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Proposal 20-16

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 20-16
(Voting Units: Academic) 


Department of Humanities
Contact: Michael Bowler

PDF version of Proposal 20-16

1.  Introduction

The proposed minor in Media Production, sponsored by the Humanities Department, offers Michigan Tech students the opportunity to deepen their understanding and use of different media and communication forms. The minor requires introductory courses in digital media and visual communication. A media production minor will signal to employers in communication fields, as well as science and engineering fields, that a job candidate is prepared to handle the media-­rich demands of today’s communication environment, making Michigan Tech students more desirable and competitive candidates.

2.  Rationale

The hallmark of communication today is media convergence and multimodality. While writing remains a communication staple, graphic design, photography, web development, video and audio production, and print production work together to convey information and ideas. Each of these have unique artistic and technical requirements, utilize different tools and workflows, and construct meaning in diverse ways. A media production minor prepares students to understand and have competency in these different forms, increasing our students’ value as communicators both in the workplace and as citizens. 

3.  Details of Catalog Copy
    1. Title of Minor

Media Production

3.2  Catalog Description

This minor, offered by the Humanities Department, will provide students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding and use of different media and communication forms through study and intensive practice. Learning goals: Students who complete this minor will develop: 

      • effective media-­rich, multimodal communication skills through appropriate selection and use of the different media forms

      • awareness of important cultural, rhetorical, and critical contexts for media development

      • creative and artistic abilities through study of contemporary practices and standards and development of original media work

      • understanding and application of practices, vocabulary, and workflows for professional media development, including intellectual property laws with regard to media creation and distribution

      • proficiency with software, equipment, and other technology used for professional media development

3.3 List of courses

The minor requires a total of 18 credits.

Introductory Courses (6 9 credits)

Introductory media course (required)

HU2642 Introduction to Digital Media

Introductory visual communication courses (choose 1 or 2)

HU2633 Digital Imaging
HU2645 Graphic and Information Design
FA2300  Two-Dimensional Design
HU2324 Intro to Film

Upper-Level Electives (9 12 credits)

Choose 3 or 4 courses

HU3630 Publication and Information ManagementHU3650 Intro to Web Design
HU3695 Digital Writing and Rhetoric
HU3870 Color, Visuality, Culture
HU3890 Documentary
HU4628 Usability and Instructions
HU4642 Topics in Advanced Media
FA3730  Sound Design
FA3741  RecordingLab


  1. New course descriptions: no new courses

  2. Estimated costs: no additional faculty or resources required

    Planned implementation date: August 2016

    Approved by Humanities Department: December4, 2015

Introduced to Senate:  02 March 2016
Approved by Senate:  23 March 2016
Approved by Administration:  06 April 2016