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Proposal 3-15

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 3-15

(Voting Units: Academic Senate) 

“Creating a Visiting Professor of Practice Position”

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Currently professor of practice positions are continuing appointments, with a notice of termination given one year in advance). 

However, being able to hiring a professor of practice on a guest-appointment basis (in mutual agreement) would be consistent with the rationale for non-tenure-track faculty ranks described in Senate Policy 701.2 “Non Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments” which reads, in part, as follows: 

“Furthermore, in the College of Engineering and in units such as Technology and Computer Science specifically, the need for faculty who have significant professional experience is critical to the success of our programs and to the preparation of our students. Non-tenure track faculty provide a vital service in bringing the “real-world” into our classrooms.”

Often, candidates with the requisite professional experience for positions as professors of practice want to make only a one-year (or less) commitment, and for such people, “professor of practice” is a more appealing and more appropriate than “instructor,” especially in recognizing their professional experience and stature.

The Senate’s Constitution assigns the Senate the responsibility and authority to establish policy and procedures regarding criteria for positions that are to be accorded academic rank (III.F.1.vii). The Senate’s Bylaws assign this responsibility to the Senate’s Academic Policy Committee (I.D.1.b).

Hence, it is proposed that Michigan Tech create a guest-appointment position entitled “visiting professor of practice,” which shall normally be for one year or less.

The respective chapter in the Faculty Handbook “1.5.5 Non-Tenure-Track Academic Rank Definitions”

should therefore be amended by the following paragraph:

VISITING Professor of Practice:  A guest appointment offered to a candidate with the requisite professional experience for a position as professors of practice who wants to make only a one-year (or less) commitment. Visiting appointments shall normally be for one year or less.

Introduced to Senate:  10 September 2014

Friendly Amendment offered in red:  24 September 2014

Approved by Senate with friendly amendment:  24 September 2014
Approved by Administration:  26 October 2014