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September 27, 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 20)

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Husqi Tales

Riding a bike requires sacrifices. Riders contribute layers of skin to trails strewn with branches and rocks; especially riders like me who push their own limits, but are sadly misunderstood, even in their own homes. In the words of my wife just this morning, "Jay, does Dad need training wheels?" Low blow.

Speaking of low blows, there are the pain levels inflicted by seats obviously designed by some sadistic engineer intent on causing maximum discomfort to the nether regions.

But the ultimate sacrifice, according to my daughter, is the one we make in the name of fashion. Or, more specifically, the lack of fashion sense. I will just quote her as I prepared to ride into work one day last week, "Dad, you look like a dork."

Thank you. I wear it well. I'm thinking of opening a new store and calling it DorkWear.

Since the trip to Tech is mainly downhill from my house, I can wear my office clothes on the on the ride in. This particular morning, I had on a shirt and tie as well as my dorkwear--Velcro bands around my pant cuffs to hold them away from the chain. These make the pants blouse above the ankles, providing a retro look, not unlike British officers in colonial days of yore.

Add to that a very stylish helmet, complete with chinstrap and sun visor, and you have dorkwear. Evening dorkwear features Spandex bike shorts (worn for the padding--see "nether regions" above) and a logo-strewn bike jersey worn untucked so as not to accent the waistline. It is all the rage for the fall season.

TechAlum COLOROLOGIST: Speaking of dorks, the Colorologist has this backpack filled with electronic gear and an antenna sticking out of the top. He does a lot of his work in the morning and looks like some sort of alien when he has his ski cap on. He, too, is unfazed by his fashion-challenged nature, as he continues to keep us informed about this world that is a carousel of color.

The colors have begun some significant progression, although the Colorologist says they seem somewhat behind schedule, what with the first of October coming this week. The Colorologist sees peak colors around October 8 this year. His algorithms place color at only 27.4 percent right now.

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At Da Tech

WIN A TRIP TO THE BASH: The Keweenaw alumni chapter is sponsoring a Bash at the Big House raffle. First prize includes charter bus travel for two from Houghton to Ann Arbor, lodging, two tickets to the game and two Bash T-shirts. Second prize includes game tickets and the third and fourth prizes are Bash t-shirts. Only 200 tickets are being sold. The $5 tickets are available by contacting Steph Olsson at 487-2400 or sbolsson(at)

STUDENTS SURVEY ALUMNI FOR RECRUITING NETWORK: A group students are working on a project, in conjunction with the alumni association, to gauge interest in starting a alumni recruitment network. Please take a few minutes and complete their short survey.

TECH REVENUE ON TARGET: Tuition revenue for the fall will exceed budget estimates by about $230,000, Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz told the campus community Wednesday. State revenue will equal the targeted $50.2 million and the budget is on track to be balanced. During his second open forum in as many months, Mroz also discussed criteria for the 2005-06 budget, noted the need for a larger endowment, reviewed enrollment targets, and announced that his self-evaluation statement for the University Senate is now posted on the web. More.

LODE FINALIST IN NATIONAL COMPETITION: The Associated Collegiate Press has announced that the Michigan Tech Lode is a finalist for a Newspaper Pacemaker Award, which recognizes outstanding collegiate journalism. "It's a testament to the versatility of Michigan Tech students and an impressive accomplishment for a university that doesn't have a department of journalism or even a major in journalism," said Craig Waddell, a humanities faculty member and the newspaper's advisor. Pacemakers are awarded in three categories: four-year dailies, four-year non-dailies and two-year papers.

TECH REMAINS A SAFE PLACE: Michigan Tech remains a safe campus, according to the latest annual crime figures. There were no homicides, robberies, aggravated assaults, motor vehicle thefts, arson or hate crimes reported in 2003. There were two reported cases of burglary in 2003, along with two drug abuse violations and one weapons violation.

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Around Town

PORTAGE TOWNSHIP MUST PAY UP: A judge has ordered Portage Township to pay the city of Houghton the full amount owed under terms of a sewage contract. Houghton County Circuit Court Judge Garfield Hood issued his judgment Friday. The city said the township owes more than $57,000. The township contended the flow meter was not accurate and that the contract, which tacks on additional costs for use over 100,000 gallons per day, is unfair.

CO-OP NIXES MOVE: The Keweenaw Co-Op has decided to remain in its current west Hancock location and not move to the former Scott Hotel in downtown Hancock. The Scott building currently houses Hancock Hardware and a gym/fitness center. The move had been discussed for some time, offering a larger space and better parking. However, the co-op board said the store's sales would not support the larger space and more expensive rent.

HOCKEY HISTORY CELEBRATED: The area celebrated the centennial of professional hockey in North America over the weekend. In 1904, two local residents decided to pay players to compete for the Portage Lakes. Thus, professional hockey in North America was born. The weekend included a game pitting Tech hockey alumni against Detroit Red Wings alumni (Tech won, 7-5).

POINT COMMITTEE ADOPTS FINAL REPORT: The Keweenaw Point Advisory Committee has ended its work by proposing both motorized and non-motorized camping areas for the 6,275-acre site. The land, purchased by the state a year ago, includes much of the tip of the peninsula.

BOHEMIA PROMOTION TO END: A promotion allowing women to ski for free at Mount Bohemia will be discontinued this winter after a Hancock man filed a complaint alleging the practice was discriminatory. The complaint was filed with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Mount Bohemia owner Lonie Glieberman said the promotion, which he called "Ladies Ski Free" had been in effect for the past two winters of operation.

From the E-mailbag

Many folks responded to the query last week concerning Mackinac Bridge posters,
including this from Rhett Gronevelt (rgronevelt(at)

The Mackinac Bridge prints are being sold by the
Michigan Section of ASCE (American Society of Civil
Eng.) as part of a scholarship program. They can be
purchased from:

James R. Hegarty, P.E.
Prein & Newhof
3355 Evergreen Drive NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
ph: 616-364-8491 x 112
e-mail: jhegarty(at)

Dean, could you include this response in your next e-
mail in case there are any others looking for this
print. It will help our scholarship program.

You can see the print here.

E-mail from Kevin McDevitt (kmcdevitt(at)

Steve Chizek ('93) is an officer with the state
section of the American Society of Civil Engineers
(ASCE) and was involved with the creation and sale of
the Mackinaw Prints. They were selling the prints to
create a scholarship fund for civil engineering
students. I believe the low number prints were
available framed and signed for a minimum donation of
$1000 and I think they were selling higher numbers
unframed for around $100. I think the total run of
prints was limited to 1000. There may have also been
an intermediate range. These are high quality
lithographs and are quite handsome.

E-mail from Mike Benson (mike_benson(at)

Hey Dean,

Here's a link for Minneapolis alum to get pasties
locally. These pasties are great.

Dean sez: Some confusion over last week's comment about a
flock of cows. I did mean cows, but some thought I fat-fingered
the word and it was supposed to have been crows. That led to
some education, which I will share with you.

E-mail from Paul Bork (PMBork(at) and from Chris
Raymond (craymond(at)

FYI: If you meant a flock of crows, I believe that
that collection is known as a "murder".

E-mail from Travis Underhill (tunderhill(at)


Is there any place to see some visuals of the
Wads renovations?

Dean sez: The contractor has a site that doesn't have photos, but does have floor plans.

E-mail from Steve Anthony '75 (Sjanth(at)


I was a boater for many years and agree with your
descriptions of the sense of freedom. I still own
a catamaran sailboat, but I don't get it on the water
as often as I like. However, I'm also a pilot. Take
that sense of freedom - going where you want to - and
add the third dimension and you have flight in the
good old USA (it is significantly different in other
countries). Getting in a plane and lifting off,
tooling around up high or down low - you just can't
beat the total sense of freedom. There are remarkably
few areas in the USA where you can't just go where you
want to, when you want to.

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 9 -- Michigan Tech Homecoming vs. Wayne State


 6 -- Bash at the Big House, football vs. Grand Valley at Michigan stadium (

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