Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Trips

Alternative Spring Breaks exist to promote service learning, social justice, and community building to Michigan Tech students through participation in experiential learning opportunities via an alternative break. Through Alternative Breaks, students have the opportunity to develop into life-long active citizens in local, national and global communities through diverse, direct-service experiences dedicated to social justice.

Upcoming ASB Trips

In March 2017, MTU will pair with a non-profit organization in Memphis, TN working to combat specific social issues. The trip is comprised of 18 students, including two staff advisors.

For more information contact Jonathan Davey at, call 906-487-2831, or view the  ASB Info Packet .

ASB Info Packet  

SS 3961 Preparing for Cross-Cultural Immersion

Are you preparing for…

·      A study abroad?

·      A semester off-campus in a work environment?

·      Community-based or cross-cultural research?

·      Service or volunteer work?

The new HASS class is designed to prepare you for all of these experiences through reflection on your own culture, learning how to live and work effectively with other cultural groups, examination of the complexities of ethics and culture, and holistic, inclusive approaches to social problems and change.  We use real case studies from diverse environments and connect learning in and out of the classroom on these topics. 

This class will be available Spring 2017.

If you would like more information on the 3 credit SS 3961 Preparing for Cross-Cultural Immersion Experiences please contact Kari Henquinet at

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