For Faculty

Thank you for your interest in developing a faculty-led study abroad course! Because they are short term and led by faculty that students know and trust, faculty-led courses are an attractive option for Michigan Tech students, and often inspire students to pursue more international opportunities. Although developing a study abroad course requires some extra preparation on your part, it will also provide you and your students with extraordinarily rewarding experiences. We recommend that you begin the planning process 18 to 24 months ahead of time.

Below, you will find steps designed to help you develop a successful study abroad course.

Step 1—Attend the study abroad workshop for faculty

Each fall semester, International Programs and Services (IPS) leads a workshop for faculty interested in leading a study abroad course. Anyone interested in developing a course or in learning more about what options are available for faculty-led study abroad is welcome and encouraged to attend. You will learn about a range of options available to you (from working with established programs abroad to working with third-party providers) as well as about standards of good practice for study abroad. To learn when the next workshop is offered, contact IPS or check the IPS calendar.

Step 2—Contact the Faculty Academic International Coordinator (FAIC) and International Programs and Services Office (IPS)

In order to begin planning your course (and before you submit a concept proposal for the course), we suggest that you discuss any ideas you have for leading and teaching a study abroad course with the Faculty Academic International Coordinator (FAIC) and International Programs and Services office.

The Faculty Academic International Coordinator is a faculty member experienced in study abroad who is appointed by the provost to support faculty in developing courses. International Programs and Services oversees international programs at Michigan Tech, including study abroad. Together, the FAIC and IPS are here to support you in all aspects of developing and executing a faculty-led study abroad course, from developing the academic content to putting together a budget to recruiting students and ensuring their safety while abroad.

Step 3—Talk to the chair of your department or dean of your school

Once you have spoken with the FAIC and IPS, you should plan to talk with the chair of your department and/or dean of your school to ensure your course will be approved or supported.

Step 4—Submit the Concept Proposal for your study abroad course

The Concept Proposal is meant to help you think through the logistics of your study abroad course. Please download and fill out the Course Concept Proposal. Once complete, submit this form to the FAIC.

Step 5—Develop a budget

The FAIC can provide you with a sample budget that fits the nature of your course. Once you have drafted a budget, you will work with IPS, the FAIC, and your department to finalize it and to determine a per-student program fee that students will be charged in addition to tuition in order to cover the costs of the course.

Step 6—Develop a course syllabus

Once you have your course and budget approved, you can start developing a syllabus. You may want to begin by looking at a sample syllabus. The FAIC can provide you with additional examples.

Step 7—Recruit students

In the fall semester before you are scheduled to lead your study abroad course, you will work with IPS to create a marketing plan and begin recruiting students.

Please feel free to contact the FAIC or IPS with any questions you have regarding these steps.