5.03.3—Non-Student, Non-Employee Parking Citation (Ticket) Processing and Payment


The following steps are presented for the purpose of defining the various steps in the process of issuing and collecting parking violation fees for those people whose vehicle is not registered with Transportation Services as a student or University employee. The intent of this process is to insure fair and equitable treatment of all non-student, non-employee violators and collect unpaid parking penalties.


  1. Citation/ticket is issued for a parking violation. The information is downloaded and transferred to the Unpaid Ticket File (UPT) on Banner. The ticket will show up on FYGOR603 (Unpaid Parking Tickets Summary). Search for the name 'unknown'.
    1. Double check list for employees on the 'don't tag' list to make sure that plates weren't called in as a temporary vehicle- void one ticket, more than one ticket, the violator will pay for them.
    2. IB. For those employees who pick up a new parking decal since ticket issued, one ticket may be voided, more than one ticket, the violator pays for them. Once the vehicle is registered in Banner, any tickets issued will be linked to the employee and the policy for Employee Parking Citation (Ticket) Processing and Collection applies.
  2. Remaining tickets will be searched through the LEIN system by the Transportation Services Office.
    1. If plate matches in the system, Transportation Services will look to see if the name matches a student or employee name/address in Banner. If a match is made, the ticket will be attached to the student/employee. Policy for Student Parking Citation (Ticket) Processing and Collection or Employee Parking Citation (Ticket) Processing would apply.
    2. For those tickets that have a match in the LEIN system, but do not have a student or employee to attach the ticket to, a request will be sent to Accounting Services to create an invoice for payment of tickets. Tickets will be marked in the Banner system to note that ticket(s) have been invoiced.
    3. For tickets without a match, Transportation Services will keep an eye out for repeat offender and try to obtain a VIN# and reprocess information through LEIN system.
  3. Once an appeal has been submitted to the Transportation Services Office, all collection or penalty activity (including suspension of parking privileges) will be put in abeyance until the appeal has been processed by the Parking Enforcement Officer or the Appeals Committee. In the event that an appeal is further submitted to the 97th District Court, all collection and penalty activity will be suspended and put in abeyance pending final resolution by the Court.

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