Policies and Procedures

Academic Requirements for RSO Officers

All executive board members of registered student organizations must have and maintain a 2.25 grade point average, both cumulative and most recent semester, during the duration of their position.  Involvement in student organizations is not an extenuating circumstance or a reasonable justification to allow grades to decline.     

Grade reports will be checked at the end of each semester, and officers who have not met the 2.25 GPA requirement will be required to resign from their position.  This is not intended to be a punishment, but rather a way to help students be academically responsible.  As part of Michigan Tech's mission, students’ academic success is our highest priority.

Each individual organization may set their own standard of academic performance for members via requirements or by-laws of their constitution. (These requirements may not be below a 2.25 cumulative and most recent semester GPA per Student Activities policy.)

Alcohol Policy for Registered Student Organizations

The possession, sale, use, or consumption of alcoholic beverages, while on University or organizational premises, during an organizational event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by any Registered Student Organization, or in any event an observer would associate with the organization, must be in compliance with any and all applicable policies and laws of the state, county, city, and University.  (Organizational premises include but are not limited to any property or premises owned by, leased to, or in the permanent or temporary control of or management by a registered student organization.)

RSOs that intend to have alcohol served on-campus or at any University-sponsored event must submit a risk management plan to Student Activities 30 days prior to the event.  This plan is subject to review and approval by Student Activities, Dining Services, the Facility Manager, Risk Management, and Public Safety and Police Services.  All RSOs sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event must abide by the provisions of this policy. 

Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased with organizational funds, University general fund monies, or any Student Activity Fee funding, nor may purchases for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the organization. 

No RSO shall sponsor or co-sponsor any activity or function that permits unrestricted and/or public access to alcohol beverages.  Common sources of alcoholic beverages (over one gallon), as well as any type of keg containing an alcoholic beverage, are not permitted on organizational premises or during an organizational event. 

Any type of drinking game, challenge, competition, performance, or contest that involves or utilizes alcohol, on organization premises or during an organizational event is strictly prohibited. 

No RSO may co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor or tavern where alcohol is given away, sold, or provided to those present.  (A tavern is defined as an establishment generating more than half of its annual gross sales from alcohol.)  This includes any event held in, at, or on the property of a tavern for the purposes of fundraising.  An RSO may rent or use a room or area in a tavern as defined above for an event held within the provisions of this policy.

  • Alcohol may not be provided, sold, available, or possessed by any person in the same room or immediate area that the RSO is renting or using. 
  • RSOs may not profit financially in any way from the event. 
  • RSOs may not facilitate or assist in the sale of alcohol or the operation of the tavern in any way.  This includes but is not limited to bartending, verifying identification of members/guests, and/or having members act as security for the facility. 

Because the University recognizes that the use of alcohol at recruitment functions goes against the best interest of the recruiting organization and the potential new members, alcohol cannot be used in or during recruitment functions by any RSO, nor can it be present at any pre or post organizational or events parties regardless of whether they are “official” functions. 

The possession, sale, or use of any illegal drugs or controlled substances while on organizational premises or during an organization event is strictly prohibited. 

For the complete University Policy on Abuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Students and Student Organizations, please click on University Policy 2.7001.  

For more specific information, such as related policies, disciplinary actions for alcohol and other drug violations, parental notification information, and prevention and assistance resources, see the Notification to Students Regarding University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.

Bake Sales

Student organizations are permitted to conduct bake sales for organization fundraising purposes.  Basic baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. may be sold or available for donations. 

For any other foods other than this that organizations intend to serve on campus, the Catering office must be contacted to discuss the food and beverage needs.

Please see the University Food Policy for more information.

Chalking Policy

See the Chalking Policy on the Office of Academic and Community Conduct page.

Date Auctions

Date auctions, or any type of event in which people are auctioned, are not permitted on-campus by any Registered Student Organization. Events like these are/could be considered as sexual discrimination and/or hazing. No University resources may be used for any such event, including, but not limited to room reservations, posting space, Involvement Link, etc. Organizations that violate this policy will be charged through the Office of Academic and Community Conduct.
Organizations that choose to hold these events off-campus accept that all risk and liability falls on the organization and individual members.

Hazing Policy

See the Hazing Policy on the Office of Academic and Community Conduct page.

MUB Kiosk

The MUB Kiosk contains six different display boards that are 20” wide x 48” tall.  Student organizations are welcome to reserve a single side of the kiosk for up to two weeks in length.

To submit a reservation request, please visit http://www.mtu.edu/student-activities/details/forms-requests/ and click on the “Reserving the MUB Kiosk” link.

Postings and Table Tent Procedures


There are multiple locations on-campus where Registered Student Organizations may hang posters on bulletin boards or drop posters off to be hung by departments.  Please see the posting matrix available at HERE for more information and a complete list of posting locations.  (Copies are also available in the Student Activities Office in room 112 of the Memorial Union Building.)

Posters are not permitted to be hung on trees, in stairwells, fire doors, or any other location that is not specified on the posting matrix or as a designated posting area.  (See Board of Trustees Policy for more information.)

Please be respectful of other organizations and do not post on top of or remove other groups’ posters until their event has occurred. 

Table Tents

Table tents are permitted in the dining areas of the Keweenaw Commons (MUB), Douglass Houghton Hall, McNair Hall, and Wadsworth Hall.  Please see Dining Services’ page on Table Tents for more information.

University Identity Standards

When creating posters, table tents, presentations, and any other media, registered student organizations are encouraged to be familiar with and utilize the policies and resources provided by University Marketing and Communications (UMC).  An editorial guide is available, and it includes downloadable Michigan Tech logos, PowerPoint backgrounds, and more.  UMC has also created University Identity Standards for Student Organizations, and each organization is encouraged to review this document prior to producing any posters or media.

Promotional Table Reservations

Student Organizations may reserve promotional tables to promote their organization, conduct fundraisers, or distribute information. 

Wadsworth Hall, McNair Hall, & Douglass Houghton Hall

To reserve a table in the residence halls, students should visit the Housing and Residential Life Office in 153 Wadsworth Hall to complete the reservation form.

Memorial Union Building

To reserve a table in the Memorial Union Building, students should visit https://www.mtu.edu/vems/ to check for availability and make an online reservation.

Fisher Hall

To reserve a table in Fisher Hall, students can stop in the Physics Office in room 118 Fisher, call (906) 487-2086, or email physics@mtu.edu.

Risk Management

Risk Management Plans

Occasionally student organizations wish to host events on-campus or at University sponsored events (such as K-Day) that include elements of risk.  In order for these events to be confirmed, organizations will be required to submit a risk management plan and have it approved.  (It is important to note that all student organization events that occur off-campus, unless approved for a University sponsored event, such as K-Day, will have all liability rest with the student organization and its members and officers.) 

When completing a risk management plan, student organizations are asked to include the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Today’s Date
  • Person Completing the Plan
  • Role within the Organization
  • Email Address
  • Event Name
  • Date of Event
  • Location of Event

Please provide a thorough description of your proposed event and what will be happening:

  • Will an advisor or a faculty/staff member be present?  If so, please include their name(s) and email(s).
  • Does this event involve food/beverage?  If so, describe in detail.
  • Does this event involve physical activity of any kind?  If so, describe in detail including how you will minimize risk.  (Safety equipment, training, waivers, etc.)
  • Describe any other risks or possible risk scenarios that participants, spectators, or organization members could experience as a result of this event.
  • Describe your organization’s action plan in case of an emergency and/or a medical situation.
  • What is your plan in the event of inclement weather?

Once you compile this information, please email it to Rochelle Spencer at raspence@mtu.edu for review.  Depending on the contents of your proposed event, your organization’s officers and/or planning group may be asked to meet for more information.  Your plan may also need to be reviewed by Public Safety and Police Services, Facilities Management, Dining Services, and Risk Management.  We recommend that you submit your risk management plan as early as possible.  Some plans may be reviewed and approved quickly, however others may require more departments review and approval, and this process can take longer. 

Liability Waivers

For events with risk, your organization may be advised to require participants to sign liability waivers before participating.  Samples of liability waivers may be found at http://www.mtu.edu/student-activities/details/forms-requests/.

Room Reservations

Room and space reservations at Michigan Tech are handled by a variety of offices. Please visit http://www.mtu.edu/room-reservations/  for a comprehensive list of spaces which can be reserved and the procedure for requesting a reservation for those rooms.

Sandwich Board Signs

Student organizations may request to have sandwich boards on-campus to promote their events or organization.  Student organizations must follow the Use of University Outside Grounds Policy and Procedure when doing this and submit a request in advance.

Any sandwich boards placed on-campus must also comply with Board of Trustees Policy 12.3, Rule Prohibiting Disruption of University Activities.

Swipe Access to the Student Organizations Office (MUB 106)

Students may request swipe access to MUB 106 (the Student Organization Office) if they have a need to access the room after regular business hours.  (This is most common for organizations like the Memorial Union Board, The Lode, SWE, SLS, and other groups with offices in MUB 106.)  Once the request is processed, students are able to swipe into the MUB after hours and also MUB 106.  The first card swipe is at the top of the stairs just before the Bookstore entrance, and the second swipe is at the door to MUB 106 across from the Alumni Lounge. 

Card access is valid until the end of the current academic year.  Any students needing access in the summer or for the following academic year will need to submit another request at that time. 

Executive board members may submit a list of members who need access.  The list should include the full names and usernames of all members that need access. 

Requests for access may be made in person in the Student Activities Office in MUB 112, or by emailing activities@mtu.edu.

Travel Policy

If student organizations are traveling over 50 miles on behalf of their organization at Michigan Tech, regardless of the mode of transportation, each participating member must read and abide by the attached travel policy.  This form needs to be submitted to Student Activities at least two days prior to the proposed travel departure date. 

Organizational members traveling in personal vehicles are subject to the insurance limits carried by the car owner’s auto insurance.  The individual driver is responsible for the insurance coverage and passengers should make sure that there is adequate insurance coverage on the vehicle.  The University does not provide any coverage for vehicles not owned by the University. 

If a student organization intends to use a Husky Motors vehicle, the vehicle request form must also be completed and submitted to Student Activities before the vehicle reservation may be confirmed.  For Husky Motors vehicles, the insurance is provided by Michigan Tech. 

To reserve a Husky Motors Vehicle, student organizations should:

  • Submit a reservation at http://www.mtu.edu/facilities/husky-motors/rentals/ or call (906) 487-2700. 
  • Complete and submit the vehicle request form to Student Activities at least seven days prior to the vehicle pick-up date. 
  • Obtain approval and confirmation from Student Activities that the vehicle request form has been approved and that Husky Motors has been notified.

The use of any University vehicle is restricted to the conduct of official University business, and any use for personal business or pleasure is prohibited.  Any usage of University vehicles for anything other than official University or student organization business may result in:

  • Your organization not being protected under the provisions of the University liability insurance. 
  • The loss of future funding for travel from the Undergraduate Student Government.
  • Individual and/or organizational Code of Community Conduct charges (See "Representation" and "Services" under "Prohibited Conduct" in the Code of Community Conduct, available at the Office of Academic and Community Conduct.)


Any student intending to drive a 12 and 15 passenger van must complete the van certification training program at http://www.mtu.edu/facilities/husky-motors/certification/. The training must be completed at least 72 hours prior to travel.

The cost of each online training session is $25 and can be paid at Husky Motors. They will provide you the key to log-in to the online van certification website.

Occupancy for 15 passenger vans is limited to ten (10) occupants, including the driver, for travel outside a 100 mile radius of the campus.  Organizations traveling outside the Houghton County area that wish to rent one or more of the 12 or 15 passenger vans must list a minimum of two van certified drivers per vehicle on the Husky Motors Vehicle Request Form.

Use of Outside Grounds/Distribution of Promotional Materials

All persons or groups seeking to reserve outside grounds space and/or desiring to distribute written or printed promotional materials on the campus of Michigan Technological University must make a reservation of such space in advance.  (This includes the use of parking lots, sidewalks, grassy areas, etc.)

To submit a reservation request, please complete the form available at http://www.mtu.edu/student-activities/details/forms-requests/.

For more information, please see the complete University Policy and Procedure at 2.5006 - Use of Reserved University Outside Grounds.

Verified Absence Letter

Student Organization members may request letters to verify their participation in co-curricular activities in the event that they need to miss class to do so.  This letter is meant to confirm a student’s participation in an extracurricular activity, however it is not an excuse and it is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor(s) and gain permission to make up any assignments, course work, and quizzes missed during this time. 

To request a verified absence letter, stop in the Student Activities Office in room 112 of the Memorial Union Building.  Be prepared to share the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your student organization
  • Name of the activity/conference/event
  • Date and time of departure
  • Date and time of return

If multiple organization members are participating in the event, an executive board member may submit a list of names to Student Activities and one letter will be issued with all participants included. 

No verified absence letters will be given out for any proposed organizational trips or events that conflict with scheduled coursework or exams during finals week.  (This supports the University Senate Policy 602.1.)

For information on University excused absences, see the Attendance Policy.

For more information on student conduct policies and procedures, visit the Office of Academic and Community Conduct.