Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials
BOT 15.6.5 Operations: Distribution of handbills or other printed material is permitted only in designated areas.

BOT 20.9.3 Ordinance: No person shall place, throw or deposit any handbill in or upon any vehicle parked upon the campus.

BOT 15.6.3 Solicitation or sale on property owned or controlled by Michigan Technological University is prohibited unless authorized by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

Advertising of any type is not permitted in University buildings or on University grounds other than on designated bulletin boards, or as approved by the appropriate Building Manager.
Student organizations registered with the Dean of Students office may sell tickets or conduct limited sales of goods in the Union building or public areas of residence halls after receiving approval of the appropriate Building Manager.
Public Safety and Police Services Widmaier House (16) OR Student Activities Memorial Union Building – (34) Room 112 have authorization permits (paper & on-line) for the distribution of promotional materials

University related persons or groups (registered student organizations) interested in distributing promotional materials must obtain a permit 48 hours before distribution.

Persons or groups must produce permit for review upon request.


PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Written and/or printed advertising materials including leaflets, handbills, literature, signs, fliers or posters.

DISTRIBUTION: The practice of hand delivering or passing out PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS.

DESIGNATED AREAS: areas defined by the University that does not impede the holding of classes, the carry forward of University business, the arrangements for properly organized and schedules events on the campus, the reasonable movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or the discharge of responsibility by any University officer or employee.


Persons distributing promotional materials are asked to bear in mind the litter caused by discarded papers and are asked to remove all discarded items from the grounds at the conclusion of their activity.


Any student organization violating the provisions of these policies and procedures is subject to judicial action when actions and behavior do not comply with all University rules and regulations set forth in the University Student Catalog and the Student Rights & Responsibilities in the University Community document,  except that the University reserves the right to take appropriate action for violation of local, state, or federal law.

Public Safety reserves the right to ticket, escort persons off campus and/or ban individuals for violating the provisions of these policies and procedures.