Since 1873, Kohler Company, a family-owned business headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, has been a benchmark of innovation, design, and quality.  Most consumers recognize their top-of-class kitchen and bath products and their reliable and powerful engines and generators division.  Also represented are Kohler’s world-class golf and resort, and furniture and tile divisions, http://www.kohler.com.  

At less than 300 miles away, Kohler Company and Michigan Tech have shared a partnership for recruiting and research for many years.  Led by a dedicated and enthusiastic group of alumni, in the last three years alone Kohler has participated and supported Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) Senior Design, Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design, School of Technology product donations, Advanced Motor Sports Enterprise, Society of Automotive Engineers Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Hispanic and Latino Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, Native American Outreach, Alumni House renovations, Mobile Laboratory equipment, Great Lakes Research Center equipment, and ME-EM research.

The strength of Kohler’s partnerships is engaging students in exciting and innovative projects and activities while promoting their opportunities and culture.  In addition to bringing science and engineering to more than 2000 Wisconsin middle-school students, Kohler’s naming sponsorship of the April 2012 Sheboygan Engineering and Science Festival featuring Michigan Tech’s Mind Trekkers, http://www.mtu.edu/news/stories/2012/april/story66378.html, brought over 100 Michigan Tech students through factory tours and their world-class Design Center.  Kohler’s sole sponsorship of the 2013 Etiquette Dinner on Michigan Tech’s campus featuring Kohler leadership speakers and exhibits drew over 400 students, one of the largest Career Services events outside of Career Fairs.  

Kohler’s most recent engagement in the summer of 2013 allowed 150 Women in Engineering (WIE) Summer Youth Program students the opportunity to experience the first WIE Etiquette Dinner, ending with an unforgettable Kohler Dream Lantern Launch on the shores of Lake Superior, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7_l5fH2yec.

Kohler Company continues to be a strong Michigan Tech partner through supporting strategic outreach, recruiting, and research programs.