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May 24, 2004 (Vol. 11, No. 3)

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Husqi Tales

Note: Memorial Day is next Monday, so TechAlum will be mailed on Tuesday.

Let's hope the Weather Channel had its Storm Stories camera crews out in force over the weekend, what with tornadoes and floods across the Midwest and Great Lakes.

Here in the Keweenaw, it was just rain. And rain. And drizzle. And more rain. As I write this, it is 40 degrees and the forecast is for . . . rain. We live most of the way up Quincy Hill, so I don't worry about flooding. I figure if I'm in danger, we'd all better hope that Noah got the memo and that we're on the attached guest list.

You know, this week's Newsweek ran a cover story on the authors of the "Left Behind" series, the fictionalized account of the book of Revelations and Armageddon. The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" hits theaters this week. (The web site tells me "three days until tidal waves hit Manhattan" and forecasts a 28-degree high for Phoenix and a 50-foot base in Aspen.) I ask you: Can all of this be a coincidence? And are they grooming daily?

Whoa. As my son would say, "that was random." Back to reality. I still measure spring's progress by Tech's old quarter calendar (yeah, it is hard to teach an old Husky new tricks). Last Saturday would have been commencement, the time when leaves start to pop open (they have) and temperatures begin to climb (they haven't).

In fact, there is still a patch of snow on Mt. Ripley. I believe next year we should have some sort of contest--sort of like an office Super Bowl pool--to guess the date the last bit of snow leaves Mt. Ripley. I'll work on that.

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At Da Tech

FOOD FIGHT OR FIESTA? New research on the wolves of Isle Royale may shed light on a mystery that has long puzzled biologists: Why do some predators band together to hunt? In his observations of wolves and ravens, John Vucetich, research assistant professor of wildlife ecology, may have found the answer: Predators that hunt in groups lose far less meat to scavengers. More:

TECH, SUDBURY SCHOOL SIGN ACCORD: Michigan Tech has established ties to Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, signing agreements to allow qualified Cambrian students to transfer to Tech. The first program agreement is in land surveying. The schools signed the agreements via videoconference last week. More.
Streaming video of signing

DISTINGUISHED TEACHERS ANNOUNCED: This year's Distinguished Teaching Award winners are lecturer Ann Humes, who teaches math in the School of Technology, and Terry Reynolds, social sciences professor. Reynolds, who recently stepped down as department chair to spend more time in the classroom, teaches Western civilization, military history, the history of technology, and the general education course World Cultures. More:

JOYCE TO LEAD WCHA: Professor Pat Joyce (School of Business and Economics), Michigan Tech's faculty representative for athletics, will serve as chair of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association in 2004-05. Joyce will lead the executive committee, a four-person group that also includes Tech's athletic director, Rick Yeo. More:

VP NAMED TO FOREST BOARD: Michigan Tech Vice President for Research David Reed has been appointed to a three-year term on the Forestry Research Advisory Council of the US Department of Agriculture. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman made the announcement. The FRAC membership consists of distinguished individuals appointed to advise the Secretary of Agriculture concerning forestry research administered and undertaken by the federal government.

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Around Town

BOARD WANTS TOWNSHIP RECORDS: In Torch Lake Township, out Bootjack way, the township supervisor must bring all township records currently stored at his home to the township office by June 1. Board members are particularly interested in tax and assessment records and filed a Freedom of Information Act request to see the records.

LAURIUM WANTS ITS TRUCK BACK: In two weeks, Laurium Fire Department officials will head downstate to try and buy their truck back. The department has been raising funds to purchase its old steam fire engine at a June 5 auction in Tawas City. The engine was originally purchased by the village in 1899 and was used until 1930.

LIMINGA CHURCH TO FALL: The owner of Liminga's old Finnish Evangelist Lutheran Church, or "little brown church" as it is commonly known, has been ordered to tear down the building. The Stanton Township building inspector determined it was a hazard. The owner had hoped to raise funds to restore the building, but was unsuccessful. The building dates to the early 1900s.

From the E-mailbag

Email from Kim Krulek (Kim.Krulek(at)

FYI ... Grand Rapids is sporting a new billboard about
Michigan Tech making the top 50 Colleges and
Universities! Makes you proud to be a Husky!

Email from Steve Madison '81 (SteveMadison1(at)

Greetings Dean and Toot Alum,

Wonder if anyone can send me a recipe, or a website,
for Pickled Eggs. I did locate a number of good ones
off the Da Tech Alum site...THANKS for those Dean, yet
I'm making a batch for my nephew for his HS graduation
party. He loves 'em and wants to impress his fellow
graduates on one of the fine cuisines in life...PEs!!!

BTW...My inquiry of PE Recipes on Google yielded a
number of options, with the first one at the TOP of
the list being the Tech link. Perhaps it gets the most
hits...or perhaps, it has the best recipes...only time
and few HS grads opinions will tell. GOOOOOO YOU

Dean sez: I've posted a note on the alumni bulletin board
(, so if you have any recipes, please post them there. Look under the "General" category for the "TechAlum Discussion" board. Click on that and you will see the thread.

Email from Robert Carnahan '53(partec(at)

Dean, I felt so sorry for you this evening when I
opened the latest newsletter. Only one Email from an
alum?? What's happening. I had an email from Jim
Mitchell last week about the Michigan Tech vs. Grand Valley bash
at U of M stadium in November. I'm trying to get a
board meeting back East changed so that I can make it
to the double A stadium. If ever Tech had a rallying
alumni call this is it. We should make every effort
to get maximum turnout of Tech Alums from Michigan,
eastern Ill., and northern Ohio. Anyone who doesn't
make it should hang their head in shame. I'll make it
board meeting or not. I've only seen one game there,
UofM versus Penn State about 8 or 9 years ago and U of
M got wiped. Just the experience of seeing a game in
that environment is worth the price, but to see Tech
there vs. GVSU will be special. Lets start building
now for a huge turnout, and a special thanks to Curt
Tompkins for cultivating this event.

Email from Shawn Murphy '99 (skmurphy01(at)


As a religious reader, keep up the good work! FYI: I
forward it to one person that I work with each week.

I know the pleasure of mountain biking up there. I do
miss it. I also remember when that tight section was
put in. What a blast. Michigan Tech initiated me into that
sport. I am now a member of MMBA (Michigan Mountain
Bike Association,, IMBA (International
Mountain Bike Association,
and NMBP (National Mountain Bike Patrol
( I had an old
steel K-mart 'special' my first spring. By the middle
of spring quarter I was forced to buy a new, stronger,
and lighter (by 20lbs) bike. This was a Trek 930 that
I am still riding today. I broke the rear triangle
and flatted the rear rim on that 'special'. It was a
hard hit and I was sore for several days. This was
1997, by the way.

As for the mud, it is the most damaging time to ride
during the spring thaw. Take it slow and do not go
around the mud puddles. Try not to widen the trail.
We recommend not riding during this time. MMBA has a
new feature on it's website that lists the trail
conditions of most of the trails (click on "trial
guide" at the top). You may find it helpful to check
that out to know if a trail is closed or in good
condition. It also has trail locations and
directions. The Calendar has trial work days and group
rides. Give back to the trails you use! There is a
forum if you ever have any questions about anything
biking related. I am out at Stony Creek Metro-park
every week. Look for a Grey Pontiac Aztek at the
mountain bike trial head. Have fun riding and be
proud that your son is so strong and healthy!

Email from Norm Remington '61 (norm(at)


Wonder if you would include in the weekly newsletter
mention of the new School of Forest Resources &
Environmental Science alumni forum located at
This is a new offering and if there are any foresters
reading this newsletter, head to this link and check
in. Let's get caught up on life happenings. Many

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26 -- Green Bay Chapter Golf Outing-Mid-Vallee.
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31 -- West Michigan Chapter -- Whitecaps Baseball Outing
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5 -7 -- Alumni Reunion--Houghton

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