OAP Gear Rental Prices
Rental Rate Calculator
Price = daily rate X multiplier
1 Night = 1X
Weekend = 2X
Ext. weekend = 3X
Week = 4X
First price listed is for the Michigan Tech students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Second price listed is for the general community.COMMUNITY MEMBERS CANNOT RENT CANOES AND KAYAKS.
DESCRIPTIONOvernight Rental (1 Night)
Internal Frame Backpack$6/$8
Bike Helmet$2/$4
Trek Mountain Bike (Helmet and bike lock included)$12/$16
Green Bike

$40 per bike, $10 refunded when/if returned

Norco Bigfoot Fat Tire Bike


Bike Locker$30 per semester
Cooking, Coolers, and Water
Water Jug$1/$2
Large Camp Kettle (10 Quart)$1/$2
Marshmallow Skewer$1/$2
Pudgie Pie Maker$1/$2
6 Piece Mess Kit (Cup, Bowl, Plate, Spoon, Knife and Fork)$1/$2
5 Piece Cook Kit (1qt Pot, 1.5qt Pot, Fry Pan, 2 Measuring Cups, 2 Lids)$2/$4
Large Cooler$3/$5
Katadyn Hiker Water Filter$6/$8
12" Aluminum Dutch Oven$5/$8
Backpacking Hammock$5/$7
Paddles (Kayak or Canoe)$2/$4
PFD's (lifejacket)$3/$5
Canoe Package (Canoe, 2 PFDs, 2 Paddles, Straps and Pads)$20/NA
Kayak Package (Single or Tandem Kayak, 1 or 2 PFDs, 1 or 2 Paddles, Straps and Pads)$20/NA
Stand-Up Paddle Board Package (Paddle Board, 1 Paddle, 1 PFD and Straps) $30/NA
Canoe Trailer - Holds 4 Canoes or 8 kayaks (1 7/8" ball and trailer adapter available upon request)$20/$30
Dry Bag$2/$4
Kayak Trolley$2/$4
Sleeping Bags
20 Degree Sleeping Bag $4/$6
10 Degree Sleeping Bag$6/$8
0 Degree Sleeping Bag$6/$8
Down Sleeping Bag$8/$10
Sleeping Pads
Closed Cell Sleeping Pad$2/$4
Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad$4/$6
Snow Sled/Tube$1/$2
Hand Ice Auger$6/$8
Igloo Maker$2/$4
Stoves and Fuel
Coleman Feather 400 Dual Fuel Stove (Fuel Included)$4/$6
Coleman 2-Burner Propane Car Camping Stove (Fuel Not Included)$4/$6
Vector Butane Stove (Fuel Not Included)$4/$6
8oz Butane Fuel Canister$4/$6
2 Person Tent$10/$15
3 Person Tent$12/$18
4 Person Tent$14/$20
6-8 Person Tent$18/$22
Rope (not for climbing)$1/$2
Multi-Purpose Tarp$1/$2