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July 19, 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 11)

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Husqi Tales

NOTE: I'll be on vacation next week, so the next TechAlum will be e-mailed on August 9.


     The weekend was beautiful, we're looking at highs in the upper 70s and low 80s this week and (knock on wood) we may actually have some summer weather for the alumni reunion, which begins on August 5. I have noticed full parking lots at motels and plenty of RVs rumbling through town, helping, I'm sure, those who depend on tourism.

     Nice weather creates some difficult choices. There are things you can only do in sunshine and no rain (seal the driveway, seal the deck, kill the weeds). But there are also those things you *want* to do when the weather cooperates (ride the bike, read a book on the deck, head for the lake). 

     These choices become even tougher when summer doesn't last long and, at least this year, is extremely slow in coming. You have all of this stuff to do (the want-to and the have-to) in a more compressed time period.

     So, you do things like spending a good part of Saturday sealing the driveway, but then spending Sunday morning watching the final stage of the Tour de France and Sunday afternoon biking the Tech Trails. I guess it didn't turn out too bad.

     See you August 9 (and hopefully no unplanned e-mails before that).

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At Da Tech

STUDENT RECIEVES GM SULLIVAN FELLOWSHIP: Christopher Kimojino, a junior in chemical engineering, has been awarded a $10,000 General Motors Sullivan Fellowship. The GM Sullivan Fellowship Program supports universal human rights by promoting equal opportunity, fair competition, and sustainable development; respecting voluntary freedom of association; and protecting human health and the environment. Kimojino will receive $5,000 of the fellowship as a scholarship, and $5,000 will support Enterprise curriculum development.

TASTE OF HISTORY: Twenty-eight Chinese students, most of them undergraduates, are taking four- and five-week sessions at Michigan Tech in business English. They are also learning about the area’s history and have visited spots from Calumet to Quincy Mine to the Keweenaw Bay Pow Wow.  This is the third year of the program.

ME-EM ALUMNI INVITED TO CRUISE: The ME-EM department will host a cruise for alumni and families on Thursday, August 5. The Keweenaw Star will depart the dock by Dee Stadium at 1 pm and return at 4 pm. The complimentary cruise will include cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Seating is limited and fills fast (and is open only to ME-EM alumni and families. Contact Kathy Goulette at kagoulet(at) or call 906-487-2551. Please provide your name, address, phone number, class year and number of people attending, and email address. 

ALUMNI REUNION ON TAP: Michigan Tech's annual alumni reunion, including awards and the traditional pasty picnic, will take place August 5-7. For more information, More

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Around Town

BARAGA BEACH CLEAN-UP SLATED: The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community is kicking off an array of improvements at the 2.5-mile Sand Point Beach in Baraga. A $300,000 grant will support stamp sand clean-up. Over the long term, the tribe hopes to improve marina and camping facilities, build nature trails and work on the Sand Point lighthouse.

EPA HOSTING SMELTER MEETINGS: The US Environmental Protection Agency will hold public meetings on Wednesday to discuss the temporary closure of a portion of a DNR trail and the smelter site. The EPA has fenced the site, which contains asbestos deposits. Some local businesses want assurances that the trail will reopen for snowmobile season.

COUNTY LOOKS AT CUTS: Accounting errors and decreased revenues will shrink Houghton County's fund balance from $1.2 million to $427,000 this year. County commissioners are debating cuts, which could include cutting staff at the sheriff's department and other entities. The sheriff's department constitutes the county's biggest expense by far.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Stacy Mikesch (smikesch(at)


     Many Traverse City area alumni attend the annual

     Northern Chapter of the Michigan Society of

     Professional Engineers golf outing, which raises

     money for Mathcounts and the MSPE scholarship fund.

     This year's event is August 27 at the Leelanau club.

     We are looking for participants and sponsors. All the

     Details are at or you can e-mail

     me. This year, we awarded two $1,000 scholarships to

     local students.

E-mail from John Mangum '84 (john.mangum(at)


     Be it baseball, soccer, or football, when it's your

     kids playing, nothing compares!  Thanks!

E-mail from Fred Roman '66 (fierofred(at)


     Try hiding a super soaker between the binder covers of

     an old thick book with the center area of the pages

     cut out.  We could do this with the little water

     pistols of yesteryear and squirt our classmates

     whenever the opportunity presented itself.  This was

     great sport in the '50s.  Everything was fine if your

     gun didn't leak and you didn't get caught.

E-mail from Dave Baxter (geoskunk(at)

     Hey Dean,

     RE the current flap over your baseball comments, I

     must agree.  I was a die-hard Tigers fan my whole life

     until the strike you mentioned.  I was living in Wads

     during 1984 and could only listen to games on the

     radio, unless somehow Yooper-vision 6 from Marquette

     picked up a national telecast. But then I had to

     endlessly fiddle with my "augmented" TV antennae.  I

     wired a 12-volt car stereo signal booster into the TV

     signal feeds, just to make it occasionally possible to

     get channel 6 on the ground floor.  What a luxury

     cable TV would have been in the dorms.

     But if you take too much grief from folks, I'll share

     a JPEG from my public exhibit in downtown Lansing.  It

     comes from my final visit to "The Corner" when my old

     roommate and I attended the final game at Tiger

     Stadium.  This photo captures the exact moment when

     the final pitch was thrown in a major league game. If

     you look closely you can see the ball-in-flight

     directly below the 3rd-base coach.

     I'll let you forward this to any aggrieved Tiger fans

     you wish to mollify. But folks that want to see the

     photo should get it from you, my slow dial-up

      connection is too unreliable.  And because I have

     been selling prints of this shot, I'd like to keep it

     OFF any public websites.  But I'm glad to share this

     with our alumni fans.

Dean sez: If you are interested in Dave's photo, send me an e-mail.

E-mail from John Boag (jboag1(at)



     I receive your techalum email newsletter each week.  I

     received the attached email today, and since it

     indicates a connection to techalum I thought you would

     want to know.  Needless to say, I will be deleting it

     right away.


     I want to join the chorus of praise for your work in

     the newsletter.  I look forward to reading your

     vignettes each week, particularly those about your

     family life.  Through your words I feel connected to a

     place I have never visited.  Thank you.

Dean sez: And speaking of that virus problem, here is a

sampling of comments from our witty alumni :-)

     Being known for Woodbecking has some advantages when

     there are mysterious problems. --Dave Bittner

     There are always new ways to explore the term

     "woodbecking!" --Mark Vermeulen

     I appreciate the apology, but it really wasn't

     necessary.  You were overdue for one of these,

     anyways......    --Craig Callewaert

     Is it safe to say that you have some new fodder for

     the newsletter next week, Dean?  : ) --Jeff Seppanen

     So, once again, you woodbecked the mailing list, and

     woodbecked the virus (fortunately) -- Pat McCombie

     My gosh!! You've Woodbeck'ed the mail list software!

     --Brad Larsen

     "The hassle this afternoon" is a small price to pay

     for the pleasure of the weekly e-mail update from da

     UP. -- Dave Gold

     Let the "Woodbecked" comments begin. I think this is

     the first example of a "positive" Woodbecked event by

     receiving an "incomplete virus".... just think of what

     may have happened if you didn't have those special

     "Woodbecking" powers..... a massive virus outbreak

     comes to mind!  --Dan Batten

     Digital Woodbecking. -- John Traka

     It just wouldn't be the same if you didn't "Woodbeck"

     the entire Internet every now and then!

     -- Larry Lanctot

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Alumni Association Programs

CHAPTER EVENTS: For more information on alumni chapter events,
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28 -- Michigan Tech Twin Cities Alumni Chapter Day at the
St. Paul Saints game. Enjoy reserved seating behind
one of the dugouts. Contact Steve Wendorf

31 -- West Michigan Chapter -- Whitecaps Baseball Outing
and BBQ Picnic, Fifth Third Park. Contact John
Gutierrez (techies(at)

5 -7 -- Alumni Reunion--Houghton

Job Opportunities This Week

ON CAMPUS: Complete job descriptions for these positions are available by e-mailing jobs at

  • Admissions Representative--Admissions Office (Nine-month position based in Wisconsin)
  • Manager, Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP)--Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Research Engineer/Scientist I--Institute of Materials Processing
  • Lecturer--School of Business and Economics

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  • Controls Engineer
  • Game Engine Engineer (Computer science)
  • Director of Game Technology
  • Regional Sales Manager

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