2009 Provost's Award for Scholarship—Eli Vlaisavljevich

 Eli Vlaisavljevich

Eli Vlaisavljevich

BS, Biomedical Engineering

The Provost's Award for Scholarship is given to a senior who best represents student scholarship at Michigan Tech. This outstanding student is considered excellent not only by academic standards, but also for participation in research, scholarship activity, levels of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and communication skills.

Eli has been described as "the best undergraduate student" one of his professors has "ever worked with." He has proven to be very gifted in both the laboratory and the classroom. It has also been said that Eli possesses a sharp intellect and an inexhaustible work ethic. It is not surprising after hearing all of the great things about Eli to find out that he maintains a perfect grade point average and is the top student of his class in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, all of this while playing Division 1 collegiate hockey.

Eli completed his first manuscript for publication last fall based on research he has been conducting and has presented this work at a professional conference. In addition, Eli has already submitted two abstracts to the Design of Medical Devices Conferences and the American Society for Mechanical Engineering which address modified thin film materials that he has been developing while at Michigan Tech. Eli is capable of formulating and carrying out independent and group work with equal ease, and this shows through his involvement outside of the classroom as well.

Eli serves as a role model for kids as a member of the Michigan Tech hockey team. The concept of teamwork permeates every aspect of athletic and academic life.

Eli an exemplary student, more importantly he is an exceptional person with the maturity, temperament, and attitude to be a gifted scientist.