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Proposal 20-15

The University Senate of Michigan Technological University

Proposal 20-15
(Voting Units: Full Senate) 

“Policy on Michigan Technological University Information Technology Services”

PDF Version of Proposal 20-15

I. Introduction 

On September 24, 2014, Michigan Technological University’s Senate passed Proposal 1-15, which, among other things, established the Senate Information Technology (IT) Standing Committee to review, make recommendations, initiate, and participate in the formulation of IT policy and procedures.

IT is integral to every facet of Michigan Tech's operations, and in the interest of shared governance and decision-making that engages the most constituents, the University Senate offers the following proposal. 

II. Proposal

Working with all university stakeholders (including, but not limited to student affairs, academic affairs, faculty, staff, researchers, administration, and student government):

1. IT shall create an annually updated strategic plan that includes a clear mission, duties, responsibilities, and structures that guide management, operations, developments, and investments.

2. IT shall conduct an annual needs assessment to guide formulation of an annual work plan that corresponds with assessed needs, stakeholders’ priorities, and the strategic plan, and shall present this assessment to the Senate and to the IT Governance Group.

3. IT shall establish an annual framework for the implementation of an annual work plan for restructuring, designing, and delivering services that meet the requirements of its stakeholders (e.g., instructional labs and print services), and shall present this framework to the Senate and to the IT Governance Group.

4. IT shall present an annual budget and cost structure that meets the requirements and priorities of its stakeholders, referenced to the annual work and strategic plans, to the Senate and to the IT Governance Group.

5. IT shall provide three reports with accompanying presentations to the Senate and to the IT Governance Group (beginning of the fall semester, beginning of the spring semester, and near the end of the spring semester) relating to all aspects of IT services, the usage level of those services, a budget analysis, IT’s various ongoing and future operation, and progress according to the annual work and strategic plans. The reports shall also include statements and documentation supporting deviation from the annual and strategic plans, and the third report shall include a summary of annual work and strategic plan progress, operations, and budget.

6. IT shall conduct a university-wide annual evaluation that reflects its current work and strategic plans. The criteria and the process for evaluation should be conducted in cooperation with the Senate and the IT Governance Group. IT shall present the evaluation results and mechanisms for addressing evaluation results to the Senate and to the IT Governance Group.

Introduced to Senate:  10 December 2014
Approved by Senate:  21 January 2015
Disapproved by Administration:  27 February 2015

Senate Sent Proposal Back to IT Committee:  09 September 2015
Senate voted to table this proposal indefinitely:  17 February 2016