5.03—Parking Citation Enforcement Policy

Effective: 09/01/2012
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Administration
Responsible Office: Facilities Management - Transportation Services

Policy Statement

The University authorizes Transportation Services to insure that campus parking regulations are enforced and to collect fees for parking citations. This policy applies to students, University employees, and non-university individuals. The Parking Citation Enforcement policy provides for the authority of University Transportation Services to:

  • Establish procedures for collecting parking citation fines,
  • Allow parking violators to pay citation fines within a 10 business day period, without incurring additional fines or revocation of on-campus parking privileges,
  • Notify parking violators (students and employees) when payment of a parking citation fine is past the 10 business day grace period,
  • Place holds on student accounts when a student parking citation fine is not paid within the 10 business day grace period,
  • Revoke campus parking privileges from students when a parking citation fine becomes 45 days past due, including, but not limited to, not allowing students to renew parking passes, register for classes, receive grades, or receive diplomas,
  • Revoke employee parking privileges if a parking citation fine remains unpaid for 45 days, and
  • Notify an employee when a parking citation fine remains unpaid at 60 days past due, submit an invoice, and turn the collection of the parking citation fine over to a accounts receivable for collection.
  • Suspend all collection and penalty activities during the period of appealing a citation.

Policy Requirements

In order to adequately enforce parking regulations, the citation collection procedures must:

  1. Identify parking citation fine collection procedures for student, faculty, staff and non-university individuals.
  2. Provide for the ability of Transportation Services to put holds on individual student accounts when parking citation fines are not paid within the designated time frame.
  3. Provide a method for adequate and timely notification to individuals of past due parking citation fines status.
  4. Provide for a system to directly invoice parking citation fees to faculty and staff.
  5. Provide for a means to collect outstanding citation charges from non-university violators.

Reason for Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide for efficient and effective collection of parking citation fines by University Transportation Services. This policy also complies with the Board of Trustees Enacted Regulations - Ordinance No. 1 Traffic Regulations.

Related Policy Information

Transportation Services maintains an appeal process to allow each user to refute a parking citation. Individuals may plead their case before the University Appeals Committee or in District Court.


This policy does not apply to individuals parking in approved and legal locations on campus, and to those vehicles whose owners receive permission from Transportation Services or the Director of Facilities Management to park in otherwise non-approved locations.


Office/Unit Name Telephone Number
Director, Facilities Management 487-2129


Parking Citation - A written and tagged report of a violation of the State of Michigan or Michigan Technological University parking policies and regulations.

Parking Citation Fine - A fee assessed for a parking violation, the amount to be identified on the associated parking citation.


College Dean - Vice President of Administration - Reviews enforcement of the University's Parking Citation Enforcement Policy.

Director of Facilities Management - Implements the approved Parking Citation Enforcement Policy.

Transportation Services - Carries out the approved Parking Citation Enforcement Policy and associated procedures.


In support of this policy, the following procedures are included:


Forms and Instructions

In support of this policy, the following forms/instructions are included:


Adoption Date

08/29/2012 Approved by VP for Administration.


04/10/2017 Transfer of policy page from HTML to CMS. Business and Finance numbers renamed from "2.5000" to "5. Campus and Facilities". Specifically from "2.5003—Parking Citation Enforcement Policy" to "5.03—Parking Citation Enforcement Policy".
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