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July 12, 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 10)

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Husqi Tales

Hi. I'm Dean and I'm a tour junkie.

I work all day and take kids to soccer and grill burgers and take evening walks. But when the sun goes down, the blue glow comes up. I plug in that day's tape and stay up past midnight watching 183 men ride their bikes for hours in France.

Two low-key British announcers (Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen) chat with their dry wit during all but the last kilometer (pronounced KILL-o-meter, not kill-AH-mah-ter), when all heck breaks loose on the sprint to the finish. They talk about Lance Armstrong, but they don't dwell on him as, say, ABC or CBS would do.

I stagger, bleary-eyed, through the coffee-making ritual the next morning, sometimes trying to fill the water reservoir twice, with names like Petacchi and Cipollini rattling around in my semi-functioning brain.

I think about my aching quads and stiff back after riding to Calumet and back (24 miles) and how these guys will do eight times that distance--then get up tomorrow and do it again.

My wife says it is like watching hockey--you are just living for the crashes. No, I say, I *am* those crashes and I feel their pain.

Some have said it is like watching paint dry. No, I say, that would be baseball.

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At Da Tech

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Around Town

HADDIX SENTENCED TWO-FIVE YEARS: Christopher Haddix, a Tech student from Midland, was sentenced to two to five years in prison on two counts of leaving the scene of an accident where a death or serious injury occurred. While driving drunk, Haddix struck and killed fellow student Jeremy Larsen, of downstate Scottville, while he was attempting to cross to the south side of Houghton’s College Avenue in the early hours of Sept. 28, 2003. He also injured student Dominic J. Longhini of Marquette.

ITALIAN HALL DRAWS FILMMAKERS: Two New York filmmakers presented a 13-minute sample of a piece documenting the impact of the Italian Hall disaster of 1913. Seventy-four people died in a stairway on Christmas Eve in Calumet's Italian Hall after an unidentified person cried "fire!." The documentarians hope the sample will help them raise funds for a full-scale documentary.

A segment of a snowmobile trail between Hancock and Lake Linden that was scheduled to be closed due to asbestos will remain partially open, according to federal EPA officials. The EPA as fenced off the Quincy smelter site in Ripley, including a stretch of the trail, as they prepare an asbestos cleanup. An agency spokesman said asbestos will be removed and gravel will cover the trail by the time the snow flies.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Don Beyer '76 (DBEYER(at)

Reading the e-mail from Mike Anleitner makes me think
of the "College Shop" or whatever it is called in the
new Northwest Airlines Detroit Metro Airport. It has
college garb from "all" of the Michigan universities,
that is Michigan and Michigan State. I guess they are
looking to capture tourists and not alumni. We
appreciate our occasional Michigan Tech catalog. My Husky head
covers on my woods have started a few conversations on
the links.

Like the updates, too bad about the 4th. I remember
summer surveying class in July, temps in the 40's and
having to wait for the fog to clear so you could take
a shot on Mt. Ripley.

E-mail from Cynthia (Protas) Hodges '87

Jenn Ridley wrote about being recognized because she
was a campus tour guide. I enjoy my own little bit of
fame myself from a campus job I had.

I worked in computer support in the MEEM computer lab,
aka "the fishbowl," as an undergrad. We were required
to wear orange vests. I certainly stood out from my
coworkers. Most of them were real "computer geek"
types that liked sci fi and fantasy, played D & D all
the time, sometimes wore the same clothes every day,
and were kind of antisocial. I was also the only
female that worked in that job at the time.

Besides the obvious gender difference, I was really
outgoing and definitely didn't fit the mold of my
coworkers. They were all very smart and are probably
millionaires today, come to think of it! To this day,
20 years later, I am occasionally stopped in the hall
at work and asked if I went to Michigan Tech -- then they will
tell me they recognize me from my orange vest days in
the fishbowl! Talk about fame!!!

Besides the fame, it was a great job - I got to be a
part of the internet before the general public. We
used to have something called "RELAY" that was like a
chat room and all the computer support people would
talk to each other all over the country. It was a
great college job.

E-mail from Ron Scott '61 (arcwoods(at)


I graduated from Tech in 1961 with a degree in
forestry and now "43 years" later my youngest son Bill
graduated from Tech on May 8, 2004 with a degree in
electrical engineering. Quite a time span within the
family between us Tech graduates. It was great being
back to attend his May 8th graduation ceremony and
visit the many new facilities since 1961.

E-mail from Tom Wade '65 (tlwade3333(at)


In the July 6 newsletter, Larry Doyle said:
"Mohawk's White House Inn brings warm memories of beer
and good dance bands."

I'm not sure about the "good" adjective, but we did
have a lot of fun. I played the drums for a couple
seasons with Jim Enrietti (sp?) and a couple other
guys on guitars. Anyone else remember those days?

E-mail from Tim Bottenfield '83 (BOTTETI(at)

Dean--Old Genesis fans have dreaded the news of the
infiltration of the Giant Hogweed. Thought you might
enjoy the lyrics to this herbicidal classic by Genesis
from 1971: "The
Return Of The Giant Hogweed"

E-mail from Tony Dykhouse '94 (tdykhous(at)


Apparently Giant Hogweed was a pest in jolly ole'
England back in the early seventies. The band Genesis
actually wrote a song about this pesky plant. Here's a
bit of the lyrics.

Turn and run,
Nothing can stop them,
A round every river and canal their power is growing.
Stamp them out,
We must destroy them.
They infiltrate each city with their thick dark
warning odour.
They are invincible,
They seem immune to all our herbicidal battering...

Keep up the good work with the newsletter.

E-mail from Tom Richards '72

Hi Dean,

This was my first 4th of July outside of the US. I
spent this past 4th of July in Maanshan, China. I am
here with another American, 6 Japanese, 8 or so
Germans, and plenty of Chinese. To celebrate the 4th,
I bought a couple coolers of properly chilled beer,
enough fireworks to start a small war, and invited
everybody to the small lake next to the hotel.

After dark, we carried our treasures out to the shore
of the lake. After the first round of fireworks, we
had drawn quite a crowd. Fireworks are easy to
obtain, but this is not the normal season. We must
have been quite a sight for the locals - all these
foreigners celebrating on what is just a normal
evening for them. They seemed to enjoy the fireworks.
So, we toasted the USA and had a memorable 4th, even
though we were a long way from home.

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