IRBNet Information and Guidance

IRBNet is a web based document management system. ALL research conducted by Michigan Tech faculty, students, or staff involving humans, animals, or institutional biosafety MUST be submitted and stored using IRBNet.

IRBNet is the ONLY accepted submission method for the following:

  • All NEW applications
  • Requests for Exemption
  • Requests for changes during the approval period
  • Requests for renewals, with or without modifications
  • Requests for closure when a project is done

Note: If a Study Package has been submitted to OR determined by our office that it needs to be reviewed by more than one committee; you must receive approval from ALL appropriate Review Committee(s) via IRBNet BEFORE research activities begin. This includes all exempt protocols.


IRBNet Information and Guidance

Video presentations are available for New Project Submission and Post Submission Topics. You can request log in information by contacting our office.

There have been some reported problems when using an older version of Internet Explorer or Safari, please be sure that the browser on your computer is up to date.

The University provides Adobe Pro to all faculty, staff, and students on University computers. If you are experiencing problems with downloading, completing, and saving fill-able forms to either your office or personal computer, please speak with the IT department to update your Adobe software to resolve the issue. You can contact IT and request assistance with Adobe Pro for use on your University desktop or laptop .If you are working from a home computer and do not have Adobe Pro installed, you should contact IT to request remote access to your University computer and software.

IRBNet Information and Guidance

Video presentations are available for New Project Submission and Post Submission Topics. You can request log in information by contacting our office. 

Read Me FIRST - Getting Started In IRBNet

Read this first: IRBNet General User Information (pdf)  
Registration link:
IRBNet Registration (external link)       
IRBNet home page: (external link)


Utilizing a non-Michigan Tech computer to access IRBNet:

  • Please take steps to ensure the physical security of your technology assets.
  • It is recommended for general security purposes that you have on your computer: internet access, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    It is also recommended that anti-virus software be configured and updated, a personal firewall be installed, and a frequent installation of operating system and application patches to address security vulnerabilities.

Registration instructions and training energizers are available for your convenience. If you need assistance with log-in or submission problems, please contact our office.

Training Energizers (power point)

  • IRBNet New User Registration (ppt) (pdf)
  • Researcher New Project (ppt)
  • Researcher Post Submission (ppt)
  • Tracking Training & Credentials (ppt)

Registration Link and Tips

IRBNet Registration (external link)


You must first register and provide a valid email address BEFORE you begin using IRBNet.
After registering, you will receive an activation email from IRBNet. You must click on the link contained within the email to be able to log in to IRBNet for the first time.

Who should register? Anyone who will be listed with authorized access on Study Packages.
This includes principal investigators, research team members, collaborators, and others authorized access on Study Packages.

User name: You are asked to use your first initial followed by your last name as your Username.

Password: It is recommended that you change your password after initial registration and every 90 days thereafter, by simply clicking on USER PROFILE (in the top right hand corner). Be sure to log out after every session.

Affiliation: Select “Michigan Tech University” as your organization when registering. You will be able to share your study information with other research team members at Michigan Tech or with collaborator(s) at other institutions as long as they are “registered users” of IRBNet.

Email address: Due to vulnerability and software interface needs, we ask that you use your Michigan Tech email address rather than a commercial email address. When you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your registration.

Instructions, Forms, Application Coversheet

After you have registered and clicked on the link sent to you in an email from IRBNet, you may log in to IRBNet and begin using the IRBNet library documents. You can locate all IRBNet library documents by clicking the Forms and Templates button on the left side of the page. Be sure to select the appropriate LIBRARY from the drop down menu for the type of study you plan to submit. You have access to alphabetically listed documents and submission aides such as:  ASSEMBLE guidelines, submission FORMS, and INSTRUCTIONS, SAMPLES, TEMPLATES, AND TRAINING ENERGIZERS for various tasks.

FORMS and TEMPLATES may be downloaded, completed, and saved to your hard drive or removable storage device ready to attach when you are creating your study package in IRBNet.

EACH NEW IRBNet Study Package submitted must contain an Application Coversheet titled “Michigan Tech – New Project Application Coversheet”. This required Application Coversheet is NOT an IRBNet library document. It is a wizard document contained within the IRBNet system. You will be guided through a few pages answering background questions about your study until you reach the final page where you will click on Save and Exit. This Application Coversheet will then automatically upload with your other study package documents. Be sure you review the final document prior to submission for accuracy. See the IRBNet library for INSTRUCTION New Study Submission steps and video. This will guide you to finding where this Application Coversheet is found.

This Coversheet is an IRBNet wizard document found on the Designer Page of each study package.
This form will provide our office with valuable information about the project. During Step 2, you will click on “add document” at the bottom of the page and then complete this Coversheet which will automatically upload to your Study Package.

Important Note: If the Study Package does not include this Coversheet, it will not be reviewed. You will be contacted and instructed to complete the form before further processing will be done.


Specific Research Scope Assistance



ANIMAL USE projects:



Questions? How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of Compliance, Integrity, and Safety (CIS) at the following:

Phone:  487-2902

Email: for human subject studies, for animal use studies, or for institutional biosafety