Center for Pre-College Outreach
Summer Youth Program students.

Giving Opportunities

Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Your gifts directly enhances our ability to reach pre-college students while we can still turn an interest in STEM into a passion.

Mind Trekkers demonstration: outdoor explosion

Center for Pre-College Outreach General Fund

Monetary gifts of any size go toward creating attractive and innovative programs for K-12 students from around the world, support the creation of new programs and fund opportunities for outreach through hands-on experiences throughout the US. Gifts made directly to the Center for Pre-College Outreach General Fund are unrestricted, giving the department the flexibility to respond to emerging opportunities and support their current priorities, such as improving or creating new outreach demonstrations, scholarships for qualified students and equipment that is vital to the department's operations.

Mind Trekker students

Mind Trekkers STEM Roadshow

Your gifts directly impacts pre-college students interest in the STEM fields by allowing the interest to spark early through hands-on demonstrations . Monetary gifts go toward supporting the creation of new and innovative demos, and maintaining advanced facilities and equipment. These elements are necessary to help us bring the "WOW" factor and help us reach tomorrow's leaders. The Mind Trekkers program is innovative because it takes a multi-level approach to addressing the current attraction, opportunity, and achievement gaps prevalent in STEM.

Summer Youth program students

Summer Youth Programs and Scholarship Programs

For over 40 years, Michigan Tech faculty, students, role models, and other professionals have been leading Summer Youth Programs - Pre-College Explorations (middle and high school) and Competitive Scholarship Programs (high school)-built around activities, field trips, and team projects. Your gifts will help these programs offer students an opportunity to experience a miniature version of college life while gaining valuable knowledge in their area of interest including business, computing, engineering, humanities, leadership, social sciences, outdoor and environmental studies, or science and technology. Nearly 1,000 students come to Michigan Tech's campus each year from throughout the country and world!

College Access students

College Access Programs

Your gifts directly impacts pre-college students through the College Access programs that introduces students from our community to the university world. The goal is to promote a college-going culture among students in the Keweenaw and across the Upper Peninsula, and lend support to other efforts. Monetary gifts go towards initiatives like hosting a group of students to participate in an engineering challenge, to bringing 200 middle school students to campus for a day.