Meet the Commuter Assistant

Commuter Assistants are current Michigan Tech commuter students who are trained to provide peer support, answer questions, plan networking events, and more. They can be great resources for information, campus news, and friendship—take a minute and get to know our current Commuter Assistant.

Erica LeClaire

 Year: Third

 Major: History

 Campus Involvement: Alpha Gamma Delta Women's Fraternity, Anthropology Club, and    Entrepreneur Club

 Favorite Thing about Commuting to Tech: Even though it is convenient to be on campus, I  like being able to easily  get away from it all, take a study break and just relax.

 Where you park: Either in St. Al's commuter lot or the SDC lot.

Why you chose Michigan Tech: Here at Tech it's a more personal experience than at other colleges. I like being able to get to know my instructors and work with them to understand the material.

What does your future hold? After finishing here at Tech, my plan is to go on to pursue a Masters degree in Museum Studies.

Advice to first-year students: Stay on campus before or after classes to study, to hang out, whatever really. You meet more people and have the chance to get involved in more things you might be interested just by talking.

Commuter Assistant