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June 21, 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 7)

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Husqi Tales

You just can't have too many trucks in a parade: fire trucks, gravel trucks, pick-up trucks, pseudo-trucks (what was up with those El Camino things anyway?), Army trucks, trucks with those really annoying loud rumbling bass sound systems, and even trucks pulling sophisticated concrete laser screeding devices. We had high-tech and we had low-tech as the annual Bridgefest parade just kept on truckin'.

There weren't near as many fire trucks as in the Fourth of July parades (we counted 18 one year). However, one antique fire truck (now owned by a local beer distributor) included a walk-in cooler and several tap handles on the side.

Anyone can have a dog in this hunt. Got an older car? Wash it up and enter it. Want to advertise your business? Slap a decal on a pick-up and get some folks to throw candy at bystanders. We even had one group passing out Kool Pops and another providing those little eight-ounce cans of your favorite Coke product (which my wife wanted, but she just wasn't aggressive enough with that five-year-old standing next to her).

The parade had some of the traditional elements, too, including two high school marching bands, a couple of attempts to decorate floats and several politicians. The longer you live here, the more people you know who are actually in the parade. A big part of the fun is calling out their names, seeing if they can find you in the crowd, and carrying on quick conversations as they walk down the street.

We didn’t have clowns on little motorcycles or a synchronized briefcase brigade. But did I mention that there were trucks?

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At Da Tech

KRC RECEIVES CHRYSLER: Michigan Tech's Keweenaw Research Center has received a 2003 PT Cruiser from the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. The donated vehicle will be used for educational purposes and will support DC's winter testing activity. "DaimlerChrysler does winter testing of vehicles at KRC, so this is a natural fit" said Jay Meldrum, Keweenaw Research Center director. "They had a winter press show of their new 300 series at KRC, as well."

CAMPUS TOURS MAKE A DIFFERENCE: From last fall's freshman class, 99 percent of those taking a campus tour applied to Michigan Tech. Of those who toured and were accepted, 90 percent enrolled. "It is people taking a moment and sitting down with visitors," said Bill Roberts, who coordinates the campus visit program in the admissions office. "I can't tell you how many times visitors have said, 'the people here made us feel at ease.'" More:

B-BALL YEARBOOK AMONG TOP 3 PERCENT: Michigan Tech's women's basketball yearbook has been judged seventh in the nation among NCAA Division II schools by the College Sports Information Directors of America. A total of 276 schools participate in NCAA II women's basketball.

TECH FUND YEAR-END REMINDER: The end of the Michigan Tech Fund's fiscal year (June) is rapidly approaching. If you plan to make a gift to the Michigan Tech Fund, please consider doing so before that time. Credit card gifts can be phoned in or made through the web site (

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Around Town

SERVICES TRIMMED AT EAGLE HARBOR: Local groups and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources are attempting to line up local partners to restore services at the Eagle Harbor Marina trimmed by the DNR because of budget concerns. The DNR discontinued gas, electricity and bilge pump services, citing very low usage levels (about $1,000 in gas sales last year). The DNR maintains such services at Copper Harbor.

"YOOPER LOOP" REOPENS: The 180-degree loop at the south end of the lift bridge has reopened (with nice new, smooth concrete) and crews have moved up the street a ways. With the loop rebuilt, including an extra lane, contractors will now continue work on a second westbound M-26 lane proceeding up the hill from the bridge.

From the E-mailbag

E-mail from Bob Wojcik (Robert.G.Wojcik(at)


Excellent newsletter as always. I crave the day when
the real "boss" will let me upgrade my '96 Dell - it's
always, "...I'd rather spend my money elsewhere than
on a new PC...". I imagine that the look on my five
year olds' face, when we tell her she can't play her
new Dora the Explorer computer game because the
computer doesn't have enough memory, will get to her
eventually. Someday, one will just be there when she
comes home from work, and I'll get the silent
treatment for a week or so.

On another note, as a reminder to all the SIGMA TAU
GAMMA Alumni out there - our 30 year chapter reunion
coincides with the Michigan Tech Alumni Reunion. Details on the
Sig Tau reunion can be found at or by
sending an email to me at bobwojcik(at)

E-mail from Daniel Towns (daniel.c.towns(at)

This is a great saying:

"Sometimes I feel like an error message on the flat
screen of life."

I have this taped to the wall at work.

Have a great day and thanks for the newsletters over
the years.

E-mail from Ted Egan (TedEgan(at)

Sounds like you were sucked into buying a new
computer. Eventually that computer will slow down as
well. The culprit isn't the computer itself, but the
host of spyware, hijackers, etc you get over your
broadband connection.
Go to
Download and run the adaware software.

If your experience is like that of most of my
customers you will be amazed at how much faster you
computer becomes. 300Mhz isn't all that slow. My web
servers are all slower than 500 Mhz and no one is
complaining about the speed. But then, I'm using
linux as the operating system.

You will be happy with the wireless connection, it's
fine for home, but has problems when used in a
business. I can't help you with your sharing issues,
other than to suggest a laptop with a wireless card
that you keep locked in a closet.

Email from Dave Elack '60 (themisture(at)")


Just read your 6/14/04 Newsletter this morning and
noted your introductory article about your new Dell
machine. I also invested in a new Dell machine
recently, complete with XP Pro and flat panel screen.
I have a hard time getting at it though, because our
granddaughter has been visiting for three weeks and
has been communicating 24 hours a day with her friends
and playing CD's and God knows what else. I certainly
appreciate your problems. I am curious about one thing
though. Your machine seems to have a feature that uses
an underline in place of an apostrophe to show a
possessive noun such as ..lightkeeper_s house..or
island_s end. Mine doesn't do that and I'm wondering
whether I should be envious or not. [:>}

As a final thought, you know your getting old when
various sports awards being handed out are named after
people you went to school with.

E-mail from Ember Sullivan (Ember.R.Sullivan(at)


I can relate to your craving.

In fact, I had a very similar "craving" this past

One NetGear wireless router for 802.11g and a Toshiba
Satellite P25 series notebook PC (an "open box value"
at Circuit City) later, I was experiencing the joys of
writing/editing technical documents (and...ahem...
browsing the Web a BIT, I suppose, as well) from the
comfort of my couch (yippee! look, mom! no wires!!),
with my yellow lab puppy at my feet...

Sheer Bliss.... (well, as much bliss as can be
associated with editing specs on a Sunday afternoon,
that is...)

E-mail from Stacey Morrison (stacey.e.morrison(at)

Dean, regarding offspring IM-ing each other. I have
four computers in my house of which two are connected
to our cable modem. They are about 2 feet apart. My
niece is visiting us for the summer, so she gets on
the parents' computer, while my daughter gets on her
computer which of course is much more powerful. They
IM each other and get on websites as well as IM their
friends. When I get on with my daughter trying to
keep my Neopets alive, she IM's me. Then she gets
upset when I don't respond back as fast. I said
that we don't have to IM each other, we are in the
same room. I don't think she gets that.

E-mail from Rob Laybourn, '84 (robert.laybourn(at)


Always a pleasure to get your weekly news.

I know that many of the alum on your list will be
attending the reunion this summer, however, for those
who can't make it up to Tech in August, or for those
who would like another excellent excuse to visit the
Keweenaw Peninsula, I would like to suggest that they
make a visit on the weekend of September 25, 2004.
The reason: The 31st Annual Copper Country Color Tour,
hosted by the Copper Country Cycling Club
( They offer three
different lengths of rides (loops), 50K, 100K and
200K, starting/ending in Houghton, with various stops
that include Lake Linden (20K), Gabriel Chopp Park
(65k), McLain State Park (85K), Copper Harbor (100K)
and Eagle Harbor Beach (130K).

I remember back in the fall of 1979, while out riding
my bike towards Chassell, a classmate asked if I was
doing the "Copper Country Color Tour" that next
weekend. I had never heard of it, and didn't do it
that year. In fact, it wasn't until after I graduated
that I really took up the sport of cycling. Now, 25
years later, I'm planning to head back to Tech (for
only the second time since 1984) to do this ride. I
would like to invite and challenge the rest of the
alum to consider joining me and the other participants
for what must be the best way to really enjoy the
early fall in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The Copper Country Cycling Club has more information
about this ride on their website:,
or contact either Joe Slonecki (jhslonec(at),
the club president, or Dr. Bruce Pletka
(bjpletka(at), the faculty advisor.

I will provide updates/reminders as the event draws

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