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The Center for Pre-College Outreach (CPCO) is made up of three flagship programs working simultaneously to encourage and inspire K-12 students through outreach. CPCO consists of Michigan Tech Summer Youth Programs, Mind Trekkers Roadshow and College Access Programs. Our programs invite students from across the United States and abroad to dive into STEM intentionally and purposefully. Our College Access programs offer project-based experiences for local youth in schools and on campus. Then our Summer Youth Programs provides a platform for more than 1,000 students from across the world to become fully immersed in a field and explore future career paths. Mind Trekkers, our mobile roadshow that also has a wide reach, showcases STEM in action for hundreds of thousands of people. These programs not only introduce youth to the fundamentals of STEM-they actually enable the students to be scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Some students then come to Michigan Tech where they continue their STEM education.

CPCO Annual Reports

Since 2010, CPCO has produced an annual summarized report detailing highlights and successes of department programming and events. Please review the latest and past downloadable reports below, and if you'd prefer to receive a hard copy of the latest report via mail, please contact us at cpco@mtu.edu with your mailing address and desired number of copies.

Annual report cover 2016

2016: PDF


2015 Annual Report cover

2015: PDF


2014 Annual Report cover

2014: PDF


2013 Annual Report cover

2013: PDF


2012 Annual Report cover

2012: PDF


2011 Annual Report cover

2011: PDF

 2010 Annual Report cover

2010: PDF














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