Residential Officer Program

Public Safety and Police Services is dedicated to building a strong link between Michigan Tech students, campus officers and law enforcement agents as a whole through the Residential Officer program. The program began in 2012, when an officer had an opportunity to live in the campus residence halls. The program was a great success as it allowed officers to feel a part of the student community and students saw that interactions with the police don’t always have to be negative. The program continued to have a positive impact on student life as well, as there were decreases in student conduct cases along with the overall (already low) crime rate.

While currently there is no longer an officer that resides in the residence halls, officers still regularly visit them, if nothing else just to see what Smash Bros. tournaments are happening. Residential Officers also have a dedicated office space on the ground floor of Wadsworth Hall (G28), where an officer keeps regular office hours for interacting, advising and socializing with the students. In addition to office hours, Residential Officers eat in the dining halls, attend various residence programs, answer questions, play games and spend a lot of time with the students on campus. Our officers have become a part of the student community. The regular presence of law enforcement in the residence halls has positively shifted many perceptions and attitudes about police officers. Perhaps more importantly, it has helped officers focus more on the community and service portion of their jobs.