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2010 Leadership

President's Award for Leadership

Andrea Taglione

BS, Exercise Science

The President's Award for Leadership is given to a student who is chosen from an outstanding group of nominees that have provided leadership for their peers in their activities while a student at Michigan Tech.

Recipient's Bio

The largest impact to Andrea’s leadership development was her involvement in the Orientation program.   Through her work with both the Orientation program and new students as a commuter mentor, Andrea realized that her true passion lies with helping peers and other students to be successful. 

Andrea’s role in orientation has had a great impact on hundreds of students.  After serving as an OTL and Commuter Mentor, Andrea sought the challenge of Programming and Communications Coordinator for Orientation.  Her dedication to the program and her desire to continue to provide this type of program for students is the reason that Andrea has been on the Orientation Executive Staff for two years.  Although Orientation week can be stressful at times, serving the incoming students in that capacity constituted the best week of Andrea’s college experience thus far and being able to see the staff of OTLs grow throughout their intense training week and Orientation week, was immensely rewarding.

As Andrea wrapped up her role as the Programming and Communications Coordinator, she realized she still wasn’t quite ready to leave the Orientation program.  This year, she was accepted back onto the Orientation Executive Staff as the Selection and Training Coordinator.  In this role, Andrea is responsible for the selection of 70 new staff members, maintaining a database of applicant information for students applying for positions across student life, developing the Orientation Spring Training program, and working throughout the summer to develop our intense week-long training program for our OTLs this fall. 

The leadership experiences which Andrea has been a part of, both in Michigan Tech’s community and outside of it, have shaped her into who she is today; developing confidence, increasing facilitation skills, expanding her knowledge of the inner-workings of a large institution, improving her professional communication skills, and enhancing personal development.