March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Casey Kasam, RIP

I well recall the day 41 years ago when I first heard radio host Casey Kasem, his warmly hypnotic voice so exuding the equally warm and comforting notion that music can and does bring people together.

A decade later, in March 1983, I would have a long-distance dedication (“Beautiful Noise”) aired on “American Top 40” for a close friend. While that Neil Diamond song is an homage to the wondrously chaotic “noise” of a city street, I could never in good conscience use such a term when describing the voice of Kasem.
For that, I can only use “sound.” That beautiful sound.

Rest in peace, Casey.

William P. Bekkala
West Hollywood

Amen, Bill. He was a Detroiter, too.