5.03.4—Parking Citation Appeals Process


The following steps are presented for the purpose of defining the various steps in the process of appealing an on-campus parking citation. The intent of this process is to insure fair and equitable treatment of all violators and provide mitigation of fines due to extenuating circumstances.


  1. Any person who has received a University parking citation may file an appeal to have the citation reviewed. This appeal must be filed with the Department of Transportation Services no later than 10 days after the citation was issued. Unless exigent circumstances exist, appeals will not be accepted after this time.
  2. Appeals shall be submitted either online at the Transportation Services website or in writing by filling out the "Contested Citation" form provided at the Transportation Services office.
  3. No person will be allowed more than six (6) appeals per calendar year.
  4. Once received, appeals will be reviewed by the Parking Enforcement Officer. The Parking Enforcement Officer will determine if the appeal meets the criteria necessary to forward the appeal to the Appeals Committee.
  5. If the Parking Enforcement Officer determines that the appeal meets the necessary criteria, he or she will forward the appeal to the Appeals Committee, assign a hearing date and forward the information to the original complainant.
  6. All parking citation appeals forwarded to the Appeals Committee will be reviewed. Once reviewed, a representative of the Appeals Committee will notify each complainant of the outcome of the appeal.
  7. A $20 administrative fee will be added to all citations upheld by the Appeals Committee.
  8. Appeal reviews will be based solely on the evidence or statements provided in the appeals submission. A fair and impartial appeal hearing will be provided for each appeal.
  9. In the event that the complainant does not agree with the Appeals Committee's decision and wishes to pursue the matter further, he or she can request that the parking citation(s) be transferred to a State of Michigan Uniform Law Citation, which will then be forwarded to the Houghton County 97th District Court.
  10. Once an appeal has been submitted to the Transportation Services Office, all collection activity efforts or penalties will be suspended (including suspension of parking privileges) until the appeal has been processed by the Parking Enforcement Officer or the Appeals Committee. In the event that an appeal is further submitted to the 97th District Court, all collection and penalty activity will be suspended and put in abeyance pending final resolution by the Court.

Related Information

Parking Enforcement Officer

  1. The Director of Transportation Services will appoint the Parking Enforcement Officer.
  2. The Parking Enforcement Officer will review each appeal. If an appeal meets the necessary criteria it will be forwarded to the Appeals Committee.
  3. The Parking Enforcement Officer will forward the appeal(s) in a timely fashion to the Appeals Committee. If an appeal is received with less than one week to the next Appeals Committee meeting it will be scheduled for the following meeting.
  4. The Parking Enforcement Officer has the authority to void any citation. Examples of reasons that may not typically be considered as valid reasons to void a parking citation include, but are not limited to:
    1. Not knowing or understanding the University parking rules and regulations.
    2. Only being parked for a few minutes.
    3. Inclement weather.
    4. Running Late.
    5. A desired lot was full.
    6. Another person advised me to park there.
    7. No signage to pay the meter.
    8. Other vehicles were improperly parked. Not knowing the permit expired.
    9. No one told me where or how to park on campus.
    10. Lack of legal or convenient parking.
    11. Never received the citation (blew off window, etc.).
    12. Did not see the sign.
    13. Someone else parked my vehicle.

Appeals Committee

  1. The Appeals Committee will consist of:
    1. The Parking Enforcement Officer
    2. A Parking Staff Assistant or a Public Safety Officer
    3. The Director of Transportation Services
  2. The Appeals Committee will meet on an as-needed basis, but at least once every month.
  3. The Appeals Committee will notify each complainant of the appeal decision via email.

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