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August 9 , 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 13)

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Husqi Tales

You know those songs that stick in your head, no matter how hard you try to ignore them? You know how the drive from here to the populated portion of the mitten is at least eight hours? You know what happens when you combine the two?

Road rage, that's what, and an insatiable desire to yank the radio out of the dashboard and throw it at the nearest supermarket.

Glen's Market, to be precise. Many of you know that Glen's is a grocery chain (34 locations in the northern lower peninsula and the Upper Peninsula). Through no fault of its own, other than being visible from places like I-75 and US-127 business routes, Glen's plays a key role in this story.

If you watched any of the Tour de France on OLN, you saw the Starbuck's double shot espresso commercial featuring the rock group, Survivor, made famous in one of the tediously unending Rocky movies. The commercial opens with the band in Glen's living room and they follow him as he shaves and goes to the office. It is hilarious, but the song opens with the band singing Glen's name eight times.

That's the part that sticks in your head. I find myself humming the opening to the song over morning coffee and singing it in my head in time with my running cadence at lunch (40 minutes of "Glen! Glen, Glen, Glen!").

Finally, the Tour ended and I eradicated the lyrics from my short-term memory. Then my son finds the clip on the web (search for "Glen" at and a new round of "Glens" start spinning out of control.

After several days, round two subsides. Then came last Sunday's I-75 sneak attack. I'm fiddling with the cruise control, enjoying the opportunity to drive 70 mph on a four-lane highway and not worry about trying to pass RVs and logging trucks. I look off in the distance and see a sign. "Glen's." Immediately, the Survivor beat begins pounding my brain. My vacation is vanquished like all of Rocky's foes.

Join me! Go to the web site. See the video. At least it isn't as obnoxious as Sammy Davis, Jr., singing "Candy Man." Try running with THAT in your head.

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At Da Tech

NANOTECH to RECEIVE $1 MILLION: A defense spending package now on President Bush's desk includes $1 million for nanotechnology research at Michigan Tech. Associate Professor Craig Friedrich (ME-EM) and fellow researchers in the Center for Nanomaterials Research are focusing on creating nanoelectronics and communication nano-devices. This grant will be the latest of three grants the center has received from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Defense. In August 2003, Michigan Tech received $1.4 million, and in June 2004 another $2.8 million was given to the university for research in nanotechnology. More.

AQUA TERRA ENTERPRISE STUDIES SILVER RIVER: Over the past three years, funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise at Michigan Tech has been developing and testing a hydrological model of the Silver River watershed. They have analyzed the region's geology and topography, studied the river and the water table, looked at precipitation and even tracked temperature in order to estimate evaporation.

They use special software that can determine with reasonable certainty what will happen to the water table under current conditions-and even forecast what could happen if, say, a development were to be built somewhere in the watershed. More.

ALBERTA CELEBRATES GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY: Over the weekend, Michigan Tech and the Alberta Village Museum Association celebrated the 50th anniversary of the acquisition of the Ford Forestry Center at Alberta. The celebration included naming the conference center after Michigan Tech alumnus Roger Rogge and his father, Ted, both of whom managed the Ford Forstry Center.

FOOTBALL KICKS OFF PRACTICE: Preseason camp for the 2004 Michigan Tech football team officially began yesterday with a 7:15 p.m. practice at Hubbell Field. Head Coach Bernie Anderson and his staff welcome 104 players, including 75 from last year's roster, to campus in preparation for the Huskies' 82nd season of intercollegiate football. More.

BOARD APPROVES CAPITAL OUTLAY REQUEST: Michigan Tech’s Board of Control met August 5 and approved the university’s annual Capital Outlay Budget Request to the state. Every year the state asks Michigan's 15 public universities to provide a list of their highest-priority capital projects. When Michigan's bonding capacity is sufficient, usually every three to five years, the state decides which projects to fund. Generally, universities are expected to raise 25 percent of the cost of new construction funded by the state. First on Michigan Tech’s list is phase two of the Integrated Learning and Information Technology Center. The project includes renovation of Fisher Hall and a 95,000-square-foot addition to the building. The first phase of the center, including the Rekhi Computer Science Hall and the John and Ruann Opie Library, will be finished during the upcoming academic year. More.

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Around Town

KEWEENAW POINT GUILDELINES ADOPTED: The Keweenaw Point Advisory Committee has adopted a recommended set of guidelines for non-motorized use on the property. The group is charged with providing recommendations to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for the management of the 6,275-acre property purchased by the state between July 2003 and last August. The non-motorized recommendations include a suggestion that the DNR work with local interest groups on a network of trails that would eventually connect with other trails such as Copper Harbor, Estivant Pines and Horseshoe Harbor.

SWIMMER BAILS ON FIFTH CROSSING ATTEMPT: Endurance swimmer Jim Dreyer dropped out of his planned Lake Superior crossing last week, 28 miles into the 73-mile attempt, because of severe intestinal problems. Dreyer announced in May that he would try to swim from Grand Portage, Minn., to McLain State Park, near Hancock. This was his fifth unsuccessful attempt at the crossing.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Ken Nickel '48 (BIKWNICKEL(at)

I thought this may be of interest to those who spent some time in the UP.  And who on your list didn't do that?

I am a SENIOR citizen, having graduated from "da tech", as it is now called, in 1948.

Being a senior I have some time to idle away reading books.  I like mysteries and action books, and have run out of a few authors like Cussler, Clancy, Vance Flynn etc.

Recently I have read three books by Steve Hamillton. They all take place between paradise and the Soo.  I didn't even know Paradise was there.

If anyone is interested in UP fiction I suggest trying Hamilton.  They are an interesting read, albeit fiction.

If you are interested in pursuing this author he can be reached on his website,

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