Challenge Course

Our outdoor course is typically open from mid May until the end of October. Our challenge course is open year around with the use of portable elements that can come to your location.

Low Elements

-We have 11 low elements
-Typical program uses 4 to 5 elements
-Low elements typically involve more team-building, leadership development, and improving communication skills

High Elements

-Our high course built in 2009 contains 5 elements, with a 250' + zip-line exit
-Dynamic course which means our participants only need to climb one time to complete all activities up to 10 people
-High elements focus more on individual challenges

Health and Liability Waivers:
If you are 18 or older you will need to complete this form prior to participation on the Challenge Course: Adult Waiver 

If you are 18 or under, you and your parent/guardian will need to complete the following from prior to participation on the Challenge Course: Student Waiver

Online Reservation/Request

Challenge Course REQUEST FORM

Group Goal Sheet
What does your group hope to accomplish by going through the challenge course and activities?  Consider reviewing the following form prior to your challenge course reservation date.
Group Goal Sheet


Q: How do I reserve/set up an event?
A: There is an online request that you can complete and we will contact you within 3 business days to arrange to final details for your event.  THIS IS ONLY A REQUEST FOR THE DATES AND TIME SPECIFIED.  NOTHING WILL BE FINAL UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED A SIGNED CONTRACT OUTLINING THE DETAILS. 

Q: Where is the course located? 
A: The Challenge Course is located on the south side of the road across from Sherman Field. Follow the Entrance to the Main Trail Head for the Tech Trails. Participants will meet at the small brown shed on the north edge of the field next to the waxing shed.

Q: How many people do I need to have in my group?  
A: We ask that your group have a minimum of 8 participants to take part in the high and low ropes course.  We can accommodate most group sizes, however for larger groups (over 40 people) we ask that you contact us to talk more about the activities available for your group. 

Q: How can I get on the course with a smaller group?  
There are some times during the year that we will open course for and open house style event.  We will still run the participants through as a group, but they may not know each other before the event.  Typically these events run during the summer, as well as Family Weekend.