"   227.0"
On the ground          39"        45"      28"       
See our snowfall chart, dating back to 1890, at

Day--by-day snowfall:

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At Da Tech

ISLE ROYALE MOOSE SUFFER STEEP DECLINE: The moose of Isle Royale have declined from 1,100 in 2002-03 to 740 last year to 540 this year, according to Rolf Peterson. Peterson, a professor of wildlife ecology, has led the wolf-moose predator-prey study for 35 years. Meanwhile, the moose's only predators on the island seem to be doing just fine. Last year, the wolf population jumped nearly 50 percent, from 19 in 2003 to 29 in 2004, and has held relatively steady this year at 30. More:

NEW MINOR IN NANOTECH: Next fall, Michigan Tech students will have a chance to think small. Very, very small. The university is launching a new minor in nanotechnology, letting students in virtually all majors explore one of the hottest fields in science and engineering. More:

A GOOD WEEK FOR MURPHY: Senior Colin Murphy of the Michigan Tech hockey team has been named one of ten finalists for the Hobey Baker Award. The Fort McMurray, Alta. native, is Michigan Tech's second-ever finalist for the Hobey Baker Award. Jamie Ram, who made the top 10 in 1994, was the other. The top three finalists will be announced on March 30 and the award presented April 8.

Murphy also earned first team All-WCHA honors and signed a contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He joined the team's AHL affiliate in Saint Johns, Newfoundland, over the weekend.

Fans can help Murphy's cause by voting for him at

OTHER ALL-LEAGUE PICKS: sophomore Lars Helminen (Brighton, Mich.) was selected to the All-WCHA Second Team and senior Cam Ellsworth (Leamington, Ont.) was picked to the Third Team. In addition, 11 Huskies earned All-WCHA Academic Team laurels.

BULLETIN BOARD UPDATES: The alumni bulletin board now includes separate boards for each reunion class and reunion group for 2005. For more information about the reunion in general, contact mtu_reunion(at) or toll-free 877-688-2586. You'll find the bulletin board here.

FOR MORE INFORMATION from Tech, see the weekly newsletter Tech Topics:

Around Town

"ONTO" BRIDGE REPLACEMENT BEGINS: The Michigan Department of Transportation begins work today on replacing Ontonagon's current bridge with a new structure, to be located roughly one-half mile south of the old one. MDOT will clear the river banks and build temporary access roads to prepare for the pier work that will be started in April. The project is expected to take two years.

CHASSELL SEWER UPGRADE: Residents of Chassell Township will receive an upgrade to a sewage treatment system, courtesy of a $718,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development loan. The project will benefit 332 rural residents and businesses through the upgrade of clay liners at the sewage lagoons and improvements to pump stations along Lakeshore Drive. Sewer service will also be extended to 32 customers along the Half Moon Beach area of Pike Bay who are experiencing septic problems due to a high water table and inadequate sewage treatment.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Peg Barchi '85 (peg_Barchi(at)

Hi Dean, As I remember from my days working at Fort
Wilkins in '82-84 with the living history program that
was then still connected to the Tech Social Science
dept, Fanny Hooe never got lost, kidnapped or anything
quite so dramatic. That was sort of an early "Urban
myth." She ended up going back to NY (or wherever the
family was originally from & got married a few years
later. Also, she didn't marry anyone from the
fort.) She was visiting the "frontier" and staying
with her sister& brother-in-law & probably giving her
sister much-needed company since officers' ladies
couldn't socialize below their class even if the only
other women at a post were enlisted men's wives!

There were few women at the fort and even fewer of
them who were of the "upper class" gentry that the
women in the officers' families were considered.
Since she was a young, single woman at a frontier post
with many single, lonely men it was common in those
days for men to name local landmarks after respectable
women they knew. Anyway, that's the Fanny Hooe story
in a nutshell.

E-mail from Ron Leachman '68 (rleachman(at)


Just a note to let you know that western Oakland
County (west of Pontiac Mich) has received 82.9 inches
of snow so far this year. This didn't count the 1.5
or so this morning. From the newsletter we are not
too far behind da Tech. What's happening? This is
more than the normal snowfall.

Dean sez: We are about twice Oakland County, where you seem to be having a good winter. The real difference is the 39" on the ground--we'll be skiing through April!

E-mail from Carleton Britt (cebritt(at)


Can you tell everyone that it's time to vote for Colin
Murphy for the Hobey Baker award at

Colin is precariously holding on to third place behind
Tuomas Tarkki of Northern Michigan and Jordan Sigalet
of Bowling Green. Advise people that although they may
be tempted to be a homer and cast a vote for Tarkki,
they shouldn't do it since he's ahead of Colin. They
should cast their second and third votes for the guys
at the bottom of the list.

Voting ends on Monday, March 28th so they shouldn't
delay. Just so you'll know, it wouldn't let me cast
all three of my votes for Colin. You can change your
vote anytime before Monday the 28th.

It's really too bad Cam didn't make the list. I'm
disappointed that the current crop of Tech engineers
didn't figure out a hack to stuff the HB ballot box!

Colin is only Tech's second HB finalist while Hobey
Baker powerhouse Bowling Green has had two winners. Of
course, the award is only 25 years old and we all know
what the last 25 years have been like...

E-mail from Mark Walter '75 (waltermo(at)


I remember one day in 1972 that Tech closed for the
day due to high winds and low temperatures that caused
a considerable amount of drifting, which closed the
roads. There was no mention that this was the first
time. Unusual yes. Also, in response to the winds
between MEEM- yup, there were many stories regarding
young ladies having to be helped along between two
football players to keep from being blown away. I have
never witnessed, nor participated in this "event". I
do remember the winds did make it interesting at

E-mail from Pete Dohms '67 (pdohms(at)

Dean: We've had a couple of stories about "No-Pay's"
little cafe in Hancock and here's one more. Back when
I was a humble frosh, the first week brought
initiation into the mysteries of life at Da Tech (who
remembers mumbling along the cedar chips, or the
legendary tomato fight between the freshman and senior
classes at the ski hill?). One of the events was a
scavenger hunt; my buddies and I were doing OK until
we got to "bring back a bowl of chili from No Pay
George's" - That had us completely stumped.

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