What is HuskyLEAD?

  • HuskyLEAD, which is a leadership development series, stands for Leadership Education Accelerating Development. At Michigan Tech, we believe that leadership development is extremely important and essential for all of our students to truly make an impact on campus and society. This program encourages everyone from campus leaders and student organization officers, either aspiring and experienced, to elevate their leadership skills by learning the best techniques, tips, and tricks for not only the success of their organization but also for the real world.

What skills are built through participation in the HuskyLEAD Program?

Five different leadership competencies are stressed throughout the HuskyLEAD series.  These competencies are:

  • Self-Awareness: Part of strong leadership is learning about yourself – strengths, weaknesses, and personal values – and how to advance organizations and individuals using that self-knowledge.
  • Teamwork: Cooperation and collaboration are important skills to learn as a leader. You will learn about how to use and navigate groups and teams to promote strong leadership.
  • Communication: Leaders must understand the "how" and "why" behind communication in order to understand how others can best contribute, how to share information effectively with others, and how to send the desired message.
  • Ethical Practices: The ethical practices of leaders are constantly challenged. Leaders must stay congruent with ethical principles and practices and the value of affecting others lives positively.
  • Social Responsibility: As leaders, one of our goals is to understand our roles as members of multiple communities and how we can better the lives of those in those communities through direct and/or indirect involvement.


Spring 2015 Schedule:

All HuskyLEAD sessions will be held in MUB Ballroom B2 & B3 except the January 27 session which will be held in
Fisher 135.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
MUB B2 & B3, 6:00 PM
The Career Services Advantage:  Be a student organization liaison!
Participants will learn how student and Greek organizations can provide their members with direct communication to employment and career development information and opportunities from Career Services.
Presenters:  Steve Patchin, director of Career Services, and Julie Way, assistant director of Career Services.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Fisher 135, 6:00 PM
Financing and Budgeting for Your Organization
(Required for all registered student organizations intending to request funding from the Undergraduate Student Government).
Participants attending this session will learn about the opportunities available for student organizations to receive funding and will focus on collaboration and goal-setting to further their organization goals.
Presenter:  Steven Steinhoff, treasurer, Undergraduate Student Government

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
MUB B2 & B3, 6:00 PM
Presentations that Work
Did you know that there is a "communication ceiling" in the corporate world? Your ability to speak and write well can make or break your career. Make sure you know how to give presentations that work.
Presenter:  Patti Sotirin, Professor of Communications, Humanities

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
MUB B2 & B3, 6:00 PM
Unplug and Recharge!  Learn Self-care Techniques and Achieve Balance.
Participants attending this session will learn valuable self-care techniques that can be used while at Michigan Tech and in the years that follow in order to achieve balance.  Part of strong leadership is learning about yourself - strengths, weaknesses and personal values.  Advance individually and as an organization by using self-knowledge.
Presenter:  Whitney Boroski, health and wellness coordinator, Student Activities

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
MUB B2 & B3, 6:00 PM
The Green Perspective:  Learning Energy-saving Habits
Participants will learn energy-saving habits to save money at home and in the workplace.
Presenters:  Green Campus Enterprise Team

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
MUB B2 & B3, 6:00 PM
Lean Leadership:  Achieving Leadership Excellence Using Lean Principles
Participants will learn how leaders can use Lean knowledge, processes, and tools to more effectively lead others.  Lean leaders commit to self-development, coach and develop others, build capability for continuous improvement, and create vision and align goals.