Remaining a Student Organization

1. Organizations must have 10 active members at all times who are enrolled students of Michigan Technological University.

2. Registered student organizations must have at least one advisor who is a full-time employee of the University (faculty or staff).  Organizations may appoint additional advisors who are part-time or temporary employees, or who are members of the community.

3. Voting members or officers of an organization are limited to enrolled Michigan Tech students.

4. Officers of an organization must have a minimum 2.25 grade point average, both cumulative and most recent semester

5. The student group is not officially registered until Student Activities receives and approves all of the above required information and approves.

6. Changes in membership within the organization must be updated on Involvement Link immediately.

7. An inventory list of all the organizations supplies and equipment must be uploaded to Involvement Link, and any equipment with a replacement value of $500 or more must be noted.

8. Organization Presidents and Advisors must complete the required training modules on Canvas before the end of week 5 of the fall semester.

9. Organizations must complete the registration card and include President’s and Advisor’s signatures, along with banking information (pdf).

10. The signed check-list (pdf) must be completed and turned in to the Coordinator of Registered Student Organizations by the end of week 5.

11. Involvement Link is the official university source of information on student groups and is considered to be the most up-to-date records.  Groups assume the responsibility and liability for the content of their documents and information posted on Involvement Link.

12. Organization profiles on Involvement Link are open and seen by visitors and must reflect the organization’s mission statement, goals and objectives.

13. Each year, organizations must update Involvement Link page with:

  • New officers
  • New members
  • New constitution, if applicable
  • Revise profile information

14. An organization inventory document must be uploaded to Involvement Link.  All inventory with a replacement value of $500.00 or greater must be tagged.

15. Organization officers must maintain a grade point average of 2.25, both cumulative and most recent semester.

16. Organizations must have 10 active members at all times who are currently enrolled at Michigan Tech.

17. Registered Student Organizations must have at least one Advisor who is a full-time faculty or staff member of Michigan Tech.  The main advisor may not be an interim, part-time or temporary employee, nor can they be a faculty member on sabbatical.  All advisors must be approved by Student Activities.

18. Constitutions must be updated every four years to remain a legitimate registered student organization.

19. Each registered student organization is granted a mailbox in MUB 106.  A member of the organization must check the mailbox at least weekly.

20. Organizations must follow the policies and procedures of the University.  If a group is found in violation of these, an organization may be suspended and subject to other university discipline actions.  The group and its members must remain in good standing with the university, including full compliance with any conditions, stipulations, or restrictions placed upon organizational registration.

Other Information

For informational and publicity purposes, registered student organizations may submit their meeting and event times as follows: Involvement Link: Log onto your Involvement Link page and click on "Events," then click on the "Create Event " tab at the top of the page. Student Activities must approve the event. If approval is urgently needed, please call the Coordinator for Registered Student Organizations at 906-487-2402 during business hours.

Student News Briefs: Send an email advertising your event to by noon Thursday during the regular school year.  Student News Briefs are sent out as needed during the summer.