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November 1, 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 25)

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Husqi Tales

     Hollywood couldn't have written a better script. In the spring of 2003, Michigan Tech's budget cutting included the football program. Six days after the announcement, the program gets new life, but without any general fund support. The athletic department will need to raise enough funds to keep the pigskin flying.

     Alumni and the community step up and raise funds to continue the program for fall 2003. A few players leave, the team struggles, and the future remains in doubt.

     A brainstorm for 2004: let's play a game at Michigan Stadium as a fundraiser. Let's schedule the defending NCAA Division II champions as the foe. Let's see if we can set the NCAA Division II attendance record.

     And just like in that underdog-rags-to-riches movie treatment, the football Huskies respond. The 2004 season opens with some impressive victories, but the foes' combined records show many more losses than wins.

     The last four games are against the league leaders. All four are ranked in the top 25 nationally. The Huskies vanquish three of the four. The last, the two-time defending NCAA champion Grand Valley Lakers, brings a 7-2 record and hopes for an NCAA playoff berth to the game.

     Whether or not you like football--whether or not you follow the Huskies--does it get any better than this? Tech, which has never participated in an NCAA Division II football playoff game, has clinched the conference championship and will likely receive a bid regardless of Saturday's outcome. With a win, however, they may well host a playoff game.

    But before that, the team has a shot at the two-time NCAA champion. Stay tuned Saturday for the next chapter. Where's Knute Rockne when you need him?

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At Da Tech

BIG HOUSE BASH SATURDAY: The #7 Huskies (9-0) will host #19 Grand Valley State (7-2) at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor next Saturday (Nov. 6). The Huskies and Lakers will kick off at 1 p.m., with the NCAA Division II attendance record of 61,143 on the line.

     Tech clinched its first-ever Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship Saturday with a 38-18 triumph over Saginaw Valley State. The seventh-ranked Huskies trailed 18-17 at the half, then scored 21 unanswered points in the second half for the victory.

CARNIVAL RAFFLE OFFERS FREE HOTEL STAY: Blue Key has announced its annual Winter Carnival raffle, with the grand prize of three nights at the Best Western Franklin Square Inn and a champagne party during the fireworks over Mont Ripley. Tickets are $1 or seven for $5, with the drawing Dec. 10 at noon. Contact Blue Key at asivakum(at) or dfladwig(at)

STUDENTS TURN OUT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: About 500 Michigan Tech students volunteered for the annual Make A Difference Day. The day serves as a national day of helping, encompassing projects of varying sizes and aims. Students fanned out to participate in a wide variety of events, including raking leaves, making Halloween cards for the elderly, volunteering for Dial Help, and cleaning up Princess Point and the Tech Trails.

CD INQUIRIES: Those interested in purchasing Mike Irish's solo jazz guitar CD can contact Mike directly at mjirish(at) The cost is $11.60 (including tax and shipping).

FOR MORE INFORMATION from Tech, see the weekly newsletter Tech Topics:

Around Town

LAKE PROPERTY/COTTAGE FOR SALE: Marilyn Pierce has a Lake Superior lot with cottage for sale in the Betsy area of the Keweenaw. Call 906-482-7154 or 906-296-0962.

TEENS SUSPECTED OF NINE BURGLERIES: Police say two teenagers (one age 19 and one age 18) were arrested last week for two Hancock burglaries and are suspects in at least seven similar cases throughout the Keweenaw. Police acted on a tip from one of the boys' mothers. The thefts include items from Michigan Tech's Student Development complex, Waste Management, Inc., Hope Fellowship Church, the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church, and Jeffers High School.

From the E-mailbag

Dean sez: I am truly astounded how many people apparently misread my comments last week. I was in my car listening to the seventh game of the American League championship and many of you apparently thought I said World Series. Hmmm. Here's a sampling of this incredible coincidence. BTW, I predict the Red Sox in four for the Series.

Marty Ball -- How did game 7 of the World Series turn out? I want to lay a bet, and I'm looking for a sure thing....

Dave Puskala -- How did Game 7 turn out?  I'd like to place a bet!!

Jeff Lewis -- Did the Red Sox win??!???

Cass Andary -- Just how did the World Series turn out? I’m presuming it was this year's. If so, please let me know so I could retire on my gambling winnings. Do you have other clairvoyant abilities you could share?

Emil Lesner -- Dean, Let me know who wins the 7 game of the World Series. I would like to place a bet with a shady individual, if you know what I mean. And please tell me who wins Game 3, 4, 5, and 6.  That will help get these kids of mine through school and I will be eternally grateful. 

Mark Ream -- You may have discovered some sort of worm hole. Can you please tell me who was the winner and final score of the game was so that I can drain my bank account and head to Vegas?

Ken Kok -- Dean,  did you "Woodbeck" your car radio?  Tell me was this the World Series that started October 23?  If so tell me how it came out so that I can lay a big bet on the winner.  If not what World Series was it or are your fingers that tired from roaming through a Home Depot that you meant to type a 1.

Richard Passavant -- I am even more amazed by the physics of your car radio! Game 7 of the World Series, that isn't supposed to be played until next week!  Can you tell me who won so I can place my bet now - after all, the Red Sox only played game two last night. That would give us quite the advantage over the oddsmakers in Vegas. Easy street here we come!

John Hutto -- That's cool that you got to hear Game 7 of the World Series on the radio.  The folks here in Western Massachusetts are dying to know if the Red Sox won.  Care to share the outcome?

Tony Young -- Since we have only had two games of the World Series so far, how did you catch game 7?  Could you tell me who wins game 7 so that I can bet the house at one of my favorite Vegas casinos  ;)?

Matt Sohrweide -- It is interesting that you were listening to Game 7 of the World Series when Game 3 is tomorrow night! I know it is a long drive but you must of done some sort of time travel to pull that off!  Well that or you were listening to one of the two LCS games.

Mark Krzysiak -- Apparently, apart from your car's ability to pick up far-away AM stations, it is also capable of time travel. Since Game 3 is tonight (Tuesday) in St. Louis, I'm assuming that this series must be going the distance.  Can you send me a note and let me know who wins Game 7?  I'd like to place a small wager!

Thad Bishop -- Wow, I never knew that you could listen to all those radio stations in the UP.  I never would have guessed you were able to listen to the 7th game of the World Series on your car radio (last week)!!! Down here in

Southwestern Michigan, we are just getting ready for game 3 of the World Series.  Could you e-mail the results of games 3-7 to me?  It would really help me in the office pool.  I would be willing to share my winnings with you.

Greg Medler -- Gee Dean, tell me know who won - I'll make a wager and split the winnings with you...

Argarfield(at) -- Unless this trip was last year, you have a really special radio that is worth a fortune.  Game three of the World Series is tonight.  However I'm glad to learn that it will go to Seven Games this year. Can this radio get an advance report on the "Bash at the Big House"?

T. Moore -- Wow!  Those radio waves not only traveled great distances, they apparently traveled through time too, as game three of the World Series is tonight.  :-)

Doug Brubaker -- Sorry to point out that you woodbecked the email list.  It brightens every Monday. Game 7 of the World Series, ehh?  You must have been driving a DeLorean with

an intermittent starter.  Who won, by the way?

Gary Stoor -- I think you were doing a little more than 65 mph if you listened to the 7th game of the World Series.  Since that game has not been played yet you must have been closer to the speed of light traveling into the future and back, yet again proving the theory of relativity.  (Your car is even more efficient than expected) Thanks however for sharing the fact that there will indeed be a 7th game as it will make the series exciting to watch. Done dodging hurricanes here.

Dave Anthony -- That's a heck of a radio you've got there. Any chance you can tell me who won the World Series so I can call my bookie? I'm just now watching Game 3 (Tuesday, 26 Oct). And, since you understand the physics of it all, how does this work? That is, hearing a broadcast that is still 8 days into the future ;-)

Mark Koski -- The Woodbecking of the "listening to the 7th game of the World Series"  - I'm sure was responded to by many a faithful reader.  But I think it's just a ploy to get more responses from us Alums.  True?  I'll bet there isn't going to be 7th game in this year's WS.

Tim Hale -- Living in Florida means we have been inundated with commercials and live coverage of visits & speeches by the candidates.  Normal TV programs have been delayed and/or cancelled to cover these events.  Even several college football games were interrupted this past Saturday by the arrival of Air Force One at the local airport.  It seems commercials are longer than the actual shows.   But never did I suspect it was so bad that while you're listening to the 7th game of the World Series, we're so far behind that I just watched game # 2 last night. Please don't tell us the final outcome - I want to enjoy the remaining five games.

Cathy Cooper -- As I former Yooper, I too have been amazed by the radio reception possible at night, however, you must have also entered a time warp.  You said you were able to listen to the seventh game of the World Series!!  If only it were true, you could make a bundle of money betting on the remaining games!!! 


E-mail from Nancy Vandermey

Last week, Tonya Bakke wrote:

We also were able to see many of the little wilderness
creatures (some not so little). At the end of the
week, the count ended at deer: stopped counting at 25,
bear: 3, fox: 3, wolf: 1, and a controversial cougar:
1. One of the locals in Lac La Belle also has a web
camera set up near his bear hunting areas and he
caught a spectacular picture of a cougar ready to
pounce on an unsuspecting deer. I think the deer is
no more.

This is the photo she's referring to:
So far it's been attributed to camera traps in Oregon,
California, and now Michigan. My suspicion is it's
two photos from the same camera trap expertly stitched
together - cats don't stalk THAT close to their prey
before pouncing! As a PS I do volunteer work with big
cats, check out

E-mail from Julie Toll (julie.toll(at)

I remember in high school we went down to Florida one
Christmas and my dad had to prove to us that at night
we could get WJR on the radio down in Florida.
Imagine my excitement!

E-mail from Nancy Seely (nsseely(at)


You wrote: "I heard a call-in computer troubleshooting
show from Wheeling, West Virginia. I listened in on
the latest woes in Philadelphia on NewsRadio 1060."

My dad ALWAYS listed to NewsRadio 1060. He even had
things hooked up so that if you turned the light
switch on in our basement, the radio down there would
come on at the same time. This brought back memories
of my childhood..... Hard to believe you could pick
the station up in the UP!

E-mail from Kristian Zoerhoff

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at this; WMVP is
notorious for their lousy reception right here in
Chicago (especially in the Loop, and especially at
night). I'm still deciding whether to laugh or cry.

E-mail from Wayne Trombley '67 (wetrombley(at)

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the weekly newsletter. Regarding your trip
and the radio stations available in the U.P.; I wonder
how many old alumni may remember listening to WMPL
back in the '60s.

I remember when General Motors introduced the "Chevy
II" model and the local WMPL announcer doing the
advertisement said ... "Go down to your local
Chevrolet dealer and see the brand new Chevy eleven!"

I guess teaching Roman numerals was not a big priority
in the Yooper school system. Anyway, it made for a few
good laughs during the long and cold winter. Keep up
the good work!

E-mail from Tom Cieslinski '63 (tomciesl(at)

Wow, did your Michigan trip notes bring back memories.
Like, growing up in Pinconning, listening to and
sending for radio station call cards from Wheeling,
WV., Pittsburgh (was it KDKA?), New Orleans, Red Lake,
Minnesota and many others. Like my baseball cards,
the call cards eventually found their way to the trash
can once I left for college. And playing golf in
Gaylord with my best vacation week friend at the old 9
hole public golf course (long gone - this is the late
50s mind you). One day we played 45 holes of golf and
went back to our places on Perch Lake with one mean
sunburn. Gaylord was a great place back then. My
cousin waitressed at the "Sugar Bowl" and made tons of
money on tips. At my uncle's cabin we would listen to
Tiger baseball games at night on a station out of
Gaylord that constantly faded in and out. It is there
that I listened to Jim Bunning's no hitter against the
Red Sox.

Cruise control and AM stations are great on long
trips. I set my cruise at about 5 mph above the speed
limit and watch everyone pass me on the left. I get
good gas mileage (30 to 34) and rarely have to move to
the left to pass someone.

My next long trip will be in just one week as I drive
to Flint from Maine to stay with my sister and attend
the "Bash at the Big House." Go Huskies and go Red
Sox! By the way Dean, game 7 of the World Series will
not be played! You must have been listening to the AL
or NL Championship series. The Red Sox have reversed
the curse and hopefully have passed it on to the "Evil
Empire" (Yankees). Now I will have to root big time
for the Cubs.

E-mail from Joanna Giovanoli Richardson

Dear Dean

After about 8 years, my husband and I, took a trip up
to Houghton. It was great coming back and seeing how
the campus has grown and all the changes in Houghton.
We couldn't believe how much Marquette has grown! We
were a little disappointed with Hancock. While we saw
all these positive changes on our way up to Houghton,
Hancock has not changed at all, and if anything, it
aged. We enjoyed the colors, copper country
cruising, lunch at the MUB and dinner at Pilgrim
River Steakhouse, which still has the best steak and
prime rib in the whole country. It was great
visiting, brought back some good memories for both of

Thanks for the great newsletter, that way, at least we
can read about all the changes that are happening at
Michigan Tech.

E-mail from Courtney Fitzsimons

Hey Dean (woodbecking)

I just got back from the most INCREDIBLE 6 days in the
UP I've had in a loooong time. The colors?
there? Fantastic! Thank you Kings Inn, B&B bar, the
Dog, and everyone else who put up with us.

I came up with Tom Palka, my fraternity brother, who
gave a financial planning seminar on Wednesday; if you
don't know, he was in the Daily Mining Gazette and
on Channel 6 yooper news. Anyway, we had a most
excellent color tour thru the canopy, and it was still
lookin' fantastic. There was still about 12" of the
nasty white stuff on the ground, but that only
accentuated the ambiance.

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