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Established to uphold the purposes of the non-profit organization, MedLife. The student chapter will work to raise funds for the MedLife Fund, to carry out volunteering and community service projects, and to raise awareness concerning poverty and health.

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Canterbury House

Established to provide student support for Canterbury House programs. In particular this support includes determining, planning and helping with activities that the students would like to see happen at or in conjunction with the Canterbury House. Such activities shall correspond with the mission of the Canterbury House. The mission of the Canterbury House is to create a place where international students and their spouses can come and recieve help improving their conversational English, reading, and writing skills. The Canterbury House Staff strives to provide support services to students and the local community.

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Silver Wings Photo

Silver Wings

We are students who love serving our community and supporting our military. In spring 2015 we attended the Silver Wings National Conclave in Chicago where we were inspired by Department of Defense leaders such as General Paul Selva, then Commander of U.S. Transportation Command. This semester we visited the animal shelter and worked with Arnold Air Society to organize a POW / MIA 5K run on campus. Our national project this year is to reach out to World War II veterans. We have been honored to listen to stories from Bill Archer, a local resident of Hancock who served in World War II and afterward for many years as a pilot in the Air Force.

We welcome any students to join us who want to grow personally and professionally, serve their community, and support our nation's military.

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Paintball Club Photo

Paintball Club

The Michigan Tech Paintball club is a student organization whose goal is to spread the passion for the sport of paintball. The club holds local events for students to learn about paintball as a sport. We also represent the university in the National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) by sending our tournament team to events.

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African Students Organization (ASO)

Established to let people know about African cultures - to be ambassadors of Africa on & off the campus, to disseminate ACCURATE information about African countries; to give the members of the organization opportunities to know each other's culture.

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ACM@MichiganTech Photo


ACM@MichiganTech is a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. This organization shall promote an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, languages, management, and applications of modern computing machinery; and promote communication and interaction between students interested in computing machinery, faculty and staff involved with computing machinery, and computing machinery itself.

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