March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Gary Shannette Remembered

Gary Shannette
1984 Summer Youth Program, Gary Shannette.

Gary and I were fraternity brothers. We belonged to Delta Sigma Phi. I remember Gary quite well. I was also in the Metallurgical Department so that I knew Gary as a fraternity brother and fellow student although I was a year or so ahead of him. He was very personable and great company. I thoroughly enjoyed his friendship. I knew that he was an excellent student. I was quite pleased to find out that he became a member of the Michigan Tech faculty after he received his graduate degrees. He obviously became a very popular faculty member. That was quite understandable considering his many talents. I believe he died in a sailing accident. That was a tragic loss for his family, friends and his students. Don Fitzpatrick, ’58 Metallurgical Engineer

Donald J. Fitzpatrick


In Dennis Walikainen’s June 17, 2014 issue of the Michigan Tech Alumni Magazine, he mentions Gary Shanette. Gary graduated in 1959 (with three of us) with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. He was a Sig Rho guy as I recall and a first rate fellow. At that point in his life Gary told me that he was going to work for Bethlehem Steel, obviously as a Metallurgical Engineer. Some of you may remember Gary and other Sig Rho members drinking beer at the Dog House as we KD’s enjoyed their company. We occasionally drank Saturday beer together at 1110 College Avenue and they reciprocated at their House.

You may recall that many US Steel Companies were facing tough competition with overseas steel competitors during the 1960′s. As a result, many went ‘belly-up’. Now I’m guessing, but Gary (experiencing the hard times) may have gone back to Tech and gained additional education. Then he could have begun his teaching career at Tech.

The brief category which describes Gary’s teaching and death is listed under the category Gary Shanette…1984 SYP! I ‘think’ This means Gary died in 1984. I don’t know what the heck SYP means? But if Gary died in 1984, he would have only been 47 when he passed. Now three of us are 77 and OLD TOM is hanging onto the 70s with his fingernails!

I would appreciate any of you elite gentlemen enlightening me (or correcting me) concerning what I’ve written. Thanks!

Ross Nettell


I am with you Jer; He is listed as Tau Beta Pi in the Senior Picture section of the 1959 Year Book the “Keweenawan”; he had a big presence (to me), I remember he had Calculus in High School, was Valedictorian; being from little Iron Mountain High I couldn’t even spell Calculus! No Social Fraternity!

Lu Legga Ru


Looked through the ’59 yearbook. A Gary Shannett (No e on the end) is in there but down’s give any Fraternity affiliation. He was a Metallurgical and member of Tau Beta Pi. I faintly remember him but do not remember drinking beer with him. Can’t add anything further.,
Jerry Z