Meet the Commuter Assistant

Commuter Assistants are current Michigan Tech commuter students who are trained to provide peer support, answer questions, plan networking events, and more. They can be great resources for information, campus news, and friendship—take a minute and get to know our current Commuter Assistant.

Commuter Assistant

Valerie Taglione

Valerie Taglione

Year: Fourth

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Campus Involvement: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Michigan Tech EMS, Broomball, Intramural Sports, Biological Sciences Learning Center Coach, Orientation Team Leader, Commuter Assistant

Favorite Thing about Commuting to Tech: My two siblings are students here and my mother works here, so being able to be a part of campus life while continuing to have that strong sense of family is definitely my favorite part about commuting.

Where you park: Lot 26

Why you chose Michigan Tech: I chose Michigan Tech because of its outstanding academics and beautiful campus. I also chose to come here because I could save money by living at home.

What does your future hold? After graduation, I hope to use my degree to work in a hospital laboratory while gaining further knowledge in medicine to eventually go to medical school to become a doctor.

Advice to first-year students: I wish I’d known how important it was to get involved on campus! I didn’t start to explore clubs, organizations, and campus job opportunities until halfway through the second semester of my first year, but I wish I’d looked into it right off the bat. My college experience improved dramatically once I got more involved in Tech’s campus community, and it allowed me to meet more people and overall just have a better time in college! I would encourage everyone to get involved right away in an organization you like, and continue to explore new opportunities throughout your college career.