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2010 Provost

Provost's Award for Scholarship

Elissa Barris

BS, Applied Geophysics

Elissa represents the best aspects of undergraduate research scholarship at Michigan Tech in the department of Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences.

Her research focuses on investigations of magnetic properties of rocks and individual rock-forming crystals in order to evaluate their fidelity as recorders of the Earth’s ancient magnetic field.  Last fall, Elissa played an instrumental role in obtaining data on magnetic mineralogy of Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments from the North Dakota. 

Currently, Elissa is involved in paleomagnetic measurements of Archean rocks from Western Australia.  Her work includes investigations of the ability of individual plagioclase crystals to preserve reliable information about the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field during its early stages. 

Elissa’s excellent abilities for analytical thinking and independent work were well demonstrated by her work on GE4500 term paper.  She selected a very complicated topic which was not on the suggested list, but entirely based on her own interest to the subject.  Her work clearly showed that her motivation was to gain a clear understanding of the state of the art in the selected topic, rather than just to fulfill one of the class requirements with a minimal effort.