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Michigan Tech Blue Key Chapter

The Michigan Tech Chapter of Blue Key Honor Society is considered one of the top chapters in the United States and is recognized for its efforts in managing Michigan Tech's annual Winter Carnival and other events such as the Clair M. Donovan Award. This chapter of Blue Key is divided into six different committees and the Executive Board. Each committee is responsible for a different aspect of Winter Carnival. Below are the descriptions for each of the committees.

Clair M. Donovan Award

TheClair M. Donovan Award is awarded to a Michigan Tech faculty or staff member, a student, or an exceptional community member who has contributed the most outstanding service during the preceding year. The award is made in honor of Clair M. Donovan, who through his many years of service as national president of Blue Key Honor Society, as an alumnus, and as a civil leader, has made immeasurable contributions to the public image and prosperity of Michigan Tech.

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Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee is responsible for coordinating and running all special events during Winter Carnival. Fraternities, women's groups, resident halls, student organizations and community divisions all participate during Winter Carnival in pursuit of earning points towards winning the overall Winter Carnival competition. Each member of the committee is responsible from one to as many as three special events. The members are responsible for gathering materials, equipment, and organizing the operation of their events. The current Winter Carnival Special Events are: banner competition, beards, broomball, cross-country skiing, curling, downhill skiing, human dogsled race, ice bowling, ice fishing, skating, snow volleyball, snowboarding, tug-o-war, yooper sprint.

Stage Revue Committee

This committee is in charge of overseeing the stage revue show from auditions to critiques to the actual performance. This includes coordinating with the Rozsa Staff and making sure that everyone involved knows the rules, times, and expectations.

Queens Committee

This committee is in charge of coordinating all aspects of the Winter Carnival Queens Coronation. This includes booking a Comedian and Miss Michigan as well as setting up and running all of the rehearsals and meetings.

Statues Committee

This committee is in charge of all the statues built on campus or off-campus. This includes setting up the safety sessions, distributing equipment, and overseeing the actual construction of the statues. This committee also drives the judges around to judge each statue in their respective categories.

Funding and Awards Committee

This committee handles all the community fundraising, organizing T-shirt designs and sales, ordering trophies and obtaining award purchases, and selecting Winter Carnival judges from the community.

Publicity Committee

This committee is in charge of making and displaying posters and signs, keeping the campus and community aware of the upcoming events, maintaining the Blue Key website, selecting the fireworks company, creating the donor directory, arranging the community luncheon, setting up the MUB for Snowball.