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January 10, 2005 (Vol. 11, No. 33)

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Husqi Tales

The game is on, ladies and gents. The students begin spring semester (don't you love that--"spring") today and work has already begun on Winter Carnival statues.

We will begin posting still photos on the Winter Carnival web site later this week ( and we will again have statue cams and broomball cams for your enjoyment, at

In honor of the statue builders, we will see the coldest temperatures of the season this weekend, with highs of minus-4 (F). Don't you wish you were back here with the hoses and slush pails and rubber boots?

In my days as a first-time statue builder, I knew nothing about dressing in layers or how to choose warm boots. This was the '70s and we were more worried about fashion (although, looking back, you wouldn't think so--we're talking about a guy who wandered the campus in platform shoes and plaid pants).

My statue-building footwear of choice? Moon boots, with soles that looked just like those on the boots worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I guess you were supposed to go outside and take one small step for man on Blanche Street and make one giant leap to the Union building, all the while drinking Tang.

Apparently Neil's boots were warmer than mine. The insulating material in my boots was less NASA and more JUNK, particularly when the temperature dropped below 32 degrees. Plus, they turned out to be more water resistant than waterproof, if you get my drift. Quite a find for statue-building, wouldn't you say? Thank goodness, our statue site was by the library, next to the nice, warm, Memorial Union.

Snow Watch '04-'05

As of January 7, 2005

                     This week   Last week   Last year  
Snowfall to date 81.88" 63.38" 93"
On the ground 16" 12" 18"

See our snowfall chart, dating back to 1890, at

Day--by-day snowfall:

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At Da Tech

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SEEKS AWARD NOMINEES: The Alumni Association is seeking nominees for the 2005 Outstanding Young Alumni Award, the Outstanding Service Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award, and the Honorary Alumni Award. These awards are presented each August at the Alumni Reunion. Award descriptions and nomination forms are on the web at or you can contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 906-487-2400 (toll-free 877-688-2586) or Mtu_alumni (at) The deadline is Friday, January 14.

FOR MORE INFORMATION from Tech, see the weekly newsletter Tech Topics:

Around Town

BURGERS TO BANKING? Moyle Development has purchased the former McDonald's building in downtown Houghton. The building has been vacant since November 2003 and documents show the building sold for $117,000, well under the last assessed value of $370,708. The sale stipulates the building cannot be used for a restaurant. A Moyle spokesperson says the company will renovate the building into office space and that the drive-through window will remain.

TECH ALUM SAVES LIVES: The Daily Mining Gazette carried a story last week on Gerry Jenich, an alumnus of Tech's nursing program, who is credited with saving the life of an Illinois teenager injured in an auto accident. Jenich, who now is CEO of NuCare Services in Chicago, put his old training to work to save the teen.

OMEGA HOUSE FUNDING COMPLETE: Funding for a hospice house to serve Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga and Ontonagon counties has reached just over $1 million. The capital campaign's success will result in the first hospice home in the UP. The house will be located behind The Bluffs assisted living facility in Houghton on a 3-acre lot which was donated by the late James Vivian Sr.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Skip Thomasser '78 (2wallyworld (at)


I remember back in the early to mid 70's that the
Library Bar had unlimited pizza and sodas upstairs on
Sundays... something like $2.50, $5.00 or something
close to that. Maybe someone remembers the price. I
use to tell my mother I was at the Library on Sunday
afternoons when I missed her phone calls... leaving
off the Bar part.

Another place that rocked back then was Al's Halfway
Bar. They had a cover for Friday Happy Hour(s)... 4 to
6 I think... but you got a live band and 25 cent
pitchers of beer... that's correct, pitchers... okay,
they were in juice bottles. I bartended there, and can
remember pouring beer into milk jugs people brought in
for 50 cents...

I can also remember waiting till half time to get into
the football games, because it was free... and you
could save the 50 cent fee to get in...

We must have been poor back then or something????

Keep up the great job.

E-mail from Mike Stark (michael.e.stark (at)

Having married a local girl in 1982, I was
affectionately noted as a TOOT in my new family. The
definition that was given to me by my brother in law
(Dave Dow of Dave's Super Service fame in Hancock) was
that TOOT stood for Tech Out of Town. This relating
to us troll's that lived below the Mackinac Bridge. I
of course do not know if this true, but Dennis
Walikainen always tells me the same thing...but can
you really believe to UPer's? Anyway the Phi Tau
(that would be the fraternity in Hancock) bar of
choice was the Monte Carlo, up on Ethel Street.

Cheers, and I always enjoy reading your messages.

PS In Tucson Arizona we rarely have snow, except at
the top of Mt. Lemmon the southern most ski area in
the Continental States.

E-mail from John Baker '71 (jbaker (at)


Had to add my 2-cents worth with respect to the
Library Bar after George Wright's comments (hello
George, I think you and I tipped a few there together
on occasion ;-). While I never had one of those
numbered mugs (I think the $2.50 was a little beyond
by means back then) I did enjoy many an evening there
throwing peanut shells on the floor and drinking the
local brew. They also had what I still consider the
best pizza with green peppers I've ever come across.
I don't know, most places put big slices of green
pepper on their pizza but Jon Davis always insisted
that they were best when diced into really small
pieces and I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, I've had the privilege to make it back to "da
Tech" on a fairly regular basis (the last time was
just a month ago when I was there in the role of a
judge for the MEEM 4403 PACE competition) and never
miss the opportunity to stop by the Library for a beer
or two and a Ruben Sandwich (I don't think Jon ever
served those back when I was a student, but they do
now). As for the "new" Library, while it has lost
much of it's old feel, you have to admit that the view
of the lake does add something to the place and I'm
sure that many students from the last several years
will consider that as one of its better traits.

But I did get a chance to give the "old" Library a bit
of sendoff as I was passing through one Fall (we were
driving from Northern Michigan to Southern California)
with my middle son David (born in Hancock my senior
year) and it was his first time to Houghton since I
graduated when he was only 7 months old, so this was
all new to him. Of course we had to make all the
usual stops on campus, DHH (my 1st year on campus),
Wadsworth (where I was an RA my second year), Daniel
Heights (where I spent the last 3 years), the Student
Union, the ROTC Building (4 years Army ROTC), a few of
the academic buildings, and of course, the Library Bar
(that was the trip I discovered those really good
Ruben Sandwiches).

Anyway, it was later that winter that the Library
burned, so David at least got to experience what it
was like back when I was a student. Note that I always
wanted my sons to attend Michigan Tech but the two
oldest (and the ones born in Hancock) both chose
culinary careers (the oldest is an Executive Chef in
Dallas and the other an Executive Pastry Chef in Napa
Valley) and the youngest skipped college altogether
and went directly into a career in computers as a
server and networking specialist earning almost as
much as his two older brothers put together. But
there's still hope as one of my granddaughters is
extremely bright and seems to thrive on confronting
and mastering anything she gets her hands on and since
she's also a bit of tom-boy it would seem that "da
Tech" might just be perfect for her in a few years,
and who knows, if the new owners of the Library Bar
are successful, perhaps I'll be able to enjoy a visit
there with her someday.

E-mail from Marty Oldford '65 (MSOldford (at)


Yes, Dee Stadium was very cold during the 60's but the
NCAA-bound hockey team with Sullivan, Angotti,
Esposito etal helped keep us warm along with the
student band and the many bodies packed around us. I
remember reviving our cold extremities with hot
chocolate, hot dogs and popcorn in the crowded front
room between periods and watching an enthusiastic Dean
Meese, always in his cozy brown hat, mixing with the
lowly toots.

After the game it was a long, cold trudge back to the
dorm (unless you were lucky and knew someone with
wheels) but winning a close one helped raise our

Those were the good old days at da Tech.

E-mail from Stacey Morrison (stacey.e.morrison (at)

I went to Tech from 1984 to 1988. Unfortunately for
me my father is from the UP and was stationed at the
Calumet Air Station in the 60's, so he already knew
about the Library. My fiance (now ex-fiance) and I
would frequent that place a lot and get a Gaggle of
Grease or a large salad. I also would get my usual
Strawberry Daiquiri and then would try something
else off the list like a Tootsie Roll, Golden
Cadillac, Screaming Banshee, or Blue Motorcycle. Then
I would go back to something usual like a Singapore
Sling or Pina Colada. In the winter I would have a
Boggs Grog or Peppermint Patty.

I would go around picking up cans and turn them in to
get cash so I could go out to eat. I made a killing
during Winter Carnival and also in March when it
started to thaw. A lot of students like to bury their
beer cans in the snow so they weren't as obvious in
January and February until the snow started to melt
revealing the cans. I may have been one of the
reasons that Jim's Foodmart only accepts cans from
drinks they actually sell.

Another place that we would go to was the Consumer
Advocate which had great cheese soup and made nachos
by putting shredded cheese on top of chips and then
bake them slightly so that the cheese was melted on
top of the chips. They closed down about half way
through my time there and opened up Los Dos Amigos
which was Houghton's attempt at a Mexican restaurant.
I don't know if Los Dos Amigos is still there, but
they opened up a block over from the Library.

The third place we would go is the Ambassador. I
would order one of their fish bowl drinks which really
was about two or three drinks in one. I had a little
hard time walking after one of those. They were
really good, though.

You will be surprised, but I never went to the Dog
House all the time I was in Houghton. I did go to the
usual fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King,
A&W with the train station motif. When they moved it
to the Copper Country Mall, it wasn't the same. I
also liked to go to the Chippewa Café in Chassel. I
was sad to hear when it burnt down. I also went to
the Onagaming when Tech would do its dinner theatre.
I saw Irma La Duce there. I was sad to here it closed
down as well. On my way home to Gwinn, we would often
stop at the Hilltop Restaurant in L'Anse to get the
big cinnamon rolls there. They are not as big now as
they used to be. Or maybe I was not as big then as I
am now. I love the restaurants of the UP. I could
talk about some of the ones in Marquette as well.
They don't have the atmosphere down here in Texas like
they do in the UP. I hope someone buys the Library
and it stays open. They have a good microbrewery
there now. I always try to go there when I am in

E-mail from Jon Wennerberg '70 (jon (at)

Spanky's hey? Maybe that's what it became after it
was "Chuck's Isle Royale Bar". Many memories of that
place, like going for sauna Saturday noon and back to
the Isle Royale Bar later for a "radionic" burger & a
beer; playing the v-back shuffleboard game; and - best
of all, going there on my 21st birthday anniversary.
Bob D. (name withheld to preserve his anonymity), my
roomie, asked Tracy, the kindly lady bartender, if she
was going to buy me a beer to help me celebrate. She
knew us well, and so said "Sure" and poured me a cold
one. As she served it she remarked how he and I had
been customers there for more than a year or two, and
she asked: "How old are you today, Jon?"

When I announced that I was now 21 (and therefore
finally of legal age) she just looked at me kinda
funny. . .

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