University Standing Committees

Health and Safety Task Force


Develop recommendations on a university-wide course of action to improve safety awareness and practice in all aspects of our instructional, research and support activities.

Task Force Activities:

  • TBD





Reports To:

Vice President for Administration

Committee Members:

  • Ann Kitalong-Will, Executive Director, Business Operations
  • Bob Page, Laboratory Facilities Manager, Mechanical Engineering—Engineering Mechanics
  • Chris Wojick, Senior Research Engineer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Dan Bennett, Police Commissioner and Executive Director of University Safety and Security
  • Janet Hayden, Executive Director, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Jeff Lewin, Chemical Safety Officer, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety Office
  • Joanne Polzien, Executive Director, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety
  • Kerri Sleeman, Executive Director, Facilities Management
  • Kimberly Puuri, Administrative Aide, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety Office
  • Nancy Bykkonen, Administrative Aide, Human Resources
  • Pete Baril, Health and Safety Manager, Occupational Safety & Health Services
  • Renee Hiller, Director, Human Resources
  • Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, Associate Vice President for Administration