C2E2 Fund Awards Archives

2010-2011 Academic Year

  • Shiyue Fang, Chemistry
  • Saied Nooshabadi, Elec. Comp. Eng/CS
  • Rupali Datta, Biological Sciences
  • Eric Hinsdale, Van Pelt & Opie Library

2009-2010 Academic Year

  • Wan Jin Jahng, Biological Sciences/CAS
  • Kim Fook Lee, Physics
  • Oliver Gailing, SFRES
  • John Jaszczak, Physics and Jaroslaw Drelich, MSE
  • Edward Laitila, MSE
  • Lynn Mazzoleni,Chemistry; Claudio Mazzoleni, Physics and Judith Perlinger, CEE

2008–2009 Academic Year

  • Kalen Larson, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Gloria Melton, Student Affairs
  • Claudio Mazzoleni, Physics
  • Patty Lins and David Chard, Educational Technology Services/Online Learning
  • Kim Fook Lee, Physics
  • Simon Carn, GMES
  • Ramakrishna Wusirika, Biological Sciences

2007–2008 Academic Year

  • Shiyue Fang and Lanrong Bi, Dept. of Chemistry
  • Gopal Jayaraman, MEEM
  • Erik Van Nordberg, Van Pelt Library
  • Martin Thompson, Chemistry BRC
  • Cai Yu, Guy Hembroff and Hetal Jasani, School of Technology

2006–2007 Academic Year

  • Patricia Heiden and Heather Youngs, Chemistry and Biological Sciences
  • Gerry Caneba, Chemical Engineering and  Byung K. Choi, Computer Sciences
  • Shiyue Fang, Chemistry and College of Sciences and Arts

2005–2006 Academic Year

  • John Gierke, Geological & Mining Leah Vucetich, School of Forest
  • Engg. & Sciences Resources & Environmental Science
  • William Helton, Education
  • Christopher Plummer, Fine Arts

2004–2005 Academic Year

  • Paul Charlesworth, Chemistry andDonald Lueking, Biological Sciences
  • Bahne Cornilsen, Chemistry and Larry Mishkar, Social Sciences
  • John Jaszczak, Physics Martin Thompson, Chemistry

2003–2004 Academic Year

  • Ed Nadgorny, Physics and Patrick Martin, Social Sciences
  • Martin Thompson, Chemistry Owen Mills, MSE
  • Chung-Jui Tsai, School of Forest Resources
  • Ramesh Thakur, SFRES and Environmental Science/PBRC
  • Ramakrishna Wusirika, Biological Science

2002–2003 Academic Year

  • John Adler, MTU Safety & Env. Health Comm.
  • Sarah Green, Chemistry
  • Timothy Scarlett, Social Sciences
  • Jian Liu, Chemistry
  • Howard Wang, MSE, and Haiying Liu, Chemistry
  • Charles Young, Geological Engg. & Sciences
  • Eugenijus Urnezius, Chemistry
  • Peter Tampas, School of Technology
  • Eugenijus Urnezius, Chemistry
  • William Yarrow, Dept. of Education

2001-2002 Academic Year

  • Paul Charlesworth, Chemistry
  • Mary Carol Friedrich, Fine Arts
  • Craig Friedrich, ME-EM
  • Pat Heiden, Chemistry
  • Gopal Jayaraman, ME-EM
  • Daniel Makagon, Humanities
  • Dave Labyak, ME-EM
  • Patrick Martin, Social Sciences
  • Dale Burkhouse, BME
  • Christopher Plummer, Fine Arts
  • Timothy Scarlett, Social Sciences
  • John van de Lindt, CEE
  • William Bulleit, CEE
  • Noel Urban, CEE
  • L. Bogue Sandberg, CEE
  • Martin Auer, CEE
  • Peter Laks, SFWP
  • Rolf Peterson, SFRES
  • John Forsman, SFWP
  • Judy Budd, Geological Engineering
  • John Erickson, SFWP
  • I.M. Watson, Geological Engineering. & Science
  • D. Watkins, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • S.A. Harding, SFRES
  • J. Williams, Chemistry

2000-2001 Academic Year

  • P. Charlesworth, Chemistry
  • S. Amato, Education
  • D. Chesney, Chemistry
  • J. Fynewever, Physical Education
  • J. Perlinger, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • P. Heiden, Chemistry
  • J. Chen, Forestry
  • P. Lins, Educational Technology Svcs.
  • W. Cantrell, Physics
  • J. Moore, SFRES
  • G. Podila, Biological Sciences
  • C.J. Tsai, SFRES

1999-2000 Academic Year

  • Paul Charlesworth, Chemistry
  • Jim Diehl, Geological Engg.
  • Fritz Erickson, Education 
  • Patrick Martin, Social Sciences
  • Patty Lins, Information Technology 
  • Michael Hyslop, Forestry & Wood Products
  • Susan Martin, Social Sciences
  • Gordon Parker and John Schultze, ME-EM 
  • Bruce Pletka and Ruth Kramer, Metallurgical & Materials Engg.
  • Nancy Seely, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Faculty Development
  • Chandrashekhar Joshi, Forestry and Wood Products
  • Leslie Leifer, Chemistry, Michelle Miller, ME-EM, Marvin McKimpson, Institute of Mineral Processing, Paul Charlesworth, Chemistry
  • Allan Struthers, David Olson, William Francis, and Margaret Balachowski, Mathematical Sciences 

1998-1999 Academic Year

  • Paul Charlesworth, David Chesney, and Sue Martin, Social Sciences
  • Rudy Luck, Chemistry and Dave Mendenhall, Chemistry
  • Komar Kawatra, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Pushpa Murthy, Chemistry
  • Dave Mendenhall, Chemistry and Bryan Suits, Physics
  • John Williams, Chemistry
  • Paul Charlesworth and David Chesney, Chemistry
  • E. Laitila, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  • R. Luck, Chemistry
  • W. Perger, Electrical Engineering

1997 Academic Year

  • Julia King, Chemical Engineering
  • Dave Odde, Chemical Engineering
  • Tim Collins, School of Technology
  • Jim Riehl, Chemistry
  • S. Green, M. Auer, Chemistry
  • Paul Aho, SBE
  • Charles Roe, Graduate Student Council
  • Bard Baltensperger, Sue Martin, Social Sciences